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A teenage girl comes falling right out of the sky, careening toward the ground -- until she begins to fall more and more slowly and, ultimately, seems to float gently toward the ground. The girl lands in a lying down position but quickly pushes herself up and looks around, blinking.

The well had never taken here here before.

"Wh...where am I?"

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

The girl rubs her eyes, looking shocked. "Kagome! But -- you still didn't tell me where I am! This doesn't look like feudal Japan." She goes quiet for a splitsecond.

"Wait, are you...?"

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((ooc: I wasn't going to do this, but I missed playing her, so here she is! Bear with me, it's been a while she I've played her anywhere and I'm a little rusty. Kagome is taken from the anime, somewhere towards the middle of the series. The anime being full of the episodic filler that it is, I figure we don't need to be more specific than that.))
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Ryou blinks. Wasn't he just strolling through the park? How had he wound up here? He looks around and takes in the view. A brick-lain floor, a large plant front with the face of Mickey Mouse, and what appeared to be a train station on a bridge loom in front of him, while turnstiles and gates sta at his back. Beyond the gate, however, was nothing.

"How odd." Ryou said out loud.

There was not a person to be seen. Ryou was starting to get a creeping feeling up his spine when, from under one edge of the bridge, ran a mouse.

CUT! )

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Seemingly out of nowhere, a teenage girl in a blue magician's cape and hat appeared in front of the gates. She frowned, and muttered "But this isn't the backstage room with the mini-sandwiches at all..." before noticing the gates in front of her and gasping.

"Disneyland? I didn't mean to disappear myself to Disneyland! Unless...this is a surprise from daddy?" She smiled and starts bouncing on the balls of her feet excitedly. "Thank you so much, daddy! I didn't even know you could afford Disneyland or you knew how to do magic!"

Ta-da! )

((Trucy is taken from the end of Apollo Justice/GS4. Permission from the other Ace Attorney characters has been granted!))
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... So either Trucy had learnt how to improve her illusions, or something really weird was happening to Apollo. And, considering the usual events in Apollo's life, if he thought something was really weird, it was pretty darned odd.
Ace Attorney, take two )
((Apollo Justice of Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice! Taken from the end of said game, so he's something of a spoiler for that game. Also for the Ace Attorney series, really. I have permission from the other PW-muns to app him.))
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There had been times in his recent past, rather more than a few, in fact, during which Benton Fraser had wondered if perhaps he might be a couple beams short of a bunkhouse. But recently he had come to believe that he was still in possession of his faculties, and more or less in the correct order. Facing his mother's killer at the bottom of an abandoned mineshaft and watching the spirit of his father find peace had been a comforting experience in many ways, although he found as he stood alone in the darkness with the unconscious Muldoon beside him that there was an emptiness in his chest that he hadn't felt since he was a boy.

Still, at least he was certain now that the last few years of Bob Fraser's rather bemusing post-mortem interference in Benton's life had in fact been real, and not some sort of bizarre hallucination brought on by the trauma of knowing that his father had been shot down in the middle of an ice flow by a man who had once been his good friend and partner. Benton had always believed he had more emotional stamina than that.

But when what was once a dark, narrow mineshaft is suddenly a bright, sunny blue sky and a temperature that he would estimate at somewhere between -23 and -25 degrees Celsius is suddenly 27 or 28 degrees, and he finds himself facing what very much appears to be the gates of an amusement park, he can't help but wonder if perhaps he has indeed lost the last of his marbles.

There is a distinctly wolfish yowl from somewhere around 2.5 metres above him and Benton instinctively holds out his arms. Diefenbaker lands in them a moment later, with an extremely put upon whine, but Benton ignores him in favor of staring at the figure of Mickey Mouse bustling towards him. He's beaming and offering his hand to shake.

"Ha-hi there! I'm Mickey. Gosh, it's great to meet you! Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!"

Benton blinks once, and then once more just to be sure.

"Oh," he says. Oh my. )
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"No, no, NO!" Yzma crosses the small villages nearest the capital off her map. "Where can the little brat be!"

Rolling it up, she sits back in a huff, then bellows into the mouthpiece. "Kronk! I'm tired. Pull over."

Suddenly she's tumbling out of the little tent/backpack that Kronk uses to carry her and falls to the… paved ground? In a jungle?

"KRONK!" But he's not there. Instead there's some horrible jungle beast with sharp claws and vicious fangs and… a small red loincloth?

This skinny old lady… Was she scary beyond all reason? )

((Yzma is taken from somewhere in the middle of the Disney movie, The Emperor's New Groove, when she's searching for the real emperor-turned-llama Kuzco.))
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A man shuffles in the gate, seeming unaware at first of his odd surroundings (or much of anything else.) It's difficult to say whether he's an old man, or if an unkind life has merely given him the appearance of one. Everything about him seems shabby and unkempt, from his untended beard to the well-worn trench coat he wears like a second skin. The dull expression in his blue eyes and the slump of his shoulders suggest that cleaning him up wouldn't really make a great deal of difference, at least to him.

The dried blood soaked into his collar and spattered down the front of his shirt doesn't help matters, either.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

The man looks up for the first time, and stops dead at the sight of the cartoon-come-to-life. "'m John," he says automatically, frowning at Mickey as though trying to puzzle something out.

What the fuck are you supposed to be? )

((John Constantine from the Hellblazer comics, here--the original character inspired by Sting, not the cheap Keanu Reeves movie ripoff! He's arriving shortly after a failed attack by the Vampire King and is still somewhat broken due to losing his lady love, Kit. I also play the other Hellblazer character in the park, so I think I'm all set there. Feel free to come pester him, but be warned he's not in the most sociable of moods right now.))
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Still with his Flying V guitar in hand, Toki found himself standing at the gates of Disney Land. "Wowee." He blinked and looked over his shoulders. Did Pickles put something in his drink? He could have sworn Skwisgaar had just started in on one of his extended guitar solos. Toki was up next to record for the new album too, wasn't this against that...produktivatty thing they were supposed to be doing now?

"Ha ha, very funny, guys! Drugging me and leavings me at Disney Land! Ha ha ha. You really gots Toki!"

He laughed again. Then thought about how he was going to get back to Mordhaus. Then thought about drinking some vodka. And then he saw Mickey and that cat.

Prepare for the most brutal application in the history of applications. )

((Toki Wartooth is taken from the dark-comedy cartoon Metalocalypse. He is the rhythm guitarist of the band Dethklok. He is not a bumblebee. He is also a tad messed up. Toki is taken from the season 2 episode-before-the-finale, Dethrecord.))
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“I don’t remember being here.” Temperance Brennan hated the phrase ‘wandering aimlessly,’ but as she looked around, confused, she couldn’t help but admit to herself that that’s what she was doing. Completely lost in her thoughts, she jumped when she heard a voice behind her.

....... )

((OOC: *Waves meekly* I know you've had Brennan before, and I'm going to try my best to pick her up from where the other one left off.))
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Fraser got the bad guy, no surprise there, and even if he'd had to fall down an abandoned mineshaft to do it, well, he was Fraser, so of course when Ray yelled down after him he yelled back up that he was fine, just fine, Ray.

The trouble was, he was also still at the bottom of a mineshaft with an unconscious arms dealer, and now Ray was going to have to figure out how to get both of them back up into daylight and solid ground. Do you ever get the feeling that you're, you know, lost? )

((RayK, from the eccentric 1990s Canadian TV show "Due South." Ray is arriving from just before the end of the series finale.))
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A dark haired man in green scrubs and a white medical coat appears in front of the park gates, his eyes widen, he blinks a few times, then mutters to himself, “Please don’t tell me I’ve inhaled the nitrous oxide again in paediatrics.” That was Mickey Mouse, talking to him, and he wasn’t in the staff room any more. Either this was a really messed up dream, or Mac had been playing jokes with laughing gas. Guy frowned and decided to ride this one out, then kill Mac later.

Not a drug induced hallucination. )

((Guy is taken from the Green Wing, after Episode 4 of Series 2, where he’s just persuaded Caroline to let him be her lodger and is only just starting to fall for her. This is.
, if you hadn't figured, Bernard/Kitty/Ponder/Beaufort.))
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((OOC: Blue text is Phoenix's thoughts. I've got permission from Franziska and Edgeworth, and the mods for unducking. ETA: He's taken from after right after Trials and Tribulations.))

Phoenix blinked, looking around in utter confusion. He had no idea where he was. It definitely was not the Wright and Co. Law Offices, or if it was, Maya had certainly done a major redecorating job. As in, one that involved transforming a cramped office into... a giant pink castle. With a bridge in front of it.. that he was standing on... (Hey, wait, this place looks kind of familiar...)

"Disneyland?!" His jaw dropped. "How did I get here...?"

And then he noticed the talking cat.


++++++ )
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A cute little guy wearing thick goggles blinks in the sunlight and pushes the goggles up his forehead. He's in a strange place, he realizes as he looks around, and he frowns for a few seconds. It's the surface here all right, but it doesn't look like the surface he knows, and he's all alone.

Well, not quite alone-- a small, mole-like animal scampers up his shoulder and squeaks reassuringly. "Hey, Boota! I wonder how we got here?" Simon asks the mole-pig, and then sits down and pats the pavement beneath him-- it's a really strange material he's never felt before, and he's having a bit of trouble sensing where the weak point is. He prods the surface of the pavement, frowning, and then takes the drill hanging around his neck in a necklace and begins to probe at the surface.

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((Simon is from Gurren-Lagann, prior to episode 7. I have permission from Kamina-mun to app. Also, translation note, aniki basically translates to 'bro,' but that sounds silly so I'm using the Japanese.))
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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

Velociraptor's only answer is a low snarl. She leans in, as if to sniff Mickey, but doesn't attack.


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((ooc: So, uh. This application is pretty much monorail bait. Come poke the vicious dino! She will almost certainly try to attack, though, so be warned.))
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Jo was clutching the flashlight tightly in her hand as she moved through the narrow passageway in the walls. Yes, it has been her idea to go down here when Dean wasn't able to fit, and she didn't regret it, really. It was just really kind of creepy down here. The flashlight kept making weird shadows on the walls and she kept expecting that psycho killer ghost to jump out and grab her.

"Where are you?" She heard on her phone.

Moving it closer to her ear, Jo looked around her. "I'm by the North wall." She looked around and saw the passageway that was going down. "I'm about to head down some kind of air duct."

Jo wasn't exactly sure what she was expecting to see when she came out of the air duct. This was definitely not it.

"Where the hell did the castle come from?"

The Application )

[[Jo is from the show Supernatural and I have the permission of Sam's player to app her. I'm bring her in from Season 2, right in the middle of the episode "No Exit" where she was helping Sam and Dean hunt a ghostly serial killer.]]
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Parker is looking forward to spending time with his dad this weekend. He's got his backpack all ready to go and hopes that his dad will be able to pick him up on time. His mother has told him that Dr. Bones and the Bug Guy are missing and Daddy might be late, but he's a pretty optimistic kid.

He opens his closet door to find his favorite t-shirt and finds himself at the front gate of Disneyland.

This can't be good.

Cut for Application )

((OOC: Parker Booth is from the television show Bones. I have permission from the muns of Booth & Angela (and I play Temperance). Yes, I'm crazy for apping a five year old.))
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This, thought Edgeworth, was distinctly impossible. That, or LAX has changed a great deal since he had last been there and the advances in animatronics in the past few years had been astounding. Believing this explanation made as much sense as believing that he really was speaking to anthropomorphic mouse and cat and so he did not. However, whether or not this explanation was logical, the cat and mouse persisted, and Disneyland refuse to turn into an airport. Ah well. Logic, Edgeworth had found, was often wrong.
What an exasperating waste of time. )

((Edgeworth is taken from right after the last case of Trials and Tribulations.))
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Franziska may have been new to America in general and California in specific, but she had no interest in doing tourist things like seeing the sights or going to such a place as Disneyland. As a von Karma, her time was far too valuable to waste doing foolish things, and this rule was especially true for Franziska, who had never considered time a thing to be wasted. While other children had been playing foolish games, Franziska had been studying law and becoming a prosecutor. Even now that she'd been a prosecutor for five years and had never lost a case, she still had no time for Disneyland. There was revenge to consider.

So when she suddenly found herself outside the gates to Disneyland, she took a very skeptical look around, and then took out the whip she kept at her side.

"What foolery is this?" she asked, glaring. "I demand an explanation."

A von Karma's application is perfect )

((Franzy comes from Justice for All, sometime slightly prior to case 2. She hasn't met Phoenix yet, or had the slight change of heart she eventually gets. Which leads me to--

Warning: Franziska is crazy and very good with a whip. If you behave foolishly or anger her, she will whip you. If you want to know what Franziska considers foolish, it is everything. Basically, the whip is a slapstick prop in the game, and no one ever gets really hurt from it (except when she whips someone long enough to make them pass out). But the fact of the matter is, if you come to this app, there is a good chance she will whip you. If you don't want that to happen, you probably shouldn't post.))
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Aeryn lounges back against the corridor wall and strips wires, a little lazily perhaps, but with her usual diligence and careful attention. It’s quiet on Moya; John’s taken the baby off somewhere for the afternoon, and Aeryn’s enjoying the peace. She’s enjoying Peace as well, and the quiet and calm that comes with that.

If she’s honest she knows that sooner or later she’ll get bored of such stillness, but then, just because war is no longer a threat doesn’t mean Moya and her now very small crew won’t manage to attract some trouble before long. In a way it’s one of the reasons she loves her husband so much, although she’d never tell him that. Well, unless he’s very good.

If there’s one thing she’s not prepared for, taking a few arns to herself like this, working on Moya in a way she’s come to love, it’s to suddenly be somewhere else entirely.

On a planet, apparently, under a blue sky and a mid-sized yellow sun. )

((Here she is at last, the much talked about, lovely Sebacean soldier who recently became wife to John Crichton and mother to his son. Aeryn Sun (pronunciation lies sort of between ‘sun’ and ‘soon’) is taken from about a month after the end of the Peacekeeper Wars, and so is from a bit later than John, after the war has been ended and the baby’s been born. Come say hello! And visit her profile for a biography and links.

I have much encouragement, begging and pleading and bribery permission from Crichton mun for the app. And this is Daniel/Sam/Doctor/Artoo-mun.))
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Ponder had been ambling around in the High Energy Magic Building after pushing his students out the door so he could do some nice quiet research. He had fed the mouse in Hex, given the Cabinet of Curiosity a peer inside and a judiciously applied poke, made a few notes, then waited patiently for something on Hex to stop working right in the middle of important thaumatalogical calculations*. Much to his pleasure, it worked perfectly, although this did mean he could call it an evening and relax, perhaps by going over some notes he made on tortoises.

However, upon walking out the building, he realised it should be darker than this in Ankh-Morpork, and there weren’t normally two-dimensional mice on the Disc. After a brief moment of speechlessness, he sighed, “Not another pocket universe. I hope the other end of this one is not the Archchancellor’s bath again, because I don’t think my eyes can take that twice. … Three times.”

*Namely, the direct proportion of money spent on feasts to the money spent on his department.

He hoped he'd get home in time for dinner, anyway. )

((Ponder Stibbons from Discworld. Have talked to Susan, Granny and the Feegles. XD Also - for sake of having a pb (I like my pictures, sssh), I'm using Colin Meloy as Ponder. If anyone objects, I'll stop, just poke me. He's actually wearing a pointy hat and robes, despite the icons. He's taken from straight after Making Money. Application may contain spoilers if it comes up. Also, as this is my first venture in a proper fandom, and my first crack at Discworld, please tell me off if I'm doing it royally wrong.))


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