Jun. 30th, 2008

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Parker is looking forward to spending time with his dad this weekend. He's got his backpack all ready to go and hopes that his dad will be able to pick him up on time. His mother has told him that Dr. Bones and the Bug Guy are missing and Daddy might be late, but he's a pretty optimistic kid.

He opens his closet door to find his favorite t-shirt and finds himself at the front gate of Disneyland.

This can't be good.

Cut for Application )

((OOC: Parker Booth is from the television show Bones. I have permission from the muns of Booth & Angela (and I play Temperance). Yes, I'm crazy for apping a five year old.))
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After scouring the park for reading material and having only very limited success at taming the ducks, Gypsy had come to the conclusion that she needed to meet new people if she wasn't going to expire of boredom. The best way she knew to do it? Put on a show.

Accordingly, one early afternoon found her sitting perfectly made-up outside of the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, lemonade glass, plate, dog-eared magazine, scissors and pincushion on the table by her elbow, as she sewed diligently away at something diaphanous and frilly. She was wearing an enormous shady hat and sunglasses, and what appeared to be a relatively modest (though sparkly) one-piece swimsuit, and her long bare legs were stretched out halfway into Main Street, high heels resting on the seat of one of the cafe chairs.

If that didn't attract some kind of attention she was going to be rather forlorn. Now and then, she'd glance down at the few ducks she'd managed to lure away from the waterways and throw them a bit of broken ice cream cone from the plate.


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