Aug. 1st, 2008

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A cute little guy wearing thick goggles blinks in the sunlight and pushes the goggles up his forehead. He's in a strange place, he realizes as he looks around, and he frowns for a few seconds. It's the surface here all right, but it doesn't look like the surface he knows, and he's all alone.

Well, not quite alone-- a small, mole-like animal scampers up his shoulder and squeaks reassuringly. "Hey, Boota! I wonder how we got here?" Simon asks the mole-pig, and then sits down and pats the pavement beneath him-- it's a really strange material he's never felt before, and he's having a bit of trouble sensing where the weak point is. He prods the surface of the pavement, frowning, and then takes the drill hanging around his neck in a necklace and begins to probe at the surface.

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((Simon is from Gurren-Lagann, prior to episode 7. I have permission from Kamina-mun to app. Also, translation note, aniki basically translates to 'bro,' but that sounds silly so I'm using the Japanese.))


A world of laughter. A world of tears. A world of hope. A world of fears.

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