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It's Disneyland's 60th anniversary this weekend, and I keep thinking about this game and all the lovely people who I used to play with (not only because of the whole 60th anniversary thing, but also because the new game I started playing has a Hellmouth open in the Small World ride right now).

Anyway, I have no idea if anyone still watches this comm, but this remains my favourite RPG of all time and I miss you guys. =(

- Kaira (formerly of Leon, Katou, James, and a bunch of others).
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Just a post to prevent the comm from being deleted. Hi, peoples.
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((Open RP. Picks up after this conversation, post-mayhem and post-opening-of-the-door. Feel free to intercept Cayce at any point.))

After she talked to Ellie, Cayce realized she really needed to pull herself together before dealing with anyone else. She ducked into a bathroom, where she found there was just enough water pressure to wash her face and make herself as presentable as she could. Then she set out across the park, generally in the direction of Tomorrowland and the theatre (and not thinking about who she wouldn't find there anymore, because that would just get her started again), and taking a fairly circuitous route to try and meet as many people as possible on the way.


ETA: Cayce makes an announcement.
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((We're going to get Sam dellamified and Chii wherever she needs to go here, but if anyone else would have a reason to need an angel following the assault on the park, feel free to chime in))

Following Ellie's arrival, Aziraphale stepped out the door of Club 33, somewhat relieved to turn Crowley and his miserable mood over to someone who might stand a chance of doing something about it. With that concern out of the way, he was now aware of subtle subliminal tugs that told him someone (maybe more than one person) out here in the park required the services of an angel.

The direction of the need was not immediately clear, so he began by setting off in the direction of the Cat's Eye Cafe in Tomorrowland. Little Chii would undoubtedly be confused by the power outage and perhaps frightened by the loud noises. (Had anyone thought to warn her what would be happening? Probably not. Drat, he ought to have done it himself, whether he was involved or not. Slipping, old boy, you really are slipping, he told himself.)
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If you happened to be awake in the middle of the night, there was a minute or two wherein you might have seen the decorations going up. Endless strings of lights unwound from nowhere, and went up on all the buildings. Candy-cane colored banners were hung; the pansies that made up the Mickey's face design on the hill in front of the gates were swapped with hundreds of miniature poinsettias. And on top of the gates, grinning nutcrackers and giant gingerbread boys plopped into being. Most impressive was the massive Christmas tree in front of the Main Street Train Station. Observant people would notice that it begins to "snow" every evening for an hour or so.

Welcome to the Merriest Place on Earth. Or...somewhere, anyway.
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Yzma was pissed.

Not only did that woman and the boy attack her beautiful palace, but the young man had only turned into another llama when she tried to protect herself. What was it with brats turning into llamas instead of dying properly?!

Not only that, but the hussy had blown up the room where the Empress kept her wig and eyelashes, so it was a particularly unattractive ancient woman who was scowling down by the moat and plotting her revenge.

Why didn't any of the roller coasters around here lead to secret labs...?
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...a demon was trying, with the assistance of large quantities of alcohol, to ignore the sounds of park-wide destruction that might or might not mean the end of their sojourn in this place; and an angel was humoring said demon as best he could, despite his own none-too-cleverly-hidden hope that it would in fact mean that very thing. Not being particularly destructive by nature, and having little in the way of applicable skills he was willing to reveal to the park at large, Aziraphale had decided it would be best to stay out of the way unless called upon.

The atmosphere fostered by this dichotomy was not, to say the least, a terribly congenial one (especially since, as he understood it, two people rather near and dear to Crowley were directly involved in the effort.) Aziraphale dealt with it by burying his nose in a book, matching the demon teacup for brandy glass...right up until, moments after a series of particularly un-ignorable explosions and crashes were heard, Club 33's lights went out.

"Well, drat," he sighed, looking out through the 'rain'-spattered windows at the dimmed street. "I wonder if the entire place has lost power..."
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So don't try to touch my heart, it's darker than you think. And don't try to read my mind because it's full of disappearing ink )

((Posted rather well in advance of actually needing it to keep the mun's brain tidy; it's there for when the characters and players are ready.))
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((Continuing from this post.))

In the passageways beneath the park, where a group had gathered to break down a long-closed door, a laser beam was widening, and a broad circle began to blacken the surface of the wood, the locks melting and streaming down in shining rivulets, to puddle at the doorstep. The room was getting hot, now.

Outside, all at once, the rides all stopped. Animatronic figures jolted still; boats bumped each other confusedly; rollercoasters fell to the bottom of their tracks and did not continue up. The lights inside the buildings flickered off; the perpetual background noise of music and soundeffects went silent.

Below, the hole in the door began to crackle and spark around the edges, and for just a moment all the eyes trained on the door could see through it a fathomless darkness. An odd, organic silence filled the air; everyone's breathing and small movements were audible, but so too was a new absence of sound, as though the walls were all holding their breath.

And then the air around the door began to shimmer.
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((set sometime shortly after this)

Fett did a few quick scans of the surrounding areas as the park continued to fall apart piece by piece. Nothing repaired itself, nothing reappeared in its proper place. He hadn't been so sure that the plan would work, in fact.

But even given that, he should have been prepared for every possible outcome.

Nothing wrong with a little mindless destruction for a good cause. )
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Oh, was Percy ever the sneaky bastard.

He had been plotting in secret ever since his last conversation with Kit - now called Kitty in private. (Relative private anyway, he still wasn't sure the extent of her secret.)

Thinking his clever plan was now fully fleshed out, he went to seek out the gentleman in disguise in the hope that she would entertain his fancy. He knocked on her door and waited with hat tipped jauntily to the side of his head, arm resting on his long walking stick. He hadn't felt this giddy in a very long time, so uneventful had his time at the Park had been in the recent days...weeks...perhaps even months. It was the first bit of adventure in a long while.

Ah, persuasion.
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Bernard was in serious need of alcohol. Mainly because he'd been lying around, doing nothing but drinking for the past few weeks, and eventually, that supply had to run out. There was a brief moment when he considered making his own, but he remembered the faffing and confusion in making it last time. Nah. He'd just sell his soul. He scribbled on the noticeboard:

Wanted! ALCOHOL.

I am willing to do anything (and yes, I do mean anything) for a bottle or two of drink.

Meanwhile, I am going to go and stoically ride a rollercoaster. Because I'm past the point of enjoying them. Find me being incredibly sober on Big Thunder Mountain. I reserve every right to bite your head off, unless you have alcohol.

Bernard Black
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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad -- it seemed just a ride, at first, but Orihime saw the top of it for what it was after her discussion with Cayce; it was a very tall point in the park. It was just a matter of getting high enough, she figured. There were other places, of course, but she road the ride up close to one of the craggy like peaks and started climbing to make her way up, determinedly.

Cayce had told her the place would allow her to float down if she fell, but in the event such a thing failed to happen, Orihime truly believed she would just flatten like a pancake, then spring back. Convinced of this, she forced herself to keep climbing until she found a spot she could properly stand on, then took a look around at the view her vantage point gave her. It was quite beautiful, and she eyed a few other high places for a moment. Well, maybe she could try them when the others really needed a distraction for the park. For now, she just wanted to test the whole thing out and see what results came of it.

First, she took a deep breath, then Orihime pushed with her feet and walked off. Right before her dangerous step, however, she giggled to herself about how she was parachuting out of a plane. She was a stunt woman doing a thrilling scene for an action movie. She was famous. She was wishing she had tied her hair back first. Finally, she reached out to find there was no parachute and accusingly called out, "It's a conspiracy! They're trying to kill me!" as her descent noticeably slowed.

A smile followed. "This is FUN!"
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Once Trucy was allowed in the park, she went straight to the candy shop to find one of those really big Mickey-shaped lollipops. That important goal met, she then proceeded to walk around, taking in the sights. Of course, Trucy really wanted to go on some rides and have fun, but she also needed a place to stay while she was here.

And lo and behold, across the street there was a Magic Shop! That would be the perfect place for an aspiring magician, and it sort of reminded her of home. But on the other hand, she was a little conflicted. The magic shop wasn't in Fantasyland, plus, wouldn't it be even better to live in the big pretty castle?

Hands on her hips, Trucy stood on Main Street, deeply contemplating this dilemma.
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If you happened to be awake in the middle of the night, there was a minute or two wherein you might have seen the decorations going up. Endless strings of lights unwound from nowhere, and went up on all the buildings. Purple and candy-corn colored banners were hung; the pansies that made up the Mickey's face design on the hill in front of the gates were swapped with hundreds of miniature pumpkins. The new Mickey appeared to be wearing a domino mask. And on top of the gates, and peeping with jagged, lit up grins from windows, and heaped in an enormous pile in front of the Main Street railroad station, a thousand artificial pumpkins of various sizes and identical orangeness plopped into being.

Welcome to the Scariest Place on Earth. Or...somewhere, anyway.

((Decorations will stay up till a couple days after Halloween - or a week, if we're counting.))
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((Closed RP for Fraser, Ray, and Starbuck. >.<))

Walking beside Ray down the Main Street of a place that was not actually Disneyland, Benton raised a hand to interrupt his partner.

"Ray, wait. Let me just... recap. To be sure I have this quite straight."

It wasn't that he didn't believe Ray, it was just that... well, yes, Benton supposed he was having a hard time believing the story. But Ray often accepted things he found strange or difficult to believe, simply because it was Benton who told him of it. It was only fair to make the effort in return.

"She put the gun against your head and pulled the trigger, and some invisible... magic force stopped the bullet from exiting the barrel, lifted her into the air, flung her halfway across the park and dumped her in a fountain. And the reason she tried to kill you is that she believes that you are one of a number of robots, who appear indistinguishable from humans and are bent on the destruction of her entire race. And the other denizens of the park seem to hold the opinion that she should be forgiven the attempted murder because of these admittedly rather horrifying circumstances. Oh, what about there?"

He paused to peer through the window of an empty shop. It looked... more or less like all the others. Well.
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Aziraphale had promised he would visit Chii, and as usual he'd gone and absent-mindedly put it off for far too long. Inexcusable, really, especially after the incident at the prayer meeting. (Really, it was no wonder he had so few friends back home. Human lifespans made the habit of visiting only once every few years or so problematical.)

But finally one morning the thought struck him at a moment when no other distraction was waiting on its heels to derail his attention, and he set off for the Cat's Eye Cafe to see how the little robot was faring. He brought along a book of Bible stories and some other appropriate children's literature he thought she might like; he wasn't sure what Susan had already shown her, and goodness only knew what she'd been picking up from the other park residents. The girl's mind was like a dry sponge, and in his opinion that was only sometimes a good thing.

"Hello?" he called as he walked in the door of the cafe, just a little anxiously. "Chii? Are you here, child?" Things in the park being the way they were, one could never be quite sure of getting the answer one expected.
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A teenage girl comes falling right out of the sky, careening toward the ground -- until she begins to fall more and more slowly and, ultimately, seems to float gently toward the ground. The girl lands in a lying down position but quickly pushes herself up and looks around, blinking.

The well had never taken here here before.

"Wh...where am I?"

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

The girl rubs her eyes, looking shocked. "Kagome! But -- you still didn't tell me where I am! This doesn't look like feudal Japan." She goes quiet for a splitsecond.

"Wait, are you...?"

Read more... )

((ooc: I wasn't going to do this, but I missed playing her, so here she is! Bear with me, it's been a while she I've played her anywhere and I'm a little rusty. Kagome is taken from the anime, somewhere towards the middle of the series. The anime being full of the episodic filler that it is, I figure we don't need to be more specific than that.))
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Ryou blinks. Wasn't he just strolling through the park? How had he wound up here? He looks around and takes in the view. A brick-lain floor, a large plant front with the face of Mickey Mouse, and what appeared to be a train station on a bridge loom in front of him, while turnstiles and gates sta at his back. Beyond the gate, however, was nothing.

"How odd." Ryou said out loud.

There was not a person to be seen. Ryou was starting to get a creeping feeling up his spine when, from under one edge of the bridge, ran a mouse.

CUT! )


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