Sep. 13th, 2008

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Phoenix shouldn't really have had anything to complain about. It was comfortable here, after all, if a bit... surreal. To him, at least, Disneyland was a nice place -- to visit. Living in it was an entirely different matter. (Why does everything have to be themed?) At least there was food -- unlimited food. That was pretty nice.

He slumped into one of the benches in Main Street's plaza and rubbed his forehead. Free accomodations, unlimited food, nice weather. Ideally, it should have been a vacation. (Except... I'm stuck here. Not to mention stuck here with talking animals, Edgeworth, and Franziska. Crazy Franziska.) And how were Maya and Pearls getting on without him? Did time even pass back home while he was here? It was like a horrible dream, except he wasn't waking up. And the concentrated happy of Disneyland gave him a constant headache.

At least there was free food.

((Eek, sorry for lack of activity! Open to everyone~))
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"No, no, NO!" Yzma crosses the small villages nearest the capital off her map. "Where can the little brat be!"

Rolling it up, she sits back in a huff, then bellows into the mouthpiece. "Kronk! I'm tired. Pull over."

Suddenly she's tumbling out of the little tent/backpack that Kronk uses to carry her and falls to the… paved ground? In a jungle?

"KRONK!" But he's not there. Instead there's some horrible jungle beast with sharp claws and vicious fangs and… a small red loincloth?

This skinny old lady… Was she scary beyond all reason? )

((Yzma is taken from somewhere in the middle of the Disney movie, The Emperor's New Groove, when she's searching for the real emperor-turned-llama Kuzco.))


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