Jun. 8th, 2008

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Aeryn lounges back against the corridor wall and strips wires, a little lazily perhaps, but with her usual diligence and careful attention. It’s quiet on Moya; John’s taken the baby off somewhere for the afternoon, and Aeryn’s enjoying the peace. She’s enjoying Peace as well, and the quiet and calm that comes with that.

If she’s honest she knows that sooner or later she’ll get bored of such stillness, but then, just because war is no longer a threat doesn’t mean Moya and her now very small crew won’t manage to attract some trouble before long. In a way it’s one of the reasons she loves her husband so much, although she’d never tell him that. Well, unless he’s very good.

If there’s one thing she’s not prepared for, taking a few arns to herself like this, working on Moya in a way she’s come to love, it’s to suddenly be somewhere else entirely.

On a planet, apparently, under a blue sky and a mid-sized yellow sun. )

((Here she is at last, the much talked about, lovely Sebacean soldier who recently became wife to John Crichton and mother to his son. Aeryn Sun (pronunciation lies sort of between ‘sun’ and ‘soon’) is taken from about a month after the end of the Peacekeeper Wars, and so is from a bit later than John, after the war has been ended and the baby’s been born. Come say hello! And visit her profile for a biography and links.

I have much encouragement, begging and pleading and bribery permission from Crichton mun for the app. And this is Daniel/Sam/Doctor/Artoo-mun.))


A world of laughter. A world of tears. A world of hope. A world of fears.

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