Jun. 12th, 2008

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Franziska may have been new to America in general and California in specific, but she had no interest in doing tourist things like seeing the sights or going to such a place as Disneyland. As a von Karma, her time was far too valuable to waste doing foolish things, and this rule was especially true for Franziska, who had never considered time a thing to be wasted. While other children had been playing foolish games, Franziska had been studying law and becoming a prosecutor. Even now that she'd been a prosecutor for five years and had never lost a case, she still had no time for Disneyland. There was revenge to consider.

So when she suddenly found herself outside the gates to Disneyland, she took a very skeptical look around, and then took out the whip she kept at her side.

"What foolery is this?" she asked, glaring. "I demand an explanation."

A von Karma's application is perfect )

((Franzy comes from Justice for All, sometime slightly prior to case 2. She hasn't met Phoenix yet, or had the slight change of heart she eventually gets. Which leads me to--

Warning: Franziska is crazy and very good with a whip. If you behave foolishly or anger her, she will whip you. If you want to know what Franziska considers foolish, it is everything. Basically, the whip is a slapstick prop in the game, and no one ever gets really hurt from it (except when she whips someone long enough to make them pass out). But the fact of the matter is, if you come to this app, there is a good chance she will whip you. If you don't want that to happen, you probably shouldn't post.))
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Arachne was bored. She had seen plenty of good looking men when she had arrived, but had trouble finding much of anyone after she had gotten into the park. They weren't going to her anymore, and that made her sad.

Finally, bored to death (she had gone on one ride, and had quickly decided she didn't much like it. It wasn't that it was too scary, it was just boring and childish), she decided that she was going to have to make an effort to get reacquainted with one particular man who she had become quite fond of in her brief encounter with him. She didn't really know where to find him, but it wasn't that hard writing a note.

My Dearest Kit,

It has been far, far too long. I think you and I should get together sometime soon and try to find something interesting to do in this god forsaken place.


Arachne. ♥♥
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After the Mouse had placed her, Duck found a map and was relieved to discover she could understand the writing on it. It took her rather a long time to get to Critter Country, but that was more due to her tiredness than the layout of the place. It really was a pretty strange place, though; Duck was used to the subdued and natural colours of Gold Crown, and so the bright pink castle caused her to do a double-take. She wondered for a moment or two whether Mytho's castle in his story looked anything like it, but supposed not. Mytho would probably choose yellow and white instead of pink. ... Probably.
Well, where else would a duck live? )
((Feel free to say hello to the little ducky if you want! If not, I'll just leave this as a private rp; I just wanted to log where Duck will be living))
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With the boys doing what they needed, her help not included, Sara felt it was time to go off on her own and do whatever she felt like doing. In this case, nothing extreme came to mind, so she walked around 'til something caught her attention and fed her an idea.

She started out by feeding the ducks for a little while to get her mind going. She had been in this place for so long, it was probably no surprise to her she didn't really know what to do that could consume her time. Although, she hadn't yet to know the place by heart. That was one idea, but in all it's appeal -- it really didn't seem to excite her much. Then again, what was there to be excited about in this place?

Naturally, she yearned for home. For Tokyo to be within her range of vision, all around. All the stunning lights, architecture, and even the bustle of busy people around her. So badly did she want to shop around and buy all that interested her. She just wanted to be home. But, this was her home now. With Setsuna, Kira, and Katou. They were her family. The home away from home, and she couldn't help but enjoy the warmth that formed in her heart at the thought of it.

After digging too far into her mind, Sara snapped out of it and decided to get herself some ice cream to douse her hunger while she searched and pondered some more. Perhaps she'd bump into someone new and ignite a captivating conversation of the sort. It had been a while since she had talked to someone other than those she was already acquainted with.

She didn't care either way. Even now she wanted to be in Setsuna's arms, but she knew he was busy with stuff. Whatever that might've been. With a sigh, she licked away at her vanilla ice cream cone and meandered onward.


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