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Oh, was Percy ever the sneaky bastard.

He had been plotting in secret ever since his last conversation with Kit - now called Kitty in private. (Relative private anyway, he still wasn't sure the extent of her secret.)

Thinking his clever plan was now fully fleshed out, he went to seek out the gentleman in disguise in the hope that she would entertain his fancy. He knocked on her door and waited with hat tipped jauntily to the side of his head, arm resting on his long walking stick. He hadn't felt this giddy in a very long time, so uneventful had his time at the Park had been in the recent days...weeks...perhaps even months. It was the first bit of adventure in a long while.

Ah, persuasion.
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After being seemingly possessed by the spirit of piracy and violence, whilst seemingly forgetting his inability to use any kind of weapon, Beaufort thought it better to stay indoors. Especially after that new doctor took the trouble to laugh at his misfortune in French (which, admittedly, led to some sarcastic comments about the Swiss), he didn't particularly feel like being social. For at least a week or so, his desire to not be ridiculed further by certain people was winning over his desire to go and apologise for his impropriety. If you could class drawing a sword on someone as impropriety.

However, he did eventually find the nerve to go and knock on Percy's door, and for once, was hoping he, and not Marguerite, was in instead of vice versa. There was a lot of explaining that needed to happen, but there was a lot he felt he had to say too. Before he lost the chance to say what he had so foolishly got into a proper fight over.
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Marguerite watched as it happened in front of her, her own hand raising and shooting off the pistol to stop them from murdering each other. They looked up addressed the fact that she was there then continued. Bloody men! But something caught her ear.

"They seek 'im here, they seek him thar, them Frenchies seek 'im everywhere! Be he in heaven, he might be in 'ell, that demmed an' dastardly Pimpernel!"

Marguerite woke in a tangle of sheets before remembering she was herself again and her dear Percy was still beside her sleeping soundly. How precious he looked when he slept, so innocent, how she adored lightly touching his skin as he slept just to hear him murmuring and trying to swat her away. They had yet to speak of that day, but Marguerite seemed to get the feeling everyone was in a similar situation. Well, with the clothing and the speech anyway. She closed her eyes and remembered what she heard Percy say before it truly sank in. "Pimpernel?" She repeated aloud. She silently moved out of bed and went to the door of their small cottage and saw the--small little scarlet flowers. In utter disbelief she walked back to bed in a haze, gazing on the sleeping form of her husband, taking his hand in hers and kissing it lightly before she saw his ring. It---it was changeable? Her fingers slowly moved the metal bit and it was a, flower. "Scarlet Pimpernel," she breathed before looking at his face again. Percy? Her own dearest Percy, the Scarlet Pimpernel? The man who stole her heart, who---who she nearly killed. She had sold him out, if he hadn't ended up here he surely would have been caught and killed.

Marguerite sat on the edge of the bed with her back to her husband, covered her mouth and sobbed. She would have killed her own husband!
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Beaufort woke up and realised something was incredibly wrong, even before he spoke. His clothes were...distinctly not a suit and not made in the 1940s. In fact, it struck him more as something distinctly historical. He frowned, wondering when he invaded one of the exhibits for clothes, how drunk he was, and where the hell he got that much alcohol from. There was also a sword. He was pretty sure it was not a good idea to go to sleep with a sword attached. After having woken up and realising his accent was...coarser, less educated and more prone to swearing at the situation, he shook his head and decided to head outside to see what the hell was going off.

Part of him, somewhere, was looking for one man in particular, as there was a pirate in him. A rather angry pirate.

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Kitty was, as she quite often found herself, bored. However, she decided to hell with what she'd told everyone, she was most definately sick of having to dress up like a man every single morning. So, after she'd told Arachne, which was her first mission of the morning, she was going to go out in what appeared to be modern women's clothing (not far off what she wore as a man, actually...) and be...normal.

It wouldn't be easy to tell Arachne, not after all that flirting, but she was pretty sure she knew how to do this without hurting anyone's feelings. So, she headed out to where Arachne lived, after her letter had gone unanswered. There was nobody there. Oh. She's just...gone.

After pausing for a moment in sheer shock, as she'd heard about this, but never expected it to happen to anyone she knew, she went to find a bench to sit on. She'd liked Arachne. Correction: she'd liked Arachne. She'd made her, on occasion, forget about how messed up things had become with Nan. She didn't feel nearly as comfortable in her newly acquired clothes as she did half an hour ago. After lighting a cigarette and taking a nervous drag, she sat back and looked at the sky, wondering what the hell she was supposed to do now.

((come bother Kitty. She's all girl now. Feel free to recognise/not recognise her.))
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It was late in the afternoon, getting on toward sundown, and Una Persson stood on the deck of the Miss Daisy, smoking a cigarette and leaning on the railing in an unselfconscious pose slightly reminiscent of Garbo. It would have been all very old-Hollywood apart from the cartoon silliness of the boat itself.

"Some sod's up to something," she said out loud. As an observation it wasn't particularly helpful or insightful, because some sod was always up to something, but the sentence had the soothing familiarity of a mantra, and she needed that.

It had been a very bad day. )

((Open RP; feel free to stop and chat.))
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“I don’t remember being here.” Temperance Brennan hated the phrase ‘wandering aimlessly,’ but as she looked around, confused, she couldn’t help but admit to herself that that’s what she was doing. Completely lost in her thoughts, she jumped when she heard a voice behind her.

....... )

((OOC: *Waves meekly* I know you've had Brennan before, and I'm going to try my best to pick her up from where the other one left off.))
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After his little talk with Booth, Percy was determined to see his wife. Having worked these past few weeks on regaining her love and righting wrongs, he finally saw the precarious situation that they were all in with clear and focused eyes. He could lose Marguerite at any point in time - whenever it suited the Higher Powers that be, and he was determined to fix things before either one of them disappeared. It could happen at any moment.

Jauntily, he approached Marguerite's quarters on Main Street and tapped at her door with his cane. It didn't matter that he was calling at an usually late time, for he knew she wouldn't turn him anyway. Not unless she was with someone else...
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Booth couldn't find any rest or sleep now. One moment his son was with him, he tucked him in to bed and the next? POOF! Gone. He ran around trying to find him. He went to Bones for help only to find that she too, was gone. He continued his search, maybe they had gone off together? But nothing. Not a trace. After cursing the damn park from here to the moon and back he gave up. Utterly distraught he went in search of a distraction, picking up the sword Sir Percy had found him he went in search of the over dressed and well meaning man.

He used the sword to hack through scrubs and greenery in his way, grunting and swearing as he did. "Damn---plants!"
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Shaun, after recovering from a massive bootleg-rum-induced hangover, was in a good mood. The sun was shining - oh, wait, it always did - but anyway, he was in a damn good mood and wasn't going to waste it, so he laced up his boots nice and tight, grabbed his football and kicked it in front of him on his way down to find Barbossa. He was in a havoc wreaking mood.

Not to mention, there was someone he desperately wanted to give a piece of his mind for being absolutely useless and idiotic in the face of a dinosaur. A piece of his mind more delicately meaning a piece of his fist. Even so, this didn't ruin his good mood, in fact, in some ways, it inspired it. About halfway to see Captain Barbossa, Shaun decided scores needed to be settled first. Well, as best as he could manage, but he certainly wasn't afraid of any ponce from God-knows how many centuries ago. He set out in search of Sir Percy, still kicking that football in front of him lazily.
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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

Velociraptor's only answer is a low snarl. She leans in, as if to sniff Mickey, but doesn't attack.


Read more... )

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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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Marguerite had enough of working on getting her cafe ready and decided she needed some fresh air. After washing her dress free from lint and dust (she had been sneezing to no end) she made herself presentable putting her hair up rather simply since most of it would inevitably fall down again. Exploration was in order, a chance to clear her thoughts from everything too.

She started off in a direction she had yet to take a good look at and walked towards the castle, marveling at the sheer size of it.

((Sudo date for Margot & Percy! YAY!))
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((I swear the next post from me will be the casting for the 'company'. It's just taken longer than expected to figure out what exactly I want to do....*shifty eyes*))

My Most Respected and Treasured Goddess,

I'd like to speak to you regarding favours. Specifically, I'd like to ask of you a favour for me. Shall we talk terms, my dearest deity of hearts? At your beck and call, and always at your convenience,

Your humble servant,

Sir Percival Blakeney
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A Call for Artists, Actors, and Amateurs of Both Varieties!

Lud love us, we are without a theatre troupe of any kind. The horror! The inhumanity! It must be remedied, good neighbours, for only le bon Dieu knows we need a bit more amusement in this place. I call for a company to be formed with the expressed purpose of putting on plays and other such delights of the stage in order to give our fellow inhabitants of the Park a bit of ... culture and new entertainment.

Auditions to join the company will be held at that stage by the large, fake castle at midday in two days hence...or rather, two nights hence as it's demmed difficult to tell days. Experience need not required - anyone with a fancy to act may come and try their hand.

The first play shall be Much Ado About Nothing, which should be familiar to those who've read their Shakespeare. Everyone is welcome to try out for a specific role, however all that is needed is a five minute performance - anything and all things - to gage artistic flair and style.

Again, and in list form!

Auditions for the Disney Theatre Troupe (gad, awful name, I know)
Where: Stage in front of the insult to castle-building (Cinderella's Castle, I do believe?)
When: Midday, when the sun is just above you, two nights hence
Why: THEATRE! (Much Ado About Nothing, specifically)
What to bring: A five-minute piece to preform (a soliloquy, a song, a dance, zooks, whatever strikes!)

Questions, inquiries, comments should be directed to Sir Percival Blakeney, Baronet. Lud!

Letter to Kit )
To Una )
M. Booth )

Md. Marguerite St Just (Blakeney) )

Two days hence, Percy sat down with a pen in his hand by the stage... )

(( Yes, that's right, a theatre company! Woo! The ever-helpful wiki entry for Much Ado About Nothing. Again, you can bother Percy with questions and whatnot, as well as have your character(s) audition in this post....to keep it all nice and in the same spot, of course.))
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Dear Sir,

I have, as promised, looked into some literary materials for you. If you are at all interested in pursuing a theatrical performance, perhaps you'd enjoy undertaking Moliere's
Malade Imaginaire or Cyrano de Bergerac. On the English side of the dramatic world, you might prefer the scandalous Lover's Vows or Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Mr. Fell, whose name I believe I mentioned to you, has all of these works in his collection and I have amused myself over the past weeks in reading them over. Having never seen a play before, as I believe I told you, I am no judge as to which might be a simple or an arduous undertaking to perform; I merely consult my own preferences when recommending these to you as having small casts and turns toward the comedic. Still, I would assist in any manner possible if I might have the honor of seeing you act. I do not mean to press, however. You may do with these recommendations as you wish.

Your most humble servant,
J. Adams
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Marguerite had woken in her bed alone to find a note from her husband, Percy Blakeney, informing her that he had forgotten his previous engagement to race his yacht against another and to make excuses to their guest. It was bad enough that he was so distant from her, but Chauvelin's news of Armand? How did this all happen like this? And to leave her like this! How could he! At least she wasn't alone with him here. He may not have spoken to her, or shown any signs of love at all since their marriage but she was not alone. But now? When she needed him most? What was she to do? She had not the slightest idea where to begin---first the Marquis de St. Cyr, next Armand, then The Scarlet Pimpernel---and they'd all be sent to the guillotine because of her.

Lifting her skirts ever so slightly as not to trip, she made her way up the stairs to his study. Enough was enough - the lies, the secrets, it was enough! What happened to the man she fell in love with? What happened to the Percy Blakeney she married, who's loving words touch her heart?

Sink me? Shoot me! )

((Hello! I've talked this over with the player of Sir Percy Blakeney and all is well. She doesn't yet know her beloved hubby is in fact the Scarlet Pimpernel.))
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Beaufort hadn't taken very long to get settled in and find somewhere to sleep, given that he had become very accustomed to living in all sorts of places in very temporary circumstances. Saying that, he'd never had to find actually something to sleep on before, but after a lot of faffing around and falling over things, he'd managed to sort that out too. There was the definate impression in his mind which meant this was a bit of a free for all, and it was perfectly alright to just go and take something, as there was another one right in it's place. Even so, he spent a while tentatively prodding his lunch, making sure it wasn't an evil-clone-sandwich or something.

Then there was the matter of something to do. There was a lot to figure out about this world, and some of the discussions he'd had before he was allowed in the park had set him thinking, so he spent most of his afternoon making observations and trying to figure out the exact political basis of this park. It was, in many respects, much more relaxing than where he normally lived, and allowed him to ignore how absurd this place was. Then again, if he was going to do this properly, he needed a few things. Firstly a fact finding mission, which he could do mostly on his own, secondly, some books, as he was more a reader of political thought than a provider of it, and thirdly, a nice glass of wine. Upon failing to find both of the latter, he decided to see how efficient the postal system was, and test out the notice board.

Stuck to the notice board on official Ministry headed paper )

He could always hope someone could provide, even if he doubted it possible. It was a strange place, so he doubted anything followed any real logic. Like somewhere with as many people as this should have a reasonable collection of intellectual books. All there seemed to be were cartoons, though.
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((Closed-ish RP. For Booth and either Percy or Barbossa. TBA. Later, others who are good with swords, perhaps?))

Booth was bored again, and he had heard there was a shooting range but had gotten lost a few times in finding it and decided it was time for something else.

See what it is! )
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((Woo! Last day of classes! And, in celebration, I'm coming off of my hiatus.


Shut up. Let's pretend I was actually on one.

In celebration, I'm posting with my newest pup! .... I mean, let's pretend it's for a reason other than she just got accepted. ... LET ME PRETEND TO CONGRATULATE MYSELF))

Disneyland stunk of humans, Arachne noticed. Humans, and other things which she couldn't quite place. It was also decently warm, which didn't bother her at all since she always wore painfully short skirts and fairly revealing tank tops/corsettes.

Kurai had said that she wasn't sure if there were good-looking men in the park, and Arachne was highly disappointed in her little cousin. Then again, she should have expected it since Kurai wasn't all that interested in boys.

Still, Arachne was on the hunt, and she'd be damned if she didn't see at least one tasty looking boy.


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