May. 22nd, 2008

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((Backdated to shortly after Quixote met the Feegle))

Still slightly soggy from his encounter with the grim leviathan Monstro, Don Quixote was in dire need of a new lance and a whetstone and oil with which to tend his rusting sword*. Weaponsmiths being in shockingly short supply in the Land of Disney, he searched for some time, eventually wandering off the beaten path and finding himself at an unobtrusive door tucked back between two shops somewhere in the bowels of Fantasyland.

And of course completely failed to understand the 'Employees Only' sign. )
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Would you mind having a word? Perhaps over coffee.


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A Call for Artists, Actors, and Amateurs of Both Varieties!

Lud love us, we are without a theatre troupe of any kind. The horror! The inhumanity! It must be remedied, good neighbours, for only le bon Dieu knows we need a bit more amusement in this place. I call for a company to be formed with the expressed purpose of putting on plays and other such delights of the stage in order to give our fellow inhabitants of the Park a bit of ... culture and new entertainment.

Auditions to join the company will be held at that stage by the large, fake castle at midday in two days hence...or rather, two nights hence as it's demmed difficult to tell days. Experience need not required - anyone with a fancy to act may come and try their hand.

The first play shall be Much Ado About Nothing, which should be familiar to those who've read their Shakespeare. Everyone is welcome to try out for a specific role, however all that is needed is a five minute performance - anything and all things - to gage artistic flair and style.

Again, and in list form!

Auditions for the Disney Theatre Troupe (gad, awful name, I know)
Where: Stage in front of the insult to castle-building (Cinderella's Castle, I do believe?)
When: Midday, when the sun is just above you, two nights hence
Why: THEATRE! (Much Ado About Nothing, specifically)
What to bring: A five-minute piece to preform (a soliloquy, a song, a dance, zooks, whatever strikes!)

Questions, inquiries, comments should be directed to Sir Percival Blakeney, Baronet. Lud!

Letter to Kit )
To Una )
M. Booth )

Md. Marguerite St Just (Blakeney) )

Two days hence, Percy sat down with a pen in his hand by the stage... )

(( Yes, that's right, a theatre company! Woo! The ever-helpful wiki entry for Much Ado About Nothing. Again, you can bother Percy with questions and whatnot, as well as have your character(s) audition in this keep it all nice and in the same spot, of course.))
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Katou knew it was all levels of wrong. He really did. He had barely been able to stand Kyouya before, and had only been using him to further his own purposes, but really, he hadn't wanted someone this badly in ... in... well, a really, really long time.

And so, he went to seek out Kira.

"Hey Kira, you around somewhere?" he called .
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Sylar had answered a few letters since the last showdown with Jenny and Katou, but otherwise kept a low profile for the time being. And yes, he had to recover again from getting the crap beat out of him, thank you very much.

Seriously, didn't people around here have better things to do?

To distract himself, he was testing his physical reactions to many, many, many successive rides, and was currently of the theory that time didn't move faster or slower, but possibly *did* stop while you were yelling as the cars accelerated.

Right now, he was waiting for the next train to pull in, so he could get on the ride for attempt #212.

[open! And apologies for my recent absence]


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