Jul. 21st, 2008

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((I swear the next post from me will be the casting for the 'company'. It's just taken longer than expected to figure out what exactly I want to do....*shifty eyes*))

My Most Respected and Treasured Goddess,

I'd like to speak to you regarding favours. Specifically, I'd like to ask of you a favour for me. Shall we talk terms, my dearest deity of hearts? At your beck and call, and always at your convenience,

Your humble servant,

Sir Percival Blakeney
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Marguerite realized she had gotten everything as ready as she could for the time being. She had been putting off meeting this Rae Seddon, not because she disliked the woman. She hardly knew her! Marguerite didn't like admitting weakness to someone she didn't know. Finally letting herself admit to her lack of knowledge she made her way to Miss Rae Seddon's restaurant.

Someone approached her if she needed help. "My name is Lady Marguerite Blakeney. I am here to speak with Miss Rae Seddon," she explained as she waited patiently to meet the woman who would hopefully help her.


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