Apr. 29th, 2008

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Marguerite had woken in her bed alone to find a note from her husband, Percy Blakeney, informing her that he had forgotten his previous engagement to race his yacht against another and to make excuses to their guest. It was bad enough that he was so distant from her, but Chauvelin's news of Armand? How did this all happen like this? And to leave her like this! How could he! At least she wasn't alone with him here. He may not have spoken to her, or shown any signs of love at all since their marriage but she was not alone. But now? When she needed him most? What was she to do? She had not the slightest idea where to begin---first the Marquis de St. Cyr, next Armand, then The Scarlet Pimpernel---and they'd all be sent to the guillotine because of her.

Lifting her skirts ever so slightly as not to trip, she made her way up the stairs to his study. Enough was enough - the lies, the secrets, it was enough! What happened to the man she fell in love with? What happened to the Percy Blakeney she married, who's loving words touch her heart?

Sink me? Shoot me! )

((Hello! I've talked this over with the player of Sir Percy Blakeney and all is well. She doesn't yet know her beloved hubby is in fact the Scarlet Pimpernel.))


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