Oct. 7th, 2008

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Leader of greatest empire on earth looking for an assistant. Must be able to lift heavy loads, clean secret labs without destroying glassware, avoid questioning orders, and enjoy roller coasters. Cooking and baking a plus. No experience necessary. Will train the right candidate. Preferably large, young, male, cute, and dumb as a brick. Good advancement opportunity. Contact Yzma.
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After being seemingly possessed by the spirit of piracy and violence, whilst seemingly forgetting his inability to use any kind of weapon, Beaufort thought it better to stay indoors. Especially after that new doctor took the trouble to laugh at his misfortune in French (which, admittedly, led to some sarcastic comments about the Swiss), he didn't particularly feel like being social. For at least a week or so, his desire to not be ridiculed further by certain people was winning over his desire to go and apologise for his impropriety. If you could class drawing a sword on someone as impropriety.

However, he did eventually find the nerve to go and knock on Percy's door, and for once, was hoping he, and not Marguerite, was in instead of vice versa. There was a lot of explaining that needed to happen, but there was a lot he felt he had to say too. Before he lost the chance to say what he had so foolishly got into a proper fight over.


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