Sep. 14th, 2008

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Kitty was, as she quite often found herself, bored. However, she decided to hell with what she'd told everyone, she was most definately sick of having to dress up like a man every single morning. So, after she'd told Arachne, which was her first mission of the morning, she was going to go out in what appeared to be modern women's clothing (not far off what she wore as a man, actually...) and be...normal.

It wouldn't be easy to tell Arachne, not after all that flirting, but she was pretty sure she knew how to do this without hurting anyone's feelings. So, she headed out to where Arachne lived, after her letter had gone unanswered. There was nobody there. Oh. She's just...gone.

After pausing for a moment in sheer shock, as she'd heard about this, but never expected it to happen to anyone she knew, she went to find a bench to sit on. She'd liked Arachne. Correction: she'd liked Arachne. She'd made her, on occasion, forget about how messed up things had become with Nan. She didn't feel nearly as comfortable in her newly acquired clothes as she did half an hour ago. After lighting a cigarette and taking a nervous drag, she sat back and looked at the sky, wondering what the hell she was supposed to do now.

((come bother Kitty. She's all girl now. Feel free to recognise/not recognise her.))
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So, Guy was in the park, and judging by the women he'd met so far and the fact that no patient of his could ever die, was quite enthusiastic about it. Sure, there was no Caroline or Mac, but there was also no Sue White, no Martin, no...Joanna. Instead, there were lots of sexy ladies, and...seemingly his competition was a lot of characters from Pirates of the Carribean and Doctor Who. Well, there was no Johnny Depp, from what he could see so far, so he was alright there.

He found his way to the First Aid Station, had a quick search through the medical supplies to see what he had to work with, then went and found himself a bed, where he promptly set about recalibrating his 'Sexy Ladies of the Hospital' league table on his Blackberry for 'Sexy Ladies of the Park', adding extra catagories for 'exotic dimensions/planets' and 'time period's social standards'.

Then he thought he better inform the good, sexy, people of the park that there was a doctor around again. He wrote up a note, and upon finding the bulletin board, set about the search for food.

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((Oh, and if there's popular demand...I will begin to construct Guy's table of women in the park and I'll put it in his journal. XP))


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