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((We're going to get Sam dellamified and Chii wherever she needs to go here, but if anyone else would have a reason to need an angel following the assault on the park, feel free to chime in))

Following Ellie's arrival, Aziraphale stepped out the door of Club 33, somewhat relieved to turn Crowley and his miserable mood over to someone who might stand a chance of doing something about it. With that concern out of the way, he was now aware of subtle subliminal tugs that told him someone (maybe more than one person) out here in the park required the services of an angel.

The direction of the need was not immediately clear, so he began by setting off in the direction of the Cat's Eye Cafe in Tomorrowland. Little Chii would undoubtedly be confused by the power outage and perhaps frightened by the loud noises. (Had anyone thought to warn her what would be happening? Probably not. Drat, he ought to have done it himself, whether he was involved or not. Slipping, old boy, you really are slipping, he told himself.)
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...a demon was trying, with the assistance of large quantities of alcohol, to ignore the sounds of park-wide destruction that might or might not mean the end of their sojourn in this place; and an angel was humoring said demon as best he could, despite his own none-too-cleverly-hidden hope that it would in fact mean that very thing. Not being particularly destructive by nature, and having little in the way of applicable skills he was willing to reveal to the park at large, Aziraphale had decided it would be best to stay out of the way unless called upon.

The atmosphere fostered by this dichotomy was not, to say the least, a terribly congenial one (especially since, as he understood it, two people rather near and dear to Crowley were directly involved in the effort.) Aziraphale dealt with it by burying his nose in a book, matching the demon teacup for brandy glass...right up until, moments after a series of particularly un-ignorable explosions and crashes were heard, Club 33's lights went out.

"Well, drat," he sighed, looking out through the 'rain'-spattered windows at the dimmed street. "I wonder if the entire place has lost power..."
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Aziraphale had promised he would visit Chii, and as usual he'd gone and absent-mindedly put it off for far too long. Inexcusable, really, especially after the incident at the prayer meeting. (Really, it was no wonder he had so few friends back home. Human lifespans made the habit of visiting only once every few years or so problematical.)

But finally one morning the thought struck him at a moment when no other distraction was waiting on its heels to derail his attention, and he set off for the Cat's Eye Cafe to see how the little robot was faring. He brought along a book of Bible stories and some other appropriate children's literature he thought she might like; he wasn't sure what Susan had already shown her, and goodness only knew what she'd been picking up from the other park residents. The girl's mind was like a dry sponge, and in his opinion that was only sometimes a good thing.

"Hello?" he called as he walked in the door of the cafe, just a little anxiously. "Chii? Are you here, child?" Things in the park being the way they were, one could never be quite sure of getting the answer one expected.
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((Closed to Cayce, Azi, Crowley, and Ellie. Backdated to a day or two after the Bentley Babes caper.))

Cayce wasn't jealous. That much was easy enough to define; she cared for Crowley a lot, but not That Way. And notwithstanding her admission at the community Truth or Dare game, she definitely wasn't queer for Ellie either, although she certainly liked her well enough. Actually, she thought the two of them pairing up was kind of cute.

But for reasons she was still hard pressed to identify, she was a little perturbed when the two of them up and vanished from the lake party, and clearly Aziraphale was too. They'd exchanged a few half-heartedly snarky (and subtly worried) comments at the time before finally sort of shrugging it off, and Cayce had said something about coming by the tea shop later.

So now she was suiting action to the word. She sort of hoped that Crowley wouldn't be around. It'd spare everyone a touch of awkwardness.
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A few days after the prayer meeting and Sylar's rude interruption, Aziraphale set out to run some errands. The first, unfortunately, proved in vain, and he dropped a letter in the mail with a heavy heart before proceeding to the second.

Dear Miss Cayce,

I am loathe to be the bearer of possible bad news, but I stopped by to see how Mr. Adams was doing this morning, and both the first aid station and the opera house appear to be abandoned. Have you seen or heard from him or from Susan since the prayer meeting?


A short time later found him approaching the clearing next to the Small World ride, carrying a bouquet of flowers and looking pensive.
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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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Franziska, upon being sorted to Toon Town, went there to look around, but found it unacceptably foolish as anticipated. There would certainly be no question of her staying there, but she wasn't finding anything approaching suitable lodgings.

A bit frustrated but not ready to give up, she posted an announcement to the bulletin board.

Attention Residents of Disneyland,

I , Franziska von Karma, shall be requiring a place to stay during the short time I will remain here. I am aware certain of you who are too incompetent to leave within a timely fashion have prepared yourselves long term arrangements to bring comfort to your stay.

If you are a resident of the best lodgings in the park, kindly provide the location of said lodgings here, and then vacate the premises as soon as you are able so that I can move in. It would be best if this could be accomplished this evening prior to sundown so that I will be able to get situated.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


Franziska von Karma.
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A package was sent to Cayce containing a relatively modest and completely generic red bikini and a letter:


You ready to do this? Come over tomorrow around noon. We'll do the tour and have a lake party/barbecue afterward.


Ellie got a letter, but no package.


Ready for the bikini tour? Come over tomorrow around noon. Cayce's suit is fairly modest, but I know better than to put restrictions on you. Barbecue at the lake afterward.


((So very porny now. Be warned.))
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One quiet afternoon found Aziraphale at the bulletin board, putting up a notice written in old-fashioned flowing script.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A non-denominational, interfaith prayer assembly will be held at the Golden Horsehoe in Frontierland, three nights hence at sunset. All are welcome, regardless of faith or lack thereof, who come with respect and peaceable intentions.

If interested, please make a note of it here or via post to Mr. Fell at Club 33. Questions or comments are welcome.


((Sylar is scheduled to wander by and be a nuisance, but anyone else who wants to get involved is welcome))
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mood: melancholy

It was a bit of a cliche, but Aziraphale had found since his stress-induced near meltdown that he had his good days and his bad days. The better ones he passed more or less normally, sometimes even cheerfully; on the others he simply filled his time with whatever distractions came to mind, trying not to wear himself out with pointless fretting until Crowley went to bed, then spent the night within the Presence.

This was turning out to be one of the latter days, and his chosen distraction this afternoon was sitting in the grass near the castle, feeding the ducks. He'd got over the strangeness of having possibly been one of them for a time, and he really did quite like the little birds. Very uncomplicated creatures, ducks. He was certain it didn't matter one whit to any of them where (or indeed who) they might be, or why. As long as they had a pleasant place to swim and the supply of bread crumbs held out, they were perfectly content. Besides, they reminded him of St. James' Park and home.

"Perhaps you've got the better bargain, after all," he observed to a young female whom he had dubbed Alice, as she was always the first to come waddling up when he appeared, though of course he had no way to identify them apart from the usual duck features.

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," he murmured, and smiled when the somewhat fussy little bird permitted him to stroke her feathers.
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When Fay and Kurogane didn't show up for a day, Chii started to get worried - they'd never just left her before all night by herself - so the next morning, she decided the best thing to do was ask everyone else in the park, as they were always so helpful, after all~! And she felt she should let them know something, too, just in case. Chii, after all, wasn't oblivious to the people leaving thing, not after Mokona and Sakura.

Dear everyone,

Fay-mommy and Kuro-daddy have not come home yet, and I am concerned. If you see them, please let them know I am waiting for them to come back.

In the event they have disappeared like others, then I will keep the Cat's Eye cafe open until either they return, or just for the rest of you so you can have Fay-mommy's goodies, which I also know how to make.

Please be well, and come have baked goods whenever you want.

~ Chii
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Katou had four options. a) He could wait until both Mr. Fell and Crowley had left Club 33, break in, and steal some liquor. b) He could wait until Crowley left, and try to convince Mr. Fell he was someone else and get some liquor. c) He could do be, but with Crowley. d) He could do be but with both of them.

It wasn't hard to decide on b. He knew Crowley and Mr. Fell weren't human, so he wasn't sure what kind of protection they might have on their house, and he had already failed at convincing Crowley once.

He hung around Club 33, some distance away, for what felt like forever, until he could feel Crowley leave. He waited a little while longer, and then, he turned himself into Cayce, carefully covering his arm, and went and rang the doorbell.
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((Backdated to the day after Setsuna's party))

Aziraphale approached the doors of the auditorium lugging a long, heavy bundle carefully wrapped in cloth, hoping Kira remembered their appointment.

Because facing off against Lucifer once in his life wasn't enough, oh no... )
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You gods who might know this woman as one of your own, please listen to me. We here call her 'Eirene'. She was called 'Adella' where she came from, somewhere... beyond the Rhine... I'm not sure exactly where. Anyway, you'll know her.

She was a good woman. She always spoke very highly of you. So please, look after her and our boy.

My name, is Titus Pullo. Ex-13th legion.

Her husband.

I wasn't always as good to her as I should have been.

I give my life to you to use as you like, if you'll see that she's happy now.

By the way, he's speaking in Latin. )

[[ooc: Say hello, or rather "Salve!", to Titus Pullo from HBO's amazing show Rome. Pullo is taken from the beginning of episode 8 of season 2. Directly after burying his wife who he thinks died of natural complications during pregnancy. Pullo only speaks Latin so... Let's see how this turns out.
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mood: apprehensive

The day after Una's radio show, Ellie approached the unobtrusive door to Club 33 with some trepidation. She hadn't really needed Crowley's teasing reminder; truth was, she'd been putting this visit off. As much as she genuinely did like the guy, she was about to enter the well-warded residence of one of the Fallen and explain exactly what kind of bargain she had struck and with whom. All the extenuating circumstances notwithstanding, to say that thought inspired some anxiety was putting it mildly.

Still, here she was, and she squared her shoulders and knocked on the door with all the boldness she could muster. After all, nobody could die here, right? Or send a report to anyone outside. So what was the worst that could happen?

On the heels of that thought, the door opened and Ellie found herself face to face with the tweed-clad Principality she and Bernard had taken great pleasure in needling on their Valentine's Day date.

"Uh," she said intelligently, feeling a blush coming on. "Hi. I'm, uh--"

Suddenly something Crowley had said the day they met came back to her, and she blurted, "Wait, you're the conservative Christian roommate?" It took every ounce of nerve she had not to just excuse herself hastily and bolt. This situation was showing all the hallmarks of something she did not want to be involved in.
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Elle was bored again. She hadn't seen Spike in ages, so she decided she was going to go look for him.

She was unaware of any imminent threat that might be lurking, despite Cayce's recent warning about someone looking for her.

[post is open, but first thread is for Sylar & Elle (and the Mickey cops) only. read here for more info.]
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Katou was far too amused by Valentine's Day. When he saw his cards, his amusement grew ten-fold.

He then sent Valentine's to the people who he had gotten along with at some point during his stay.

Extra note to Kira, Sara, and Setsuna )

Extra note to Virgil )

Extra note to Aziraphale )

Extra note to Crowley )

To the above, including Rose, Tim, Shizuka, Sara, T-Rex, Cayce, Calvin, Ash, Rukia, Elle, Kurai, and Faye )

*In romanji, it says 'chu.' Chu is both Japanese for 'kiss' and also the sound effect kissing makes. It can also be translated as punishment apparently.

Be Ours.

Feb. 14th, 2008 12:07 am
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The music, mercifully, didn't start until an hour after dawn, and it was at around elevator music-volume and fairly ignorable until you started noticing what a bizarre jumble of songs from throughout recording history it was. As a matter of fact, it rather sounded as though forces with very little taste of their own had just cued up a random mix of anything labeled "love song," however appropriate or inappropriate, and had done with it. And then locked the door of the radio room behind them.

The decorations, however, had gone up at midnight, and if you'd been awake you might have seen them go up - strings of white and red heart-shaped lights unrolling and flinging themselves from place to place, great bunches of foil heart balloons tied here and there, vases of long-stemmed roses gently set down everywhere.

The shops were filled with formal wear; the restaurants, empty and attended alike, were lit with candles. All the water rides in the park gained little banners above their entrances reading "Tunnel of Love," and the characters within seemed to be doing a lot more offering of flowers and chocolates to each other than usual. (It was hard to say whether this was more disturbing from the pirates or from B'rer Rabbit and B'rer Fox.)

And every person in the park, whenever they woke up, found by their pillow a little pile of valentines, personalized just for them to send out, and a helpful list of all the people they might want to ask to be theirs. In other words, everyone. Oh, and a box of candy hearts, also personalized with adorable mottos.

Welcome to the most romantic place on Earth. Or...somewhere.

((Mushy songs to be posted here, OOCly and to your heart's content. Also feel free to comment here about your character's valentines and their reaction thereunto, or if you wish, to start a new post for those purposes. The lock's just a mundane deadbolt, so if your character gets fed up and decides to break it/pick it/use a spell on it they should be able to get in and take over.

Happy Valentine's Day!))


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