Feb. 14th, 2008

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Feb. 14th, 2008 12:07 am
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The music, mercifully, didn't start until an hour after dawn, and it was at around elevator music-volume and fairly ignorable until you started noticing what a bizarre jumble of songs from throughout recording history it was. As a matter of fact, it rather sounded as though forces with very little taste of their own had just cued up a random mix of anything labeled "love song," however appropriate or inappropriate, and had done with it. And then locked the door of the radio room behind them.

The decorations, however, had gone up at midnight, and if you'd been awake you might have seen them go up - strings of white and red heart-shaped lights unrolling and flinging themselves from place to place, great bunches of foil heart balloons tied here and there, vases of long-stemmed roses gently set down everywhere.

The shops were filled with formal wear; the restaurants, empty and attended alike, were lit with candles. All the water rides in the park gained little banners above their entrances reading "Tunnel of Love," and the characters within seemed to be doing a lot more offering of flowers and chocolates to each other than usual. (It was hard to say whether this was more disturbing from the pirates or from B'rer Rabbit and B'rer Fox.)

And every person in the park, whenever they woke up, found by their pillow a little pile of valentines, personalized just for them to send out, and a helpful list of all the people they might want to ask to be theirs. In other words, everyone. Oh, and a box of candy hearts, also personalized with adorable mottos.

Welcome to the most romantic place on Earth. Or...somewhere.

((Mushy songs to be posted here, OOCly and to your heart's content. Also feel free to comment here about your character's valentines and their reaction thereunto, or if you wish, to start a new post for those purposes. The lock's just a mundane deadbolt, so if your character gets fed up and decides to break it/pick it/use a spell on it they should be able to get in and take over.

Happy Valentine's Day!))
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Elle was gleeful when she woke up and discovered the personalized Valentine's that had been left for her. Given that she hadn't gone to a real school since she was six, she hadn't ever really celebrated the holiday.

She happily sent a valentine to every name on the list that was helpfully included and wondered if she would get some from other people.

cut for image )

After sending out all her valentines, she hit the stores to find a fancy dress. She had no idea what she was doing later, but she wanted to dress up anyway.

[open for any RP; my availability this weekend is limited as I'm having company for my birthday, but I'll pick up tags when I can :)]
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Sent to everyone in the park:

Shizuka's valentines )
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Well, at least he wasn't falling in love with his worst enemy (not today in particular, anyway) or being all sappy and emo and...okay, let's not continue that train of thought. Let's not think too hard about any of this: his brain couldn't take it. It could be worse: for most of elementary school he always got at least one Aaron Echolls character-valentine in the mix.

Given to Cayce, Susan, and Kira )

Given to Lilly, Una, and Elle )

And then there was this one. )
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Ellie had been at her chosen spot within an hour of the decorations going up, and spent most of the wee morning hours hauling stuff around to build her booth.

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((Sorry to be getting this started so late guys, hope everybody's still up for it))
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As evening of what was apparently Valentines day set in, Pippi sat herself down in the tree covered area between the outdoor seating for the French Market and the Fast Pass nook for the Haunted Mansion.

Normally she'd be out in the open but there were no stars to gaze at. At night the spot seems somehow secluded and maybe even a little moody. The nearest source of light being a small porch light on the conductor's shack aaaall the way on the other side of the tracks at the New Orleans Square station. The patterns of the leaves and the way the dim light played on them gave her something to look at and find patterns in the way she would have with clouds and stars if there ever were any.

She leaned back against a tree, nibbled on some Valentines day goodies, and wondered if there was a window in Heaven that would let her Mama see her here.

"I sure hope you can see me Mama. I mean, I'm used to not being able to see you but I imagine that if you don't got a window over this place you must be going batty."
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There were tiny pictures of Crowley by his pillow that morning. On pink cards. He was amused until he saw the tiny cane drawn in...

Still, the messages were mostly appropriate, so he dropped them all in the mailbox, except for two; the one for Aziraphale got placed on the same table as the other. The one for Ellie he pocketed.

At least only two of them were humiliating?

Generic valentines for everyone in the park )

Valentine for Aziraphale )

Valentine for Cayce )

Valentine for Ellie )
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Noticing all the cards everyone was retrieving, including the one she had gotten from her Kira-senpai, Sara felt as though she would send out her best wishes and regards to everyone, and most specifically those who she felt were close to her.

Right away, after noticing the cards provided for her, she went ahead and made customized cards for everybody. Of course, some of them were written in Japanese, while the rest, including the one sent to everybody else within the park, were in English.

Katou )

Tamaki )

Pearl )

And last, but never the least...

Setsuna~~ )


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