Apr. 25th, 2008

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The day after Una's radio show, Ellie approached the unobtrusive door to Club 33 with some trepidation. She hadn't really needed Crowley's teasing reminder; truth was, she'd been putting this visit off. As much as she genuinely did like the guy, she was about to enter the well-warded residence of one of the Fallen and explain exactly what kind of bargain she had struck and with whom. All the extenuating circumstances notwithstanding, to say that thought inspired some anxiety was putting it mildly.

Still, here she was, and she squared her shoulders and knocked on the door with all the boldness she could muster. After all, nobody could die here, right? Or send a report to anyone outside. So what was the worst that could happen?

On the heels of that thought, the door opened and Ellie found herself face to face with the tweed-clad Principality she and Bernard had taken great pleasure in needling on their Valentine's Day date.

"Uh," she said intelligently, feeling a blush coming on. "Hi. I'm, uh--"

Suddenly something Crowley had said the day they met came back to her, and she blurted, "Wait, you're the conservative Christian roommate?" It took every ounce of nerve she had not to just excuse herself hastily and bolt. This situation was showing all the hallmarks of something she did not want to be involved in.
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As glad as Temperance was that Booth and Angela had shown up in this weird place, her scientific mind refused to stop attempting to make some logical sense of where they were and how they ended up there.

She had taken to wandering about and conducting little experiments to no avail. She was unable to find anything logical about the situation and, quite frankly, it was starting to annoy her.
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Assistance is needed in transporting a large, delicate piece of equipment. Reasonable physical strength and/or superhuman abilities would be especially useful. Some form of compensation can be negotiated.

Please contact Ootori Kyouya via post for information.

((Kyouya wants to move the piano on Main Street to the cafe in Fantasyland. He'd prefer to pay in (large sums of) cash if you're dumb enough to accept it, but otherwise he'll offer personal items, use of the facilities of the apartment (including the hot shower) or Tamaki's body small favors. Of course, he'd happily offer his gratitude as well))
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You gods who might know this woman as one of your own, please listen to me. We here call her 'Eirene'. She was called 'Adella' where she came from, somewhere... beyond the Rhine... I'm not sure exactly where. Anyway, you'll know her.

She was a good woman. She always spoke very highly of you. So please, look after her and our boy.

My name, is Titus Pullo. Ex-13th legion.

Her husband.

I wasn't always as good to her as I should have been.

I give my life to you to use as you like, if you'll see that she's happy now.

By the way, he's speaking in Latin. )

[[ooc: Say hello, or rather "Salve!", to Titus Pullo from HBO's amazing show Rome. Pullo is taken from the beginning of episode 8 of season 2. Directly after burying his wife who he thinks died of natural complications during pregnancy. Pullo only speaks Latin so... Let's see how this turns out.


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