Feb. 15th, 2008

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[ooc: Backdated to yesterday. I sorry for being late, and not making full cards, on top of that. D: Or different ones. As is, it's not like the Gaia Dollmaker has anything close to Chii's hair, but they have the ears.]

Of course, when Chii woke up and found the valentines and list by her bed she diligently sent off a card to each person, along with candy. Hey, someone else had obviously done all the work for her, and had been so kind to do it, so Chii wasn't going to let that effort go to waste.

In fact she put a notice on the bulletin board that expressed her gratitude to whoever made her cards for her.

Chii's cards )
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Having not met many people, Ishtar happily sent off a valentine's card to everyone on the list provided - even Sharlen - along with sweets. Especially since she wanted to show off how cute they were.... She didn't think very hard about implications and even sent one to Duzell, despite the card's greeting.

Card to everyone )
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Setsuna didn't understand where the hell the Mokona hat on his cards had come from, but he figured it was just the park screwing with his head and being a pain in the butt. Not to mention how contradictory that made his cards. There were, however, two in the stack different from everyone else's, so he knew those were meant for different people.

In the end, a little embarrassed, he only sent the cards to people he knew and liked (which meant everyone he had talked to, or even those that sent him a card, but Hot Streak, Sharlen and the Master).

Regular card )

Card to Kira )

Card to Sara )

Candies to Kira and Sara )
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Katou was far too amused by Valentine's Day. When he saw his cards, his amusement grew ten-fold.

He then sent Valentine's to the people who he had gotten along with at some point during his stay.

Extra note to Kira, Sara, and Setsuna )

Extra note to Virgil )

Extra note to Aziraphale )

Extra note to Crowley )

To the above, including Rose, Tim, Shizuka, Sara, T-Rex, Cayce, Calvin, Ash, Rukia, Elle, Kurai, and Faye )

*In romanji, it says 'chu.' Chu is both Japanese for 'kiss' and also the sound effect kissing makes. It can also be translated as punishment apparently.
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Tamaki was psyched about Valentine's day. It was definitely one of his favourite holidays (along with every other holiday).

He was even more psyched to discover that he had Valentine's day cards to hand out.

Here )

It would have been far more romantic if he could hand them out by hand, but he didn't know where all the girls lived. So, he sent out cards to everyone who had a girlish name on the list (with a personalized message on each, which I'm far too lazy to actually write out), and then sent a card to all of the male friends that he had made in the park, also with personalized messages.

And then, he sent the rest to everyone else.

Somehow, at the end of it, he had a ton of extra. So, he sent them all to Kyouya.
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Kitty had mixed feelings about today, and was very conflicted as to who she was supposed to be distributing cards. She was also rather disturbed as to how whoever had left these cards knew her favourite song. The song which she always finished on, and the one which, ironically enough, had a special place in her heart.

But, she supposed she was supposed to be in the spirit of things, so after studying the sugary hearts for a moment or two, she resolved to send all the people appropriate a card. Which meant, oddly enough, in this role (although the act was getting tiresome), she sent them out to all the women, or people she presumed were women in the park.

Under here. Attn - Una, Percy and Jonathan )


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