May. 2nd, 2008

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((Backdated to the day after Setsuna's party))

Aziraphale approached the doors of the auditorium lugging a long, heavy bundle carefully wrapped in cloth, hoping Kira remembered their appointment.

Because facing off against Lucifer once in his life wasn't enough, oh no... )

Radio Show!

May. 2nd, 2008 07:32 am
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Hey, everyone!

I'll be doing a radio show in a couple days and it is sure to be awesome, so send in some requests! Unlike certain past radio shows, I'll totally play what you want to hear. Uh, nobody request Britney, though. Unless you really like Britney?

Actually, how about this. Send in dedications to friends or just tell me what your favorite song is, and I'll play it. Unless you guys just want to request fake songs for other people like usual, that's cool too.

See ya in a few!


((OOC deadline is 11:59 PM May 3 Pacific. Radio show should be up sometime Sunday afternoon. Comments screened like always.))
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I have a proposition that may be mutually beneficial. Would you be willing to hear it?

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Disney Inmates:

Seems like you've been here for a while and no one's yet been enough of a prat to try and take charge. Good on you! Seeing you lot not killing each other and working for the common good is almost enough to make an old anarchist shed a tear.

But its come to my attention that there are a few superbastards who haven't got the message. Which is why I'm offering up my services. Anyone fucks with you and you can't fuck back, please write your Auntie Jenny, and she'll make sure the bullies learn to play nice. Unless you bloody well deserved it, in which case write me anyway, I could use a laugh.

Comments or Concerns? I probably don't care, but go ahead anyway.


Jenny Sparks

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