Jan. 21st, 2008

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I am pleased to announce the opening of Fell's Tea and Sundries in the Cafe Orleans, located near the Pirates of the Carribbean ride in New Orleans Square. All park residents are invited to stop by and refresh themselves any time they like.


E. Fell

It seemed a shame to let the pleasant little cafe sit unused, after all... )
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((Closed for Sam and Cayce))


Thanks for offering to take the "what we know" article for the next issue of the paper. I just got some notes from Leon Orcot with his observations, and wanted to pass them along to you; I've attached them*. If you want to get together and brainstorm or whatever, let me know—I'm always around.


*((And Cayce's mun will send them via email))
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Spike didn't have a chance to admire the scenery. All that registered with him was sunny, and that was enough. His hair and hands started smoldering immediately. He spotted a souvenir stand and dove for cover. He went over the counter headfirst but it wasn't fast enough to keep his hand from catching fire.

"Bloody hell!" he yelled. It was rather muffled, however, by him being face down in a pile of candy, brightly colored hats and little plastic toys that lit up and whirled.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"
Application )
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Willow got back to her feet, hand up over her eyes, wincing at the blazing brightness of the light--it had been dark just a couple of minutes ago, and her head didn't hurt like it should if something had knocked her out again... What was going on?

It was summer, everything was supposed to be slow during the summer, and Buffy had been right there... no, this couldn't be happening. She knew this place, too. She and Xander and Jesse had come here when they were eight, with her Mom and Dad--they'd thought it was important, somehow.

She stared at the cartoon mouse and the... //the real Cheshire Cat? No, I don't want to meet you, and I want to wake up now!//

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

"Wh-why do you want to know?" the redheaded teenager asked, one hand sliding down into her bag for a stake, wondering what kind of mage had made a two-dimensional Mickey Mouse, and how she could even see it without any kind of depth to it and why it wanted her name. Names were power, she knew that, now, and she wasn't about to give anything that looked this much like a spell her name. No way, she wasn't stupid.

We're not in California anymore? Or... are we? )

OOC: This is Willow Rosenberg from BtVS, from early in the summer after Graduation. Shouldn't be any spoilers, I hope, for canon from 1999. And Xander-mun knows I'm here.
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After a weekend in ToonTown, Sylar had pretty much had enough of his lovely 'assigned' home. The 24/7 music was just the start of his personal nightmare. The primary colors didn't help either. And it was so cheerful he was tempted to go adolescent and enter a Goth phase.

Which was why he was scouting out locations for another home base. (And possibly one or two places to conceal himself.)

[ooc: open RP!]
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((The morning after Bad Fanon Day. Closed to Sunshine and Fett.))

Boba Fett woke up the next morning in the Gallery. He had not had any nightmares. He did not feel alone or burdened by any part of his life. He was not determined to stay indoors, away from prying eyes.

He did have the worst sore throat he'd possibly ever had in all his life.

Too bad TMI was not a well known phrase where he came from. )


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