Jun. 29th, 2008

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Beaufort's attempt at a discussion with Franziska had not gone as well as he expected, and it was definately troubling him. This could have just been because he was thinking 'Nazinazinazi' the whole way through the discussion and she didn't seem to be doing much to prove otherwise. However, this didn't mean that she didn't worry him, or even, on some levels, scare him. He was also struck with a painful realisation that all he could do was either ignore her or negotiate with her. Not that the latter had got him very far. He came to the conclusion that a second opinion might be a good idea; after all, he knew that the German fascist image in his head might not be a fair one seventy years on and maybe he'd just percieved her wrongly. He didn't even know she had a whip, yet, though.

He decided to write to John Adams, in the hope that he could see it from a more ahistorical point of view, or at least that he could provide some perspective. He would have actually written to him on a much more friendly basis if he hadn't been entirely distracted for the past few weeks by attempting to seduce the company of Percy's wife.

Letter to John Adams. )


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