Apr. 7th, 2008

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Elle was bored.

A bored Elle was a very bad thing.

There was no telling what kind of trouble she could get herself into.
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Jean-Etienne took a deep breath when Bremond called for him, turned around and headed back to the cabinet meeting, his mind whirring with what had just transpired between him and Vivienne. He was very sure he’d just been used, and nothing more, but hated having to do that. However, he had to do something even more soul sucking next, but as far as he was concerned, there was no other option. He pushed open the doors to the temporary cabinet room and prepared himself to sneak back in, except…there was not a single sign of his fellow ministers; which was a bonus in some respects, but a curse in others. Of all the days to lose your mind, Jean-Etienne. Of all the days. “Foutre,” he swore under his breath, hoping this would end soon, as he had a vitally important vote to participate in, and he wasn’t sure the mouse or cat knew much about politics. Then again, if they’d been produced by his own head, anything was possible. He glanced down to check he still had his clothes on, as dreams had a nasty habit of ridding you of them, but he still had his neatly done up waistcoat, tie and even his briefcase. He then furiously started willing himself to wake up.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't going to happen )

((I bring you the park’s second politician (run away!!), Jean-Etienne Beaufort from my favourite film ever, Bon Voyage, called in places a French Casablanca (couldn’t comment as I’ve never seen the latter). Yeah, I’m a French film freak. He’s taken from the last time we see him, just before the vote on the surrender. Feel free to call him a cheese eating surrender monkey or spot that he’s actually Gerard Depardieu. He’ll be offended/baffled, but all the more fun for me. More info here This is, by they way, Bernard/Shaun/Kitty. This is the sort of thing I consider fun after writing essays comparing French Republics.))
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The bus to Sky High landed on the driveway in front of the school, back in the sky after the disaster full of babies. Layla headed towards her first class with Mr. Boy (although in all honesty, she should probably really have been in classes with heroes, rather than remaining in the hero support class). Between one blink and another, the school changed quite a bit, and Layla turned around in confusion. Being in Disneyland was a little unexpected, given that it was a school day and Layla was supposed to be in Mr. Boy’s class. She remembered walking into the school, even. Really, though, there were worse places to end up at instead of school. Maybe Will had decided to surprise her and flown her there? That was unlikely, though, since neither of them would really skip school, not the first day after the homecoming dance. Well, that and she had no memory of how she ended up here.


Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"


((This is Layla, from the Disney Sky High movie. She’s taken from right after the end of the movie, and there are probably spoilers involved. I mean, if anyone is really so desperate to not hear the end of Sky High.))


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