Jan. 29th, 2008

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So Chantinelle! You've just given Hell the slip and earned the everlasting enmity of Lucifer Morningstar and the Wyrm Queen Triskelle! What are you gonna do now?

For someone who'd once run through a badly conjured portal in Hell to emerge through one of Big Ben's clock faces and plummet to the London street below, stepping out of a pub in Liverpool and into the entrance at Disneyland wasn't all that strange. Except she hadn't planned this trip. The brunette's delicate features creased into a puzzled frown.

"Okay. I'm all about the twisted humor, but this? Is pushing the boundaries of good taste," she declared, planting slender hands on her shapely hips and looking around for the party responsible.

A succubus at Disneyland. Oh yeah, Walt would be pleased. )
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((Occurs sometime the week after Bad Fanon Day and the subsequent fallout. Closed to Una and Starbuck.))

Despite occasional temptations to do so, Una had still not cracked open the bottle of moonshine that John Crichton had sent to her back when she'd first arrived.

Given events of the last several days, the temptation was now overwhelming.

She gets too hungry for dinner at eight )

((ETA: Rated PG-13 to R for not especially moderately explicit, but and pretty unmistakable femmeslashiness.))
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Douchebag Ootori-chyan,

Listen. I want to set up a tournament, but you're a ton more organized than I am. At least, I'm assuming you are. I only met you once, but you've got a stick shoved so far up your ass that I can't think you'd be anything but. Anyway. I'm not organized, and I don't know how to set these things up.

Anyway, you'd be doing a huge service to everyone and you'd get your name known if you set it up, so do it. I want it set up like a shonen manga or something.

Thanks a lot!


Some influential person in the park who would have great connections if that's what you want. If not, you can sign it from some other person that you want, like a celebrity or something. You can address the letter back to Katou though.

Katou was itching for a fight, he really was. He might be antagonizing a few people more than he needed to (a lot more than he needed to), but after spending his entire death stuck in a war, he was really, really getting restless here. More than that though, he wanted to prove himself to Kira and Setsuna.


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