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Veronica was on her way to the Frontierland fruit stand when she spotted a familiar face out in front of Pirates of the Caribbean.

An extremely familiar face. Except she was used to seeing it without bangs. Dammit, Logan was right. She hated when that happened.

Veronica paused, trying to figure out how to approach her. Should she approach her?

((For Elle. Bystanders welcome, but grab one of us before interferring.))
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It had been over 24 hours now, somewhere between 24 and 36. It hurt Seeley’s eyes to look at the clock. It was supposed to be his weekend with a Parker, but with Bones and Hodgins missing he had to call Rebecca. She was a little ticked, but she heard it in his voice. “I can’t give you specifics but, this case---the bastard’s got Temperance. And Hodg--the bug guy,” he clarified, unsure if he’d mentioned his name to her before. “They’ve got limited air supply and I’ve got to find them bef--”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell Parker something. Go find them,” she said. It brought a small smile to Booth’s face, knowing he didn’t need to explain. “Thanks,” he replied before he hung up.

He’d been sitting on this guy for hours now, the team working in the lab to see if there was anything, anything at all that could help. He’d been up more than 24 hours now; he was the guy, Seely Booth was sure of it. He was so damned self assured about it when they brought him in, he all but confessed...he was so proud of it.

Angela stopped by a few hours ago with coffee for the two of them. They sat for a while after she had explained their findings so far, a comfortable silence falling between the two of them before he told her to go rest at the lab. She left reluctantly, leaving the canister of coffee for him.

It was long cold, and he was at the end of it, his eyes closing for a moment before he woke himself up. His eyes shut again and when he force himself awake he wasn’t in the car---he wasn’t in the lab. It was bright and the light was in his eyes, and he couldn’t see who was talking and instinctively he reached for his gun.

cut to application )

((Agent Seeley Booth is from the Fox TV show, "Bones". I'm bringing him in from the season 2 episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship", where his partner (and possible future love interest?), and his 'friend', Hodgins aka "The Bug Guy", have been kidnapped and buried alive. The lovely girl who plays Bones is all cool with it! :D ))

(Open RP)

Feb. 8th, 2008 05:12 pm
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James liked to think of himself as a fairly fun guy. He remembered hearing once that only boring people got bored.

Clearly, whoever had said that had never been stuck in Disneyland for a year and a half. James was not a boring person, but besides the occasional fun event (like being turned pink), and the occasional not-so-fun event (he couldn't remember it, but he was sure if he had a memory charm placed on him it wasn't such a fun event) this place was really boring.

His boredom was probably the reason he was sitting at the moat, trying to turn the ducks different colours*.

*Whether or not he succeeded depends entirely upon the rules of the park.


Jan. 30th, 2008 08:37 pm
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So, Logan wasn't the most tactful person on the planet, but he had a hunch even Miss Manners would have a hard time coming up with a good way to say, 'Hey, sugarpuss, you've got a superpowered evil twin suddenly! How about that?'

He decided, as was his wont, to go with blunt n' snarky.

Letter to Veronica )

And while he was at it...

Letter to Lilly )
Letter to Cayce )
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Jen had been walking down a street with Augustus "Pug" Pugliese, having a nice friendly conversation while transformed into the She-Hulk. Then she took a wrong turn and, well, this definitely wasn't New York anymore. Given the amount of times she's been instantly transported before, she wasn't too worried. But then, well, then she was getting questioned.

So a Jade Giant Wanders Into a Theme Park...(Application) )

((This application is for Jennifer Walters/The She-Hulk from Marvel Comics. She comes directly from the end of She Hulk Volume 2, issue 21, not-so-coincidently the end of the most recently issued trade paperback. I'm a new player. I hear y'all are friendly-like, and I hope to be fun for everyone to play with.))
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Willow got back to her feet, hand up over her eyes, wincing at the blazing brightness of the light--it had been dark just a couple of minutes ago, and her head didn't hurt like it should if something had knocked her out again... What was going on?

It was summer, everything was supposed to be slow during the summer, and Buffy had been right there... no, this couldn't be happening. She knew this place, too. She and Xander and Jesse had come here when they were eight, with her Mom and Dad--they'd thought it was important, somehow.

She stared at the cartoon mouse and the... //the real Cheshire Cat? No, I don't want to meet you, and I want to wake up now!//

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

"Wh-why do you want to know?" the redheaded teenager asked, one hand sliding down into her bag for a stake, wondering what kind of mage had made a two-dimensional Mickey Mouse, and how she could even see it without any kind of depth to it and why it wanted her name. Names were power, she knew that, now, and she wasn't about to give anything that looked this much like a spell her name. No way, she wasn't stupid.

We're not in California anymore? Or... are we? )

OOC: This is Willow Rosenberg from BtVS, from early in the summer after Graduation. Shouldn't be any spoilers, I hope, for canon from 1999. And Xander-mun knows I'm here.
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Cayce tacked a notice on the bulletin board:

The Disneyland Omnivore is now soliciting contributions for its next (long-delayed) issue. Plans are in the works for an article about previous park events and things we know about the park to date. Any other article proposals are welcome.

((Going to try and get the next paper up by next Friday. <begging type="abject">*makes puppy dog eyes* Content plz? Cayce and I would love to not be the only player/char pair working on this thing. If, say, someone wants to pick up the Things We Know article? I'd love you forever. And if someone wants to write a Top Ten Tips for Surviving a Park Event? I'd love you forever too. Or if you wanted to do anything else at all.</begging>))
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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

In which Sylar lies. A lot. )

[ooc & ETA: many many details on plans for Sylar to come in this post, if this application is accepted; I understand there's a no-death field in effect here, but I hope to wreak a little mayhem if allowed.

ETA: Now with LJ-cut. *apologizes*]
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It's a bright Californian day, like all the others. The weather is the same here as in Neptune - always sunny, the shadows and storms and early morning drizzle only in people's hearts.

I thought our story was epic, you know? )
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It had certainly been an interesting day for Lilly, having met both an annoying cartoon character from her childhood and a greek goddess. It was definitely time to go home and spend time with normal people, though. One normal person specifically. She and Veronica hadn't had one of their typical "let's gossip about anything and everything" talks since...well, since before the whole 'murder' thing. It was definitely time to rectify that, Lilly thought.

"Veronica! You home?"
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After a bit of scouting, Veronica and Lilly decided to take up residence in the Court Des Angels in New Orleans Square. They found office space upstairs, accessible from a door on the left side of the balcony. A window overlooked the staircase and gave them a decent view of the Court itself and Le Bat En Rouge downstairs.

Currently they were moving the extraneous items out of the offices and furnishing their new rooms as best they could with items from around the park.

ETA: A sign on the door now reads NO LOGANS ALLOWED.

((Open RP. Come greet the new neighbors! More info on the Court in Pippi's journal.))
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Ax had been very relieved to learn from the drone that none of the park's inhabitants were Yeerk-infested, but he wasn't entirely sure what to do next. He wanted to use his time here to learn about humans, but the truth was that there were few he knew.

The first human who came to mind--and a human he had felt comfortable around, as she was close in age to the humans he was used to--was the girl named Veronica. He wasn't sure where she lived, but he found himself walking up and down the main entrance street, hoping to see her.
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((Backdated to immediately following the second war/diplomacy council.))

Or maybe that was too dirty? But "Operation Let's Go Ask The Killers Not To Hurt Us, Please" didn't have much of a ring. Logan took the Skyway to Fantasyland arguing with himself all the way through Toon Town over whether it wouldn't be better to just go do the talking to Sweeney and/or Lovett himself if it had to be done, but nevertheless headed straight for Veronica's tree house - formerly Chip n' Dale's - like a responsible little conspirator. Maybe he was growing as a person. (Growing wussier.)

He bounced up the stairs and knocked on the treehouse's door. "Hey Mars. You home, or should I start checking all the girl's bathrooms?"
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Identical flyers sent to Lilly, Veronica, Kira, Setsuna, Cayce, Crichton, Susan, Una, Kon, Tim, Rose, and Adam )

Logan stuffed a couple extras under Veronica and Lilly's doors just to be sure.

As promised, shortly after sunset )
((Logan is being an exclusionist brat and only inviting his personal in-crowd, but he expects crashers. All characters are welcome encouraged to come investigate the music.))

((WARNINGS for bad language and sex-related chatter throughout, and invasive mind control and remembered child abuse in the thread between Logan and the Master. If either squicks you, steer clear.))
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John awoke at his usual early hour on the morning of the town meeting. He dressed with slightly more than usual care in his suit of clothes from home, broke his fast with a light meal, and headed to the Golden Horseshoe to ensure that things were the way he wanted.

The chairs and small tables were already perfectly arranged, but John dragged a podium he found backstage out to the front of the curtain. Then he bustled about in the kitchen area setting out drinks and whatever small snacks he could find back there.

Before long, interested citizens began filing in and he went up to the podium. There was no microphone because he'd never heard of such a thing, but John Adams never had difficulty making himself heard.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. If you would please pick up any refreshments you'd care for and take your seats, we'll begin in just a few minutes."
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

In two days' time there will be a town meeting regarding the formation of an independent police force at Disneyland. I would appreciate your thoughts on this crucial matter and trust you will do your civic duty in attending. The meeting shall be held in the Golden Horseshoe theater in Frontierland at mid-day. Should you have any questions prior to the event, please notify me at your earliest convenience.

Most sincerely,
J. Adams
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So. Party?

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Lilly was excited. She was going to get pants. She was currently in Main Street, going through rack after rack of clothing in the Emporium. Delighted to find that the reports of not actually needing to buy anything were true, she had already slipped on the first pair of blue jeans she got her hands on (she tried not to think about the giant Mickey Mouse head on the back pocket) and was now trying to find a shirt that wasn't too cheesy. She suspected that it was a losing battle, though.

Open RP

Aug. 10th, 2007 01:01 am
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Normally, this little nook on the Rue Royal is a quiet refuge from the the visual and actual hubbub of the rest of the park.

Just now however...









And so on.

A giant park full of diverse lands, rides and attractions... But Pippi isn't interested in any of it, what she is interested in, it seems, is enthusiastically and repeatedly sliding down a banister...


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