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[[Warning: Sexual content in upcoming conversation.]]

Doll entered the tree she stayed in with Uriel and happily called out, "Uriel-sama~! Uriel-sama~! I've just learned some new things, and I've got some questions for you. Lots of them!"

She hoped he wasn't terribly busy, especially since this might take a while.

Abe Kelsey

Jan. 22nd, 2007 01:40 pm
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May God have mercy )

((XD To be monorailed? I'm not sure if he's going to get especially violent in the app though, so if there's no good reason for Mickey to monorail him, I can just duck him or something right after. XD;

Abe Kelsey from the movie The Unforgiven.))


Jan. 19th, 2007 02:01 pm
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[[I don't know if it's okay to use tags of aleady ducked characters, but I'm doing it because I don't see how it would hurt anything. If this is a problem, just let me know.]]

Cayce )

Uriel )

Fletcher )

Jim )

Mario )

Shinji )

And at the very end, Setsuna took a deep breath and decided to write to someone he really wanted to talk to right then.

Katou )
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Tamaki was very excited. He was sitting in Kyoya's limo, driving to Tokyo because he had never been to Tokyo before, and very, very excited. They pulled out, and Tamaki stepped out of the car, his dog hopping out right beside him (he couldn't not come to Tokyo without bringing Antoinette), and lit up right away.

"Look, look, Kyoya, Antoinette! It's the loyal dog Hachiko!" he said, pointing and turning to grin widely. Antoinette barked and ran up to the statue, her tale wagging wildly.

Only, when he turned around, Kyoya wasn't there. In fact, neither was the car. "Kyoya?" he asked, looking rather confused. He headed towards the gates, and was just about to walk out when...

Read more... )

((Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club, pre-series but post-Host club.

Antoinette is a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab ([not sure which] and a rather hyper-active one at that, so she just may attack your character with kisses if they show up. Someone asked if I was going to bring her, and I really couldn't resist when I remembered what her name was).

Beary... Picture!.))
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A couple of days after the Hachiko statue was finished, Cayce went off to see if she could find Sallah.  Read more... )

Her exchange of letters with Setsuna on the subject of people leaving or going missing rankled, and so after some thought, she posted a large sheet of paper on the central bulletin board.


If you don't sign your name, we'll assume something has happened to you.
And if it turns out you're here after all,
we'll ... beat you with wet noodles. Or something.
--Cayce P.

A little later, the following postscript was added.

P.S. Some wiseasses people are wondering what this is for.
Short version: there's a couple of people here that can't be found,
and plus I don't think there's ever been an official list of who's here.
So be a good sport and sign. Please?

Later yet, Cayce scribbled on one more postscript.

P.P.S. And Mr. Fell had a great idea -- if you don't mind, jot down
where you live -- either the specific building or just the area of the park.
--C.P. (Starcade, Tomorrowland)

((Have at it, guys -- graffiti the sign, have written arguments with others on it, leave jokes, whatever ... just make your presence known.))
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[[Even if the muns are out, it's simply IC for Setsuna to send stuff off. Feel free to respond whenever you're able to.]]

Cayce )

John )

Rukia )

Uriel )

He had wanted to get something for Susan (as she helped out in the Nana situation) and Aziraphale, but didn't know what to get either. Books seemed appropriate for Aziraphale, but Setsuna didn't have any on him.

[EDIT]: After Cayce explained it didn't really mattered what was given, it was more the thought, Setsuna decided to send out a few more gifts.

Susan )

Aziraphale )

James )

[EDIT the second]:

Later, Setsuna can't help himself. He set up another offering to Eros, like he had before, and one to Psyche, then (once he was sure God would strike him down) sent off a few more letters....

Psyche )

Macavity )

Calvin )

[[I swear, that's all. I'll STOP now. So sorry. Just one more and that's it, I promise.]]

Rae )

Two Letters

Dec. 5th, 2006 11:33 am
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((Backdated to yesterday))

To Uriel )

To Kira )
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Logan's flipping through old photos on his cell as he walks, trying to find a saved shot of Homecoming night, with Lilly and Duncan and Veronica and himself all together and laughing like idiots, and for a fraction of a second he doesn't notice he's stepped into new territory. Then the change in the light registers, and he looks around, surprised, alarmed and searching.

He's tall, and angular, with features that seem caught somehow between sharp handsomeness and little-boy softness of cheeks and lips. There are more shadows around his eyes and lines on his forehead than any boy his age should have. He rubs the back of his head with one hand, and adjusts the laptop he's carrying.

And then Mickey comes forward, and his mouth twists into a disbelieving smirk. He notices the 2-D effect, and shuffles from side to side trying to see it work.

I'm not worried. I tend to bounce back. )
((Logan Echolls, from Veronica Mars. Post [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_hocus, where he was subjected to various emotional traumas and took various stupid risks. So, par for the canon course, pretty much.))
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Muttering something to himself about 'doing all the work around here indeed,' Aziraphale makes his way to the public noticeboard, a piece of paper in his hand. Once he reaches the noticeboard, he reads the paper one last time, sighs, and then with a discreet wave of his hand, tacks it to the board.

Public Library

For those among you wanting for entertainment other than that offerred by the park rides, I have a small collection of books that may be of interest. If there is a particular book you are looking for, send a letter to Mr. Fell, Main Street, and I will be happy to look for it for you. If you merely wish to browse, you will find me on Main Street above the firehouse willing to assist you.

--Mr. Fell

He gives the notice one last, nervous readthrough, before walking away. It's the right thing to do, he reminds himself. One musn't be selfish in a place like this.

((If there is a specific book, he may will it into being for you if you ask nicely. Otherwise, his selection is pretty much confined to the early 20th century, classics, a few volumes of poetry, children's books, and one Bible.))
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((Mostly for Uriel and Sallah to talk, but others are welcome to chat with Sallah and try to cheer him up.))

For days after the dig, Sallah kept to himself, staring at the mysteriously-healed excavation site and attempting to write notes on what they'd found. But what was there to say, really? "Six feet down, encountered concrete that resisted all known tools." End of story.

Finally concluding that man could not live on water and pineapple spears alone, he pulled himself together and ventured out into the park. His peregrinations, mostly aimless, finally took him to Critter Country and the Hungry Bear Restaurant, where he prepared himself a vegetable sandwich. He took his meal out on to the deck and stared at the river, lost in thought.
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Mister Crowley,

It has come to my knowledge that you are seeing my son. Or, possibly, the other way around.

Wise or not, I happen to trust his judgement enough not to interfere with his choice of lovers. However, should you ever purposefully hurt him, I will consider it my fatherly duty to deal with you.

And I assure you, the results of my anger are rarely pleasant.

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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

"Pegasus J. Crawford," the tall silver-haired man pauses, and preens a little, as if, really, people ought to start admiring him now. He smiles at the mouse, "next question?"

Read more... )
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Copies of the following letter are delivered to all the residents of the park (except, of course, the Mouse and Cat):
My friends,

I am beginning the work of which I have spoken before regarding excavation.  If you wish to assist, the site is in a grassy area not far from the Treehouse in Adventureland.



Sallah surveyed the patch of land thoughtfully.  His initial impulse had been to mark it off into a grid, but he quickly realised that would be pointless in a non-archaeological dig.

There was a large pile of tools nearby -- shovels, picks, rakes, hammers, buckets, a wheelbarrow -- scavenged from the set of the Indiana Jones Adventure and the Jungle Cruise.  Also some pieces of lumber, in case they needed to shore up the sides of the hole.  There was also a lot of rope; this would be placed around the waist of anyone who was down at the bottom of the pit in case they needed to be dragged out quickly.

He'd also moved one of the refreshment carts near the excavation area.  It wouldn't do to have people get hungry or dehydrated, after all.

The plan, as he saw it, was to start digging at the center and then work outwards; the part in the middle of the area would thus be the deepest at any given time, and the walls of the hole would slope downwards.

Sallah took a deep breath, picked up a pick, and went to work.

((Note on play: When your character shows up, RP it by starting a new thread. Sallah will ask him or her what they'd like to do, and he'll set them to work appropriately. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves while you dig.  At some point, I expect the Mickey Cops to either shut down the operation or tell us what we find in the pit. ^_^))

((Oh, and Sallah really doesn't mean to be ... well, sexist. You can take the man out of Egypt 1938, but you can't take Egypt 1938 out of the man, and as much as he likes and admires women like Marion Ravenwood, he still believes that the really hard manual labour is a man's job. However, if any of the females want to convince him, by all means feel free.))
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Because you just don't get straight wizards these days )

((The gay magician Fay D. Flourite, of CLAMP’s Tsubasa RESEVoir CHRoNICLES. Taken right after the end of chapitre 106, if anyone’s interested. Before the whole business in Tokyo. This is manga!Fay, not anime!Fay who looks different in practically every single shot. And hyuu~ is the noise Fay makes instead of whistling, as whistling for him means he performs magic. But apparently it’s not the kind of magic he usually uses, so that makes it okay. *doubts Fay’s logic herself*))
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((FYI, the Katou/Setsuna fight happens after this to avoid inevitable absentees. And just because you didn't reply to the happy letter thread doesn't mean you can't come or still reply to it. XD; ))

Katou smiled as he gathered some chips and pop and the like from Disneyland and piled them into the Matterhorn ride. He had checked out the room that Sirius had decided upon earlier and all in all was quite pleased.

Upon deciding he had enough snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, he opened up a bottle of rootbeer, jumped into the ride, and headed up to the room to finish getting things ready and to wait for people to show up.


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