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Once Trucy was allowed in the park, she went straight to the candy shop to find one of those really big Mickey-shaped lollipops. That important goal met, she then proceeded to walk around, taking in the sights. Of course, Trucy really wanted to go on some rides and have fun, but she also needed a place to stay while she was here.

And lo and behold, across the street there was a Magic Shop! That would be the perfect place for an aspiring magician, and it sort of reminded her of home. But on the other hand, she was a little conflicted. The magic shop wasn't in Fantasyland, plus, wouldn't it be even better to live in the big pretty castle?

Hands on her hips, Trucy stood on Main Street, deeply contemplating this dilemma.
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Seemingly out of nowhere, a teenage girl in a blue magician's cape and hat appeared in front of the gates. She frowned, and muttered "But this isn't the backstage room with the mini-sandwiches at all..." before noticing the gates in front of her and gasping.

"Disneyland? I didn't mean to disappear myself to Disneyland! Unless...this is a surprise from daddy?" She smiled and starts bouncing on the balls of her feet excitedly. "Thank you so much, daddy! I didn't even know you could afford Disneyland or you knew how to do magic!"

Ta-da! )

((Trucy is taken from the end of Apollo Justice/GS4. Permission from the other Ace Attorney characters has been granted!))


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