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((set sometime shortly after this)

Fett did a few quick scans of the surrounding areas as the park continued to fall apart piece by piece. Nothing repaired itself, nothing reappeared in its proper place. He hadn't been so sure that the plan would work, in fact.

But even given that, he should have been prepared for every possible outcome.

Nothing wrong with a little mindless destruction for a good cause. )
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Leader of greatest empire on earth looking for an assistant. Must be able to lift heavy loads, clean secret labs without destroying glassware, avoid questioning orders, and enjoy roller coasters. Cooking and baking a plus. No experience necessary. Will train the right candidate. Preferably large, young, male, cute, and dumb as a brick. Good advancement opportunity. Contact Yzma.
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There were times when having a habit of talking to yourself had definite benefits. Sunshine had no sooner started muttering to herself as she started in on the days baking before she realized she'd just referred to her pantry as "the bung hole," and froze in horror.

Last year, the whole thing had struck her as funny, right up until it led to things...happening between her and her closest friend in the park. And while she herself would have been willing to try to laugh the whole thing off, Fett's reaction hadn't exactly been in line with that course of action: it had pretty much been The Thing Of Which We Do Not Speak for months now.

The idea of it happening all over again? No. Sunshine headed immediately back to the storage room that served as her bedroom and went and put on the baggiest, least alluring t-shirt and jeans she possessed, went and hung the "Closed" sign on the restaurant door, and then, mouth firmly shut, set about baking a pan of Bitter Chocolate Death. She had a feeling she'd need it.
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So, Guy was in the park, and judging by the women he'd met so far and the fact that no patient of his could ever die, was quite enthusiastic about it. Sure, there was no Caroline or Mac, but there was also no Sue White, no Martin, no...Joanna. Instead, there were lots of sexy ladies, and...seemingly his competition was a lot of characters from Pirates of the Carribean and Doctor Who. Well, there was no Johnny Depp, from what he could see so far, so he was alright there.

He found his way to the First Aid Station, had a quick search through the medical supplies to see what he had to work with, then went and found himself a bed, where he promptly set about recalibrating his 'Sexy Ladies of the Hospital' league table on his Blackberry for 'Sexy Ladies of the Park', adding extra catagories for 'exotic dimensions/planets' and 'time period's social standards'.

Then he thought he better inform the good, sexy, people of the park that there was a doctor around again. He wrote up a note, and upon finding the bulletin board, set about the search for food.

Posted on the Bulletin Board )

((Oh, and if there's popular demand...I will begin to construct Guy's table of women in the park and I'll put it in his journal. XP))
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A dark haired man in green scrubs and a white medical coat appears in front of the park gates, his eyes widen, he blinks a few times, then mutters to himself, “Please don’t tell me I’ve inhaled the nitrous oxide again in paediatrics.” That was Mickey Mouse, talking to him, and he wasn’t in the staff room any more. Either this was a really messed up dream, or Mac had been playing jokes with laughing gas. Guy frowned and decided to ride this one out, then kill Mac later.

Not a drug induced hallucination. )

((Guy is taken from the Green Wing, after Episode 4 of Series 2, where he’s just persuaded Caroline to let him be her lodger and is only just starting to fall for her. This is.
, if you hadn't figured, Bernard/Kitty/Ponder/Beaufort.))
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How T-Rex managed to commandeer such a tiny radio station (at least, tiny in proportion to him) was a mystery that would never be solved. But still, commandeer it he did, and he announced:

Reasons to Date a T-Rex! )

Anyone who was expecting any sort of context, explanation or clarification for why he'd decided to do this was going to be sorely disappointed.
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Marguerite realized she had gotten everything as ready as she could for the time being. She had been putting off meeting this Rae Seddon, not because she disliked the woman. She hardly knew her! Marguerite didn't like admitting weakness to someone she didn't know. Finally letting herself admit to her lack of knowledge she made her way to Miss Rae Seddon's restaurant.

Someone approached her if she needed help. "My name is Lady Marguerite Blakeney. I am here to speak with Miss Rae Seddon," she explained as she waited patiently to meet the woman who would hopefully help her.
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A Call for Help!

Hello out there! I am Lady Marguerite Blakeney and I'm looking to open a French style cafe on Main St. below my current residence near City Hall in an emptied pastry shop. I, however have limited baking skills (limited meaning, perhaps two or three things) and am currently looking to recreate the style of tea and chocolate which I am planning to serve. If anyone would be interested in helping me (either to teach me different things) or become a baker of some sort please send me a note on inquiry or feel free to stop by if I have yet to meet you, which seems to be the case with so many!

Please address all inquires to Lady Marguerite Blakeney. I look forward to seeing and meeting everyone soon!
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The Doctor was bored. He was also very hungry, and it’d been a fair bit since he’d met anybody new. He decided the best way to fix all three problems at the same time would be to go visit one of the shops in which people had, well set up shop. John had recommended the Blue Bayou to him waaaayyy back when, so he decided to go check it out.

“Hello? Anyone in?” he asked, strolling through the open doors into the dining area.
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[The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" plays.]

That was for Kira, who's wondering why we don't get more requests for Beatles songs. Good question, Kira.

So. [Weighty pause.]

I got a total of four, count 'em, four requests from two people. And Kira's there was one. I'll go ahead and play through the rest before figuring out exactly how you guys are going to pay for this.

First up, here's "Ordinary Day" by Great Big Sea, a "happy song with the word 'day' in it" from Orihime to Kira.

Orihime would also like to hear "Night and Day" by Bette Midler.

That "Night and Day" shouldn't be confused with the Cole Porter song. A version of which has been requested by Kira, and is dedicated to "the object of his obsession." So here's your request, Kira, as performed by Frank Sinatra.


Okay, here's what's going to happen. I'm going to play every single version of Cole Porter's "Night and Day" that we have up here. You want to hear something else, call in and let me know.

Music Nerd Central presents: EIGHT versions of "Night and Day". Including one featuring John Barrowman pre-Jack Harkness. )

I think that's all the versions we've got up here, at least the ones I've found so far. Aren't you glad? Call in if you want to hear something else. Otherwise it'll be every version I can find of "Memory" from Cats or some crap like that.

*((And because there is some warmth in my shrunken little heart, I offer as well this bootlegged video of Barrowman performing the song "De-Lovely", which I'm guessing is from a production of Anything Goes. Chris Chibnall, are you listening? All-singing-all-dancing special episode of Torchwood NOW, please. Also, I really want to know who the girl is performing with Barrowman there. She's great.))
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((The morning after Bad Fanon Day. Closed to Sunshine and Fett.))

Boba Fett woke up the next morning in the Gallery. He had not had any nightmares. He did not feel alone or burdened by any part of his life. He was not determined to stay indoors, away from prying eyes.

He did have the worst sore throat he'd possibly ever had in all his life.

Too bad TMI was not a well known phrase where he came from. )
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Spike didn't have a chance to admire the scenery. All that registered with him was sunny, and that was enough. His hair and hands started smoldering immediately. He spotted a souvenir stand and dove for cover. He went over the counter headfirst but it wasn't fast enough to keep his hand from catching fire.

"Bloody hell!" he yelled. It was rather muffled, however, by him being face down in a pile of candy, brightly colored hats and little plastic toys that lit up and whirled.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"
Application )
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It was a pretty normal morning. Sunshine got up, got dressed, and set to work in the early post-dawn quiet, shaping dough into the day's bread and considering which of her thousand oddly-named recipes to embark on today. She did seem to be thinking about Con a lot as she creamed the butter and brown sugar for Puritan's Secret Sins - she guessed she must be feeling homesick.

And then she heard the familiar tread of spiked boots and looked over her shoulder to smile at her laconic upstairs neighbor.

((Closed 'cause Fett will be embarrassed enough without an additional audience.))
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Attention residents of Disneyland:

There is a '26 black Bentley currently parked in New Orleans Square. It belongs to me. A gift from Father Christmas, if you will.

Accept this as your one and only warning. If you touch this car, I will find a way around the rules of the park and I will kill you. I am very sincere in this. It is not an amusing little joke, nor is it a challenge. Touch my car and you will die, or at least wish you had.


((He's really not kidding, guys. If your character is a smart ass and now has to go touch the car, be fully prepared for godmodding and some terribly cruel things to happen to him or her. I assure you, Crowley cares more about this car than he does for your character with very, very few exceptions and even then he'd be hard pressed to decide between the two.))
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One evening, shortly after sunset the TARDIS materialized suddenly beside the statue of Walt Disney in the center of the park. A moment later a tousled head popped out and glanced around in all directions. Then it disappeared back behind the blue wooden doors, although one remained slightly open. There was no one around to hear the voices within drifting out into the warm yet snowy darkness.

It’s all clear. )

((Feel free to marvel from afar, thread amongst yourselves, come up and bug the Time Lords, or whatever! We might take a little bit getting back to you, as Master-mun may not have interwebs much in the next few days, but we will.
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It wasn't that Sunshine wanted to be the official welcome-wagoner of New Orleans Square. There was a reason she'd been taken off of waitressing as a teenager and put to doing baking full-time: she was much more talented with pastry than with people. But she did have a slightly neurotic compulsion to feed everyone in her immediate vicinity, and the old lady who'd called herself a witch was virtually in her backyard. They'd waved a bit,* but eventually Sunshine's curiosity and food-pushiness got the better of her.

Thus it was that, one slow afternoon, Sunshine crossed the pirate-ride "river" and, feeling like Little Red Riding Hood with the basket of goodies she was carrying, went to knock on the door of Granny's shack. It creaked open under her hand, and she saw the old woman lying down, very still.

Very, very still.

* Well, Sunshine had waved. Granny had given stiff little nods that made the younger woman wonder if she had batter on her face or had left her flies open or something.
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[[Backdated to a couple of days just after this.]]

Despite this being a magazine of lies and everyone should know that, I do have to correct my original article and say Rae doesn't spit in, or otherwise doctor up her food in any disgusting manner. In fact, her restaurant is very clean and the food's great. I'd urge people to eat there. Just don't smoke inside the place. She'll steal your cigarettes.

By "your," he means "my." As the editor of The Disneyland News, I can vouch for the accuracy of this statement and I assure you all that this is an official retraction, authorized by both of us, and in no way were we horribly tortured at length until we agreed to produce this statement.

- Mudou Setsuna & Kira Sakuya
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Well. This was certainly not what she was expecting to see when she turned around. It seemed as though someone had replaced the inside of her cottage with...well. She's not exactly sure what this is.

Another thing she wasn't sure of was the giant mouse staring at her. It seemed to her that it wanted something, but was waiting for just the right time to begin. Not one to be made to wait, Granny stared at the creature.
It was a stare that could make a snake flinch. )
((Granny Weatherwax joins us from the Discworld series; she is taken from right after the short story The Sea and Little Fishes which, in true Discworld fashion, is set anywhere between Maskerade and The Wintersmith. Permission received from both Susan and Carrot.

Also, despite the icon, Granny is in fact wearing a pointy black hat))
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It wasn't that Sunshine couldn't take a joke. This particular brand of humor bugged her a little more than it would've somebody who hadn't grown up in the small restaurant business, where that kind of rumor could actually shut a place down. But she knew that wasn't likely to happen here. The real issue was that, having grown up with two younger brothers, she believed that when someone played a prank on you, you pranked back fast and hard enough that they'd never attempt such a thing again.
It's a little too late for too little, but it's never too late to take 'em for what they got )


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