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Frontierland hadn't quite turned out to be what Ponder expected, it seemed much more dusty and gun-orientated than he had imagined, but it was where he had been put, and it wasn't like somewhere to stay was a huge priority for him anyway. Noting that the river was cleaner and remarkably less smelly than the Ankh, he decided that he wouldn't mind living on what looked like a ship more at home on the sea*.

After much deliberation, he found himself a table, more paper and...a strange sort of pen that didn't require ink, which Ponder thought was a marvellous idea. Then he set about furiously making notes and attempting spells which he thought might provide clues into the park, which was going reasonably well until he hit his elbow into a wooden post, and started a small fire on his clipboard, which spread to his hat, and anyone wandering past would have seen him running frantically to land, jumping up and down on his hat, then attempting to rescue his clipboard through the same method. He sighed, as he should have known better than attempting magic in a confined space, and decided to make use of the bulletin board.


An avaliable large, preferably indoor, place for magical experimentation, specifically based around attempting to find a way out of the park (thus, it is in everyone's interest to assist me). Must be free from most major obstacles, or easily cleared of them.

Also wanted: Anyone with a magical education, or a good understanding of universes, interdimensional and temporal physics who feels able, or would like to assist me in discovering a route out. Also, if you have already attempted to leave, please contact me about the methods used or if you have any information that might be of assistance to me.

Contact Ponder Stibbons, currently on a ship in Frontierland, asap.

P.s. Where can I get a new clipboard? Mine has been involved in a slight incident.

((*if that's possible? Poke me if not.))
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Bored out of your mind stuck in Disneyland??? Why not come be part of











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"'But oh, beamish nephew, beware of the day,/If your Snark be a Boojum! For then/You will softly and suddenly...'" the Cheshire Cat recites, breaking off when it notices it has company. It's sunning itself, draped belly-up over a parapet of the castle, but with an unsettling upside down smile it vanishes and then reappears on the bridge, just to one side of where the transformation took place.

"What?" Lily asks it, even though she's not expecting a real response that makes any sense. How did she get here? The last thing she remembers is going to sleep in the ice cream shop, although she's wearing her school uniform again, not pajamas, and she doesn't suspect herself of sleepwalking... even though she does have the odd feeling of just waking up from a dream.

Read more... )
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When Sirius woke up, he was pleased, amused, and perplexed by the different Valentine cards and the list of park residents. He attached a box of chocolates and a few random candy hearts, and sent the cards out to various people.

To James )

To Rukia, Fay, Kurogane, and Chii )

To James, Later that day )

To John Adams, Kira, Bernard, the Doctor, Starbuck, Ishtar, Sara, Ash, Virgil, Elle, Susan, Shizuka, Tamaki, and Leon )

To Psyche, Aphrodite, Ellie, Una, Cayce, and James )
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Early that morning, a large sign appeared on the Bulletin Board.

Feel like forgetting? Want to be able to look your family and friends in the face once more?

One-day Memory Charms for the low low price of one bottle of alcohol!

Contact Sirius and James if interested.
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Sirius had run off from Susan, but that didn't mean he'd given up. Instead, he'd gone to James, and they'd planned together until they found the perfect way to win Susan.

First, Sirius set up the stage in Tomorrowland, and found two electric guitars for himself and James. He connected the amps to the park speaker, got out the microphones, and began to strum a tune on the guitar that he'd written especially for Susan.

He nodded at James, and James began to play too.

"Susan, I know we were meant to be," Sirius shouted, and then began to sing.

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In hindsight, Susan felt that the clothing should have been some kind of tip-off.

But that was the strangest part: that she'd gotten up, washed, and dressed without noticing at all that she was lacing herself into a lacy, low-cut corset and slipping into a long, slinky black skirt slit nearly to the hip. On both sides. Never mind the pointed, stiletto-heeled, over-the-knee boots. Even Calvin and Hobbes's stunned puzzlement and flight as soon as breakfast was done (no lessons today) didn't seem to alert her to anything being amiss.

Nor did what happened when Cayce Pollard dropped by to say hello. )

((Feel free to bother/be alarmed by Susan. She's become what Psyche-mun once referred to as "the little black dress of Discworld femmeslash", so if your character is female, there's a very good chance that she'll get hit on.))
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After the Crowley's car debacle, Sirius had snuck back to his cave and had mostly been camping out there.

To be honest, he was actually about as amused as he was angry; somehow Crowley had managed to give it back to him good, despite managing to be a quite convincing muggle. Of course, it could have been the park responsible (that would explain why no charms or potions he tried could turn him back to his ordinary color), but even if that was the case, it meant Crowley had somehow managed to get the park to protect his car. It was either that, or Crowley was somehow magical and quite powerful.

It was this more than embarrassment at hot pink that had kept him inside trying to change himself back; if Crowley was a powerful wizard or knew someone who was who would help him protect his car, that was something Sirius needed to research.

Of course, the embarrassment was part of it, too. He didn't like getting beaten at his own game, and he even less liked being entirely bright pink with no ability to change back. But eventually he found himself to be low on decent food, and it went against his code of honour to hide and sneak around in the dark just because he was bested. He would endure his humiliation like a man.

With this in mind, he headed down the Matterhorn and began walking towards Main Street, laughing to himself.
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A notice appears on the bulletin board:

Want to plague the park with your taste in music?
Want to field crazy people's requests for songs?

Contact me if you want to learn how to use the radio equipment, and we'll set up a time for you to come and train on it. Small groups are also welcome.

—Cayce Pollard

((The plan is not so much to RP these training sessions out -- although if you want to and you think it'd be entertaining, let me know -- as to provide some IC way for characters who haven't already done a radio show to learn how to use the equipment. Particularly if the character isn't from the late 20th century or just wants to hassle Cayce. If you respond to Cayce's post, we'll assume you get trained somehow, whether we RP it or not.))
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Attention residents of Disneyland:

There is a '26 black Bentley currently parked in New Orleans Square. It belongs to me. A gift from Father Christmas, if you will.

Accept this as your one and only warning. If you touch this car, I will find a way around the rules of the park and I will kill you. I am very sincere in this. It is not an amusing little joke, nor is it a challenge. Touch my car and you will die, or at least wish you had.


((He's really not kidding, guys. If your character is a smart ass and now has to go touch the car, be fully prepared for godmodding and some terribly cruel things to happen to him or her. I assure you, Crowley cares more about this car than he does for your character with very, very few exceptions and even then he'd be hard pressed to decide between the two.))
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mood: joyful

On Christmas morning (or he thought it was Christmas day; there was no foolproof way to be sure,) Aziraphale rose early. First he took care of the household matters--a long, slender box with Crowley's name on it beneath the tree, and two stockings by the fireplace, one black and one red and green tartan.

Then he went out to the balcony of Club 33 one more time with Cayce's census list in hand... )

((Everybody feel free to make up your own gift or totally ignore the whole thing XD))
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Just as she promised, two nights after her radio show, Cayce stood by the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey, waiting for the evening "snowfall" to start.

She sat on a bench, thinking about the last snowball fight -- who had been there, who wasn't now, what had changed ... And she decided she really didn't want to dwell on it, because that path inevitably led to melancholy.

As the first flakes of snow began to fall, she looked up and grinned, and as it started to accumulate, she began rolling up one snowball after the other.

((Feel free to come lob snowballs at Cayce, have snowballs lobbed at you, get in snowball fights with each other, build snowmen, whatever.))
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Katou figured that it was getting closer to evening when he showed back up at the theatre (surprisingly, despite the snow, Katou was able to sleep outside. It was still quite warm out), and he hoped no one but Setsuna, Kira, and Sara would be there yet.

He had arranged for Sirius and James to bring some alcohol to his party, seeing as Crowley was a giant asshole refused, and he had decided that he might as well cook some food and bring some pizza as well (because hell, even if no one showed up, the four of them and the cat could enjoy it).

"Honey, I'm home," he announced after setting up the food table. He probably could've announced himself earlier, but part of him still wanted to surprise Kira when/if people started showing up.
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Letter to Chii )

Letter to James )

((Everything is still setting up, but feel free to come by and join the setting up party! The plan is to have some people waiting in the Cat's Eye for when Fay gets home, and then the others can kidnap Kurogane when the time is right.))

ETA: James and Sirius have set up, so have your chars come by. :D


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To everyone except Fay, Kurogane, and Chii )

Letter to Chii )

((Same deal as with Fay's post; the parties are two days in game time, but will actually begin whenever I put the post up which will probably be after Thursday unless I get bored before then))
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He hadn't thought much of it at the time, but the next day the Master's comments had begun to bother him. Muggles denying the existence of wizards was familiar enough, even with the evidence in front of their faces, but the Master hadn't seem uncomfortable or in denial of magic when Sirius had actually used it.

He didn't like the Master much on principle, as he didn't like anyone who so clearly didn't like Harry. But this was going to bother him unless he asked, so he wrote a letter.

Letter to the Master )


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