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With the boys doing what they needed, her help not included, Sara felt it was time to go off on her own and do whatever she felt like doing. In this case, nothing extreme came to mind, so she walked around 'til something caught her attention and fed her an idea.

She started out by feeding the ducks for a little while to get her mind going. She had been in this place for so long, it was probably no surprise to her she didn't really know what to do that could consume her time. Although, she hadn't yet to know the place by heart. That was one idea, but in all it's appeal -- it really didn't seem to excite her much. Then again, what was there to be excited about in this place?

Naturally, she yearned for home. For Tokyo to be within her range of vision, all around. All the stunning lights, architecture, and even the bustle of busy people around her. So badly did she want to shop around and buy all that interested her. She just wanted to be home. But, this was her home now. With Setsuna, Kira, and Katou. They were her family. The home away from home, and she couldn't help but enjoy the warmth that formed in her heart at the thought of it.

After digging too far into her mind, Sara snapped out of it and decided to get herself some ice cream to douse her hunger while she searched and pondered some more. Perhaps she'd bump into someone new and ignite a captivating conversation of the sort. It had been a while since she had talked to someone other than those she was already acquainted with.

She didn't care either way. Even now she wanted to be in Setsuna's arms, but she knew he was busy with stuff. Whatever that might've been. With a sigh, she licked away at her vanilla ice cream cone and meandered onward.
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[Sound of static]

Sorry! Uh, hang on, let me...

[music begins to play, then louder static, sound comes in and out]

Juuuust a--

[crackling noise, and then the sound becomes perfectly clear]

[Static's Theme Song plays]

Shut up, Lil Romeo is Awesome )
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Katou was far too amused by Valentine's Day. When he saw his cards, his amusement grew ten-fold.

He then sent Valentine's to the people who he had gotten along with at some point during his stay.

Extra note to Kira, Sara, and Setsuna )

Extra note to Virgil )

Extra note to Aziraphale )

Extra note to Crowley )

To the above, including Rose, Tim, Shizuka, Sara, T-Rex, Cayce, Calvin, Ash, Rukia, Elle, Kurai, and Faye )

*In romanji, it says 'chu.' Chu is both Japanese for 'kiss' and also the sound effect kissing makes. It can also be translated as punishment apparently.
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Noticing all the cards everyone was retrieving, including the one she had gotten from her Kira-senpai, Sara felt as though she would send out her best wishes and regards to everyone, and most specifically those who she felt were close to her.

Right away, after noticing the cards provided for her, she went ahead and made customized cards for everybody. Of course, some of them were written in Japanese, while the rest, including the one sent to everybody else within the park, were in English.

Katou )

Tamaki )

Pearl )

And last, but never the least...

Setsuna~~ )
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(Backdated to a month or so ago.)

After receiving the letter from Rukia, and registering what Setsuna had been up to, Sara was none other than upset, flustered, and above all bitter over this. What had Setsuna been thinking?

Sara had discarded the letter, but kept hold of the picture in her tightly formed fist as she stomped back to the theatre. With the door slammed open at first encounter, Sara huffed and said loudly, sure that it would echo out and gain the one person's attention she needed to get, "SETSUNA!!! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!"
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After Setsuna's sudden departure, Rukia was more than a little irritated. Still, she wasn't going to let it affect her course of action. The next morning, as she had planned, the shinigami sat down and penned a letter to Setsuna's girlfriend.

Read more... )
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Ishtar had wanted to meet Duzell's 'family' which he supposed was understandable. It was understandable from his point of view, at least. Hell, Kira and Setsuna would probably understand if said it was because they were donating blood to him every now and then. It was less understandable why she'd want to meet Katou and Sara though.

Nevertheless, he decided that he'd use the blood excuse, and just meet them at their place.

Setsuna and Kira,

I have someone here who would like to meet you. She's a brat rather impatient though, so I will be there immediately.

- Duzell

After all, if he waited for a reply, they might ask to meet him in the usual place. So, taking Ishtar, he walked with her to the Theatre, filling her in about Setsuna's and Kira's part in feeding him. He hoped she wouldn't say anything incredibly stupid. He could hope that she wouldn't call him 'Duzzie' in front of them, but knew better than to actually expect that wish to come true.
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It had taken Tamaki a few days (and several bandages to add to the ones that he earned while making Christmas dinner), but he managed to make seven poorly made white robes, six with red sashes, a wreath adorned with several candles (this he actually walked around with on his head and hopped and jumped to make sure it wouldn't come tumbling down when worn), and even a cone hat adorned with stars.

Once he was done that, he was pleased to note that it was still Christmasy, and then got to preparing some letters.

Letters to Chii, Shizuka, Pearl, Lilly, and Sara )

He intended to surprise Pippi after he got the other girls' responses (and them dressed), and then he would find her.

Somehow, at least. He realized now that he had not asked where she lived. He frowned to himself, and then wrote one more letter.

Letter to Pippi )

((Once everything get set up, it will be an Open RP.))
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Katou figured that it was getting closer to evening when he showed back up at the theatre (surprisingly, despite the snow, Katou was able to sleep outside. It was still quite warm out), and he hoped no one but Setsuna, Kira, and Sara would be there yet.

He had arranged for Sirius and James to bring some alcohol to his party, seeing as Crowley was a giant asshole refused, and he had decided that he might as well cook some food and bring some pizza as well (because hell, even if no one showed up, the four of them and the cat could enjoy it).

"Honey, I'm home," he announced after setting up the food table. He probably could've announced himself earlier, but part of him still wanted to surprise Kira when/if people started showing up.
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When Katou saw the decorations, he spent about half the day by himself, reflecting on his life as he had it, and basically being some sort of emo kid. He had always hated Christmas, and he had always hated his birthday, which was December 24th.

It was closer to the evening that he decided to take a deep breath, and suck it up. His death had changed his life as he knew it, and he no longer regretted being born. Maybe for once, it was time he celebrated. Besides, the fact of the matter was, for the past month or so, he had been meaning to throw himself a 'welcome back' party.

And so, he decided to send out the invitations.

Letters to Crowley, Setsuna, Kira, Sara, Virgil, and Fay )

Letters to everyone in the park, including those who just got letters )

Now he had about a full day to go off by himself for the sake of being by himself. He didn't intend to return to the theatre, or run into another living, breathing human being, until he had to return for the party.
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Worried about Sara after Kira's confession, the boy went looking for her the next morning and decided to make certain Sara was adjusting better, fearing she might still be in shock. He didn't quite understand this fainting thing....

Besides, he still had to tell her about Duzell. Maybe. If she seemed able to cope.

He walked into break room and looked around for Kira and Katou first. When he didn't see them, he contemplated how badly things could go if either walked in while they discussed things and gestured for Sara to come with him.

"Let's talk, okay?" he asked, worriedly.
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As usual, Duzell was at Space Mountain long before Setsuna (and Kira). This time, on top of the usual sweets that he had for his donor, he had a mug of hot chocolate for himself. He had just discovered that the park had some recently, and had been helping himself to at least one mug a day. It didn't taste exactly like the chocolate Isthar had melted down for him on Valentine's Day once upon a time, but it was quite close, and he had to admit that he quite enjoyed it.
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[[ooc: With the understanding Kira will know what happened, and Katou may or may not be stalking them. >.>

Warning: Setsuna and Sara being a couple, though I doubt the rating would ever get too high, but R is a possibility. I am so sorry. ,__, Also sorry for spamming. D:]]

~I call it love, they call it living in sin~ )
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[[Invitations here, party here. Backdated to yesterday.]]

Thankfully, the kid got over his slightly painful exchange with Katou rather quickly, especially in the face of a party and seeing everyone. He hadn't heard from Demyx, but the kid was holding out hope he'd show up anyway. Seeing the Starcade games on and going made the kid grin. The "DO NOT MAKE OUT HERE" sign on Cayce's office door only made him crack up. Fine, if he and Sara got caught making out anywhere else, and someone complained, he'd point out he wasn't making out in the office.

There were tables for refreshments on the upper level, along with tables for people to sit at with food and drink. He added some sodas he'd brought along to the refreshment table, then a couple of pizzas to another table, already feeling the giddy mood of celebrating for no reason enter his system.

His "duties" done, Setsuna went to the lower level and, instead of waiting by the door like a good host, the kid, impatiently, started to play one of the games.
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[[ooc: I am aware some people are on hiatus, but I'm just doing this now because Setsuna would, and if I don't do it now I'll get side-tracked later and forget. Feel free to respond whenever you can. Thanks~!]]

Seeing as Cayce had given Setsuna the go ahead for the party, Setsuna started sending out invitations. Of course, some were just general ones, and some of them needed more explanation.

DEMANDING! - Katou and Sara )

General invite - Starbuck, Virgil/Static and Kira )

R2D2 )

John Crichton )

Cayce )

Demyx )

And then there were people Setsuna was sending letters out to just because he wanted to talk to them.

Azi )

Duzell )

Pearl )

Psyche )

Rukia )
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((...Spamity spam spam?))

Letters to Duzell, Tim Drake, Skaffen-Amtiskaw, Pippi Longstocking, Michael, Jeliza-Rose, Superboy, Richard Foley, Sara and Fred Weasley )

Then, on the bulletin board, Leon wrote:

If you're currently living in a land that you were not sorted into, please state your name and the land the Mouse assigned you. Also, if you happen to know where any of the missing people had been living/sorted to, please let me know.

He contemplated putting his name on it, since he knew he had made his fair share of enemies, but then decided that putting "just put it here or address your letters to 'the guy who made the announcement'" would just raise more suspicion.

-Count D

Added as an afterthought is:

Also, how long you've been here and if anyone has gone missing and returned, how long they were missing for. And if anyone has that information for the missing people, please let me know.
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[[Backdated to just after the whole Fourth of July thing. So yes...this is VERY LATE.]]

The day after their date, Setsuna and Sara, as planned, sneaked away together to bake a cake (chocolate strawberry with vanilla frosting). Well, Sara did most of the work due to Setsuna being completely incompetent with baking, but Setsuna did write on it with frosting (pink frosting, actually). A few words needed to be omitted for the sake of space, so the resulted message on Kira's birthday cake was, "We hate living with you. Happy Birthday, Senpai."

Setsuna felt it was great and happily carried the cake all the way back to the theatre, depending on Sara to get the door for him, and feeling a bit foolish for that. Still...he couldn't stop smiling.
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[[If Pearl's still staying with them. And write a lot of letters. x___X Also, I know some people are on hiatus, so don't worry about responding until you have time. I'm not expecting immediate answers. And I am SO SORRY this caused the kid to flip out. x___X]]

After nearly a year of being there in that twisted Disneyland, Setsuna had grown far too accustomed to the sense of everyone's auras mixed together, to the point he didn't even realize he felt them. He couldn't tell anyone apart unless they were close by, though.

Still, everyone just seemed to meld in like a big space of warmth in a large cavern of nothing -- like a family huddled together from the cold. When several little flames went out all at once, Setsuna noticed, this time.

Just like that...there was something missing, and the worst feeling for the over-emotional teen was not knowing who those people might be.

At once he called out, "Hey, Little Rascal, where are you? Here kitty-kitty!" searching for their newest addition -- he still needed to introduce that little guy to Pearl, now that he thought of it. Maybe she would like cats. And once he had the kitten, he wanted to find Sara and hold her, very, very tightly. And Kira had to be found, too, and Pearl. And...there was a rather big list going on in the blond's head. Eventually, it became a string of letters.

Cayce )

Crowley )

Duzell )

Mr. Fell )

Rukia )

Raphael )

Fay )

Susan )

John and Daniel )

Leon )

Psyche )

He didn't write to Rae, Demyx or Adam, but that was because he planned to visit them as soon as possible.


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