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It was the day after the meeting.

Cayce waited at the statue for the underground expedition to show up. It was a bit bigger and more unwieldly than she'd originally intended, and keeping everyone in line was going to be worse than herding cats, but ... well, you pays your money and you makes your bets.

She really, really hoped this was going to work.

((Here's how this works: if you are participating in the expedition, post a comment in the Meetup thread below to indicate that you're showing up. The main body of the RP will go in the Expedition thread, in which the team actually goes underground and does their thing.))
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((The return of Cayce and Quixote! Wide open RP. If you haven't already, catch up with the adventures of Quixote, Setsuna, Cayce, and Adam here.))

At some point after Pirate Day, an announcement came on over the park PA system.

"Hi everyone. This is Cayce Pollard. I'd like everyone to come to a meeting tonight to discuss a new discovery that's been made about the park. The meeting's in the Honey I Shrunk the Audience auditorium, at sundown. This is pretty important, so please be there if you can."

That evening ...

Don't forget to keep your head warm )


After the various discussions had settled out somewhat, Cayce finally cleared her throat.

"Okay, so here's the plan. Tomorrow at midday, anyone who wants to join the underground expedition should meet at the statue. It sounds like the time dilation or whatever it is makes time pass more slowly belowground than up here, so I think Adam and Setsuna will be fine. We should take the time to get ready with whatever we'll need to bring with us." Plus, of course, it was Adam. Of course they'd be fine. "Then, once we're at the door and ready to proceed, theā€”the Master will send a signal to the Doctor, who'll lead the distruption. Anyone has any other questions, find me. Thanks, everybody."

((And there will be a fresh post for the expedition when my life is a little more normal.))
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((Backdated to shortly after Quixote met the Feegle))

Still slightly soggy from his encounter with the grim leviathan Monstro, Don Quixote was in dire need of a new lance and a whetstone and oil with which to tend his rusting sword*. Weaponsmiths being in shockingly short supply in the Land of Disney, he searched for some time, eventually wandering off the beaten path and finding himself at an unobtrusive door tucked back between two shops somewhere in the bowels of Fantasyland.

And of course completely failed to understand the 'Employees Only' sign. )
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Little blue people swarmed all over a green and white boat named "Tinker Bell".

"I dunnae ken why we needs tae learn to work this thin woman!"
"Is it to hard tae work then is it Yan darlin?"

"... No! Of course not! Ye just hit this here red thing!"

Slowly but surely the little green and white boat headed towards the mouth of Monstro the Whale.

"Oh! Make it go faster!"


The boat stopped.

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On Christmas morning (or he thought it was Christmas day; there was no foolproof way to be sure,) Aziraphale rose early. First he took care of the household matters--a long, slender box with Crowley's name on it beneath the tree, and two stockings by the fireplace, one black and one red and green tartan.

Then he went out to the balcony of Club 33 one more time with Cayce's census list in hand... )

((Everybody feel free to make up your own gift or totally ignore the whole thing XD))
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((Backdated to the day after Shizuka's arrival.))

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I found a castle with a bed inside in Fantasyland. Does anyone know if the bed or the castle is currently being used by anyone? If it's yours, please tell me! I would like to stay there but I don't want to encroach on anybody else's space.

Thank you in advance,

Kawai Shizuka
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An aged man comes tottering up to the gates, dressed in battered leather armor and carrying a slightly bent lance from which flies a shabby pennant. His white-bearded face, clearly designed for scholarly gentleness and dignity, has somehow acquired an expression of fanatical confusion. A sword hangs off-kilter at his side, and upon his head is draped a grimy dishcloth beneath an inverted bronze shaving basin.

His rheumy old eyes are fixed on the spires of Sleeping Beauty's castle as though he is witnessing a long-awaited miracle.

Mickey coughs theatrically. 'What is your name?'... )


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