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A Call for Artists, Actors, and Amateurs of Both Varieties!

Lud love us, we are without a theatre troupe of any kind. The horror! The inhumanity! It must be remedied, good neighbours, for only le bon Dieu knows we need a bit more amusement in this place. I call for a company to be formed with the expressed purpose of putting on plays and other such delights of the stage in order to give our fellow inhabitants of the Park a bit of ... culture and new entertainment.

Auditions to join the company will be held at that stage by the large, fake castle at midday in two days hence...or rather, two nights hence as it's demmed difficult to tell days. Experience need not required - anyone with a fancy to act may come and try their hand.

The first play shall be Much Ado About Nothing, which should be familiar to those who've read their Shakespeare. Everyone is welcome to try out for a specific role, however all that is needed is a five minute performance - anything and all things - to gage artistic flair and style.

Again, and in list form!

Auditions for the Disney Theatre Troupe (gad, awful name, I know)
Where: Stage in front of the insult to castle-building (Cinderella's Castle, I do believe?)
When: Midday, when the sun is just above you, two nights hence
Why: THEATRE! (Much Ado About Nothing, specifically)
What to bring: A five-minute piece to preform (a soliloquy, a song, a dance, zooks, whatever strikes!)

Questions, inquiries, comments should be directed to Sir Percival Blakeney, Baronet. Lud!

Letter to Kit )
To Una )
M. Booth )

Md. Marguerite St Just (Blakeney) )

Two days hence, Percy sat down with a pen in his hand by the stage... )

(( Yes, that's right, a theatre company! Woo! The ever-helpful wiki entry for Much Ado About Nothing. Again, you can bother Percy with questions and whatnot, as well as have your character(s) audition in this post....to keep it all nice and in the same spot, of course.))
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Disney Inmates:

Seems like you've been here for a while and no one's yet been enough of a prat to try and take charge. Good on you! Seeing you lot not killing each other and working for the common good is almost enough to make an old anarchist shed a tear.

But its come to my attention that there are a few superbastards who haven't got the message. Which is why I'm offering up my services. Anyone fucks with you and you can't fuck back, please write your Auntie Jenny, and she'll make sure the bullies learn to play nice. Unless you bloody well deserved it, in which case write me anyway, I could use a laugh.

Comments or Concerns? I probably don't care, but go ahead anyway.


Jenny Sparks

Letter to Elle )

Letter to Sylar )

Letter to Una )
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Assistance is needed in transporting a large, delicate piece of equipment. Reasonable physical strength and/or superhuman abilities would be especially useful. Some form of compensation can be negotiated.

Please contact Ootori Kyouya via post for information.

((Kyouya wants to move the piano on Main Street to the cafe in Fantasyland. He'd prefer to pay in (large sums of) cash if you're dumb enough to accept it, but otherwise he'll offer personal items, use of the facilities of the apartment (including the hot shower) or Tamaki's body small favors. Of course, he'd happily offer his gratitude as well))
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At first, Orihime was simply puzzled why Disneyland was suddenly before her, but soon that was forgotten and she filled her head with the many wonderful things she could do and eat there. Then, of course, she noticed the mouse and cat....

I hope this is as good as it sounds in my head )

[[I am pulling Orihime in just after the save Rukia plot in the series, and have gathered Rukia-mun's permission to take her on; as well as the former Ichigo-mun's, just in case. Extra information is found here.]]
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Elle was bored.

A bored Elle was a very bad thing.

There was no telling what kind of trouble she could get herself into.
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"You, no trouble. Me fifth element. Supreme being. Me protect you. Sleep."

And then a lady walks up and wishes him sweet dreams and presses a button, and he sleeps.

But she is still awake, still eager to absorb and belong. She must think and adapt and sort through all the new information she has collected, and be content with that for the short time she has. Soak it up like cloth in water. She goes through the words she's learned: alien, broken, care, delve, echo, feather, give, heal, igloo, joke, keep, lemon, melt, new, oval, paint....

She isn't supposed to drift off herself. )

((This is Leeloo. She is the supreme being sent to Earth to save the universe. >_> No, really. Really, really. I took her mid-movie, right before she and Korben arrive in Phloston Paradise to retrieve the four stones. Also, the other language that she's speaking is called the Divine or Ancient language. Spoken in the universe before time was time, according to some. She's still learning English, so bear with her. Oh, and this is Crichton-mun, btw. ^_^))
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Artoo rolled down Main Street, whistling to himself. He was in a very happy mood, because the Doctor had given him a present. It was something he had never had before and he was eager to show his friends in the park. He thought maybe he would go looking for John or Setsuna or Pippi or Cayce. Or maybe he would run into someone. He would like to surprise someone.
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Veronica was on her way to the Frontierland fruit stand when she spotted a familiar face out in front of Pirates of the Caribbean.

An extremely familiar face. Except she was used to seeing it without bangs. Dammit, Logan was right. She hated when that happened.

Veronica paused, trying to figure out how to approach her. Should she approach her?

((For Elle. Bystanders welcome, but grab one of us before interferring.))
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Temperance opens her eyes and takes a moment to take stock of her surroundings. The last thing she remembers is being buried alive in her car with Hodgins. Now there is sunlight hurting her eyes... and a familiar cartoon character walking toward her. Apparently she is having a very vivid hallucination.

cut for application )

((Temperance Brennan is from the Fox television show, Bones. I'm pulling her from the middle of episode 2x09 "Aliens in a Spaceship". She is very socially awkward (apparently that's going to be my schtick, since I also play Elle) and won't understand most pop culture references. She'll also be looking for logical, scientific explanations for everything that's happening around her. I'm a cruel and evil mistress. I would also love to have a Booth show up.))
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As evening of what was apparently Valentines day set in, Pippi sat herself down in the tree covered area between the outdoor seating for the French Market and the Fast Pass nook for the Haunted Mansion.

Normally she'd be out in the open but there were no stars to gaze at. At night the spot seems somehow secluded and maybe even a little moody. The nearest source of light being a small porch light on the conductor's shack aaaall the way on the other side of the tracks at the New Orleans Square station. The patterns of the leaves and the way the dim light played on them gave her something to look at and find patterns in the way she would have with clouds and stars if there ever were any.

She leaned back against a tree, nibbled on some Valentines day goodies, and wondered if there was a window in Heaven that would let her Mama see her here.

"I sure hope you can see me Mama. I mean, I'm used to not being able to see you but I imagine that if you don't got a window over this place you must be going batty."
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Elle was gleeful when she woke up and discovered the personalized Valentine's that had been left for her. Given that she hadn't gone to a real school since she was six, she hadn't ever really celebrated the holiday.

She happily sent a valentine to every name on the list that was helpfully included and wondered if she would get some from other people.

cut for image )

After sending out all her valentines, she hit the stores to find a fancy dress. She had no idea what she was doing later, but she wanted to dress up anyway.

[open for any RP; my availability this weekend is limited as I'm having company for my birthday, but I'll pick up tags when I can :)]

Be Ours.

Feb. 14th, 2008 12:07 am
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The music, mercifully, didn't start until an hour after dawn, and it was at around elevator music-volume and fairly ignorable until you started noticing what a bizarre jumble of songs from throughout recording history it was. As a matter of fact, it rather sounded as though forces with very little taste of their own had just cued up a random mix of anything labeled "love song," however appropriate or inappropriate, and had done with it. And then locked the door of the radio room behind them.

The decorations, however, had gone up at midnight, and if you'd been awake you might have seen them go up - strings of white and red heart-shaped lights unrolling and flinging themselves from place to place, great bunches of foil heart balloons tied here and there, vases of long-stemmed roses gently set down everywhere.

The shops were filled with formal wear; the restaurants, empty and attended alike, were lit with candles. All the water rides in the park gained little banners above their entrances reading "Tunnel of Love," and the characters within seemed to be doing a lot more offering of flowers and chocolates to each other than usual. (It was hard to say whether this was more disturbing from the pirates or from B'rer Rabbit and B'rer Fox.)

And every person in the park, whenever they woke up, found by their pillow a little pile of valentines, personalized just for them to send out, and a helpful list of all the people they might want to ask to be theirs. In other words, everyone. Oh, and a box of candy hearts, also personalized with adorable mottos.

Welcome to the most romantic place on Earth. Or...somewhere.

((Mushy songs to be posted here, OOCly and to your heart's content. Also feel free to comment here about your character's valentines and their reaction thereunto, or if you wish, to start a new post for those purposes. The lock's just a mundane deadbolt, so if your character gets fed up and decides to break it/pick it/use a spell on it they should be able to get in and take over.

Happy Valentine's Day!))
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He's stuck there, he might as well find something to do with his time.

Only problem is, these roads don't seem made for vehicles, except for some of the main ones, and even then, it's a bit cramped. )
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After a weekend in ToonTown, Sylar had pretty much had enough of his lovely 'assigned' home. The 24/7 music was just the start of his personal nightmare. The primary colors didn't help either. And it was so cheerful he was tempted to go adolescent and enter a Goth phase.

Which was why he was scouting out locations for another home base. (And possibly one or two places to conceal himself.)

[ooc: open RP!]
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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

In which Sylar lies. A lot. )

[ooc & ETA: many many details on plans for Sylar to come in this post, if this application is accepted; I understand there's a no-death field in effect here, but I hope to wreak a little mayhem if allowed.

ETA: Now with LJ-cut. *apologizes*]
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It had taken Tamaki a few days (and several bandages to add to the ones that he earned while making Christmas dinner), but he managed to make seven poorly made white robes, six with red sashes, a wreath adorned with several candles (this he actually walked around with on his head and hopped and jumped to make sure it wouldn't come tumbling down when worn), and even a cone hat adorned with stars.

Once he was done that, he was pleased to note that it was still Christmasy, and then got to preparing some letters.

Letters to Chii, Shizuka, Pearl, Lilly, and Sara )

He intended to surprise Pippi after he got the other girls' responses (and them dressed), and then he would find her.

Somehow, at least. He realized now that he had not asked where she lived. He frowned to himself, and then wrote one more letter.

Letter to Pippi )

((Once everything get set up, it will be an Open RP.))
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Tamaki loved Christmas, and he intended to celebrate it to it's fullest. Because he didn't know what day in particular was Christmas, he had been celebrating every day as though it had been. He had Christmas supper with Kyouya, and had, for the most part, just been very jolly.

He had been thinking for a time to have a Christmas themed radio programme, but had decided upon instead breaking out the piano once again, and playing Christmas Carols.

If one were to venture near him, they would most certainly hear him play. At the moment, he was playing Carol of the Bells.
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One evening, shortly after sunset the TARDIS materialized suddenly beside the statue of Walt Disney in the center of the park. A moment later a tousled head popped out and glanced around in all directions. Then it disappeared back behind the blue wooden doors, although one remained slightly open. There was no one around to hear the voices within drifting out into the warm yet snowy darkness.

It’s all clear. )

((Feel free to marvel from afar, thread amongst yourselves, come up and bug the Time Lords, or whatever! We might take a little bit getting back to you, as Master-mun may not have interwebs much in the next few days, but we will.
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If you happened to be awake in the middle of the night, there was a minute or two wherein you might have seen the decorations going up. Endless strings of lights unwound from nowhere, and went up on all the buildings. Candy-cane colored banners were hung; the pansies that made up the Mickey's face design on the hill in front of the gates were swapped with hundreds of miniature poinsettias. And on top of the gates, grinning nutcrackers and giant gingerbread boys plopped into being. Most impressive was the massive Christmas tree in front of the Main Street Train Station. Observant people would notice that it begins to "snow" every evening for an hour or so.

Welcome to the Merriest Place on Earth. Or...somewhere, anyway.

((Decorations will stay up till New Year's. Feel free to have your characters run around, organize parties, or just generally go "WTF?"))
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Leon had spent the last while couped up inside, working. Or, he had been with D, working. He wasn't making too much headway either way, despite the fact that he was bouncing ideas off of D (Gumshoe might have been a cop, but he was also kind of an idiot).

So, he decided that he was going to mix things up a little. He really just needed a break.

Which brought him to laying in the grass near It's A Small World, using his teeshirt as a pillow, just enjoying the sun and the warmth. He also had with him a notepad and a pen. He was working.

((EDIT: FYI, Leon's... really scarred up. Not only does he have at least three or four scars from being shot in various parts of his body, he's also got several scars that look like Animal bites or scratches))


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