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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad -- it seemed just a ride, at first, but Orihime saw the top of it for what it was after her discussion with Cayce; it was a very tall point in the park. It was just a matter of getting high enough, she figured. There were other places, of course, but she road the ride up close to one of the craggy like peaks and started climbing to make her way up, determinedly.

Cayce had told her the place would allow her to float down if she fell, but in the event such a thing failed to happen, Orihime truly believed she would just flatten like a pancake, then spring back. Convinced of this, she forced herself to keep climbing until she found a spot she could properly stand on, then took a look around at the view her vantage point gave her. It was quite beautiful, and she eyed a few other high places for a moment. Well, maybe she could try them when the others really needed a distraction for the park. For now, she just wanted to test the whole thing out and see what results came of it.

First, she took a deep breath, then Orihime pushed with her feet and walked off. Right before her dangerous step, however, she giggled to herself about how she was parachuting out of a plane. She was a stunt woman doing a thrilling scene for an action movie. She was famous. She was wishing she had tied her hair back first. Finally, she reached out to find there was no parachute and accusingly called out, "It's a conspiracy! They're trying to kill me!" as her descent noticeably slowed.

A smile followed. "This is FUN!"
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LeMoNaDe: Make An Offer FrEe!!!

In the middle of Main Street, two girls were stationed underneath a large, brightly decorated sign with several cups of lemonade and a large pitcher of more. Rukia was standing on a step ladder in order to make herself look taller as she peered out over the edge of the stand she and Orihime had set up.

The lemonade came in several colors and flavors -- the traditional yellow, cherry, lime, and other even more adventurous flavors, dreamed up by Orihime. There was a tip jar balanced perilously on the edge of the stand they'd made, though who knew what could possibly be put in it.
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((The return of Cayce and Quixote! Wide open RP. If you haven't already, catch up with the adventures of Quixote, Setsuna, Cayce, and Adam here.))

At some point after Pirate Day, an announcement came on over the park PA system.

"Hi everyone. This is Cayce Pollard. I'd like everyone to come to a meeting tonight to discuss a new discovery that's been made about the park. The meeting's in the Honey I Shrunk the Audience auditorium, at sundown. This is pretty important, so please be there if you can."

That evening ...

Don't forget to keep your head warm )


After the various discussions had settled out somewhat, Cayce finally cleared her throat.

"Okay, so here's the plan. Tomorrow at midday, anyone who wants to join the underground expedition should meet at the statue. It sounds like the time dilation or whatever it is makes time pass more slowly belowground than up here, so I think Adam and Setsuna will be fine. We should take the time to get ready with whatever we'll need to bring with us." Plus, of course, it was Adam. Of course they'd be fine. "Then, once we're at the door and ready to proceed, the—the Master will send a signal to the Doctor, who'll lead the distruption. Anyone has any other questions, find me. Thanks, everybody."

((And there will be a fresh post for the expedition when my life is a little more normal.))
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As the very place they lived in (Hungry Bear Restaurant) was a restaurant, Orihime enjoyed her time there immensely, and often made strange food concoctions to satiate her palate with. Today, however, she decided to have the offered Minute Maid Lemonade soda. Cooking could come later.

She was about to settle down for the day, and decided while she was up, she could offer one to Rukia. "Kuchiki-san, would you like a lemonade too? And look! We have this cherry, raspberry and vanilla stuff too. We could put it in with the lemonade," Orihime perked up hopefully.
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A dark haired man in green scrubs and a white medical coat appears in front of the park gates, his eyes widen, he blinks a few times, then mutters to himself, “Please don’t tell me I’ve inhaled the nitrous oxide again in paediatrics.” That was Mickey Mouse, talking to him, and he wasn’t in the staff room any more. Either this was a really messed up dream, or Mac had been playing jokes with laughing gas. Guy frowned and decided to ride this one out, then kill Mac later.

Not a drug induced hallucination. )

((Guy is taken from the Green Wing, after Episode 4 of Series 2, where he’s just persuaded Caroline to let him be her lodger and is only just starting to fall for her. This is.
, if you hadn't figured, Bernard/Kitty/Ponder/Beaufort.))
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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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Temperance was used to being busy. Between her job at the Jeffersonian and the cases she solved with Booth, her writing and keeping up with her karate, she seldom had down time.

Since arriving in bizarro Disneyland, she had nothing but downtime and it was making her go a little stir crazy.

So she had found a notebook (in the shape of Mickey Mouse) and a pen in one of the shops and was sitting on a bench, writing out notes for her next novel.
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After Orihime sang with Kira for a while - they were both a bit out of tune, but it was fun, and Orihime hardly cared; just as long as Kira seemed happy again - she returned to the Country Bear in Critter Country, the place she was sharing with Rukia, and happily called out, "Kuchiki-san, why do you dislike Kira-san so much?"

Then she started rummaging through the kitchen pulling out utensils and food to make herself something as she continued to talk.

"He seems so nice. We sang some songs together and had a lot of fun. Plus he's silly," she babbled on, laughing a little as she remembered the things he said, not knowing Kira probably thought the same of her.
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[Sound of static]

Sorry! Uh, hang on, let me...

[music begins to play, then louder static, sound comes in and out]

Juuuust a--

[crackling noise, and then the sound becomes perfectly clear]

[Static's Theme Song plays]

Shut up, Lil Romeo is Awesome )
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At first, Orihime was simply puzzled why Disneyland was suddenly before her, but soon that was forgotten and she filled her head with the many wonderful things she could do and eat there. Then, of course, she noticed the mouse and cat....

I hope this is as good as it sounds in my head )

[[I am pulling Orihime in just after the save Rukia plot in the series, and have gathered Rukia-mun's permission to take her on; as well as the former Ichigo-mun's, just in case. Extra information is found here.]]


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