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A couple of days after the Hachiko statue was finished, Cayce went off to see if she could find Sallah.  Read more... )

Her exchange of letters with Setsuna on the subject of people leaving or going missing rankled, and so after some thought, she posted a large sheet of paper on the central bulletin board.


If you don't sign your name, we'll assume something has happened to you.
And if it turns out you're here after all,
we'll ... beat you with wet noodles. Or something.
--Cayce P.

A little later, the following postscript was added.

P.S. Some wiseasses people are wondering what this is for.
Short version: there's a couple of people here that can't be found,
and plus I don't think there's ever been an official list of who's here.
So be a good sport and sign. Please?

Later yet, Cayce scribbled on one more postscript.

P.P.S. And Mr. Fell had a great idea -- if you don't mind, jot down
where you live -- either the specific building or just the area of the park.
--C.P. (Starcade, Tomorrowland)

((Have at it, guys -- graffiti the sign, have written arguments with others on it, leave jokes, whatever ... just make your presence known.))
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Jack didn't know what to do with himself.

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[[Even if the muns are out, it's simply IC for Setsuna to send stuff off. Feel free to respond whenever you're able to.]]

Cayce )

John )

Rukia )

Uriel )

He had wanted to get something for Susan (as she helped out in the Nana situation) and Aziraphale, but didn't know what to get either. Books seemed appropriate for Aziraphale, but Setsuna didn't have any on him.

[EDIT]: After Cayce explained it didn't really mattered what was given, it was more the thought, Setsuna decided to send out a few more gifts.

Susan )

Aziraphale )

James )

[EDIT the second]:

Later, Setsuna can't help himself. He set up another offering to Eros, like he had before, and one to Psyche, then (once he was sure God would strike him down) sent off a few more letters....

Psyche )

Macavity )

Calvin )

[[I swear, that's all. I'll STOP now. So sorry. Just one more and that's it, I promise.]]

Rae )
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Cayce had heard about the Disneyland "snow" that featured during the holiday season at the real-world park; she even had a vague idea of how it was generated.

So the evening snowfalls at this Disneyland weren't much a surprise, at least not at first. The real surprise was when she noticed that the stuff would accumulate.

In the central plaza near the statue of Walt Disney and the Mouse, she bent down and scooped up a handful of snow. It was cold, powdery, and just damp enough to mold into a perfect snowball. It was a little disturbing at first, to stand there with a cold wad of snow while the ambient temperature was still only light-jacket-worthy.

But what the hell. Snowballs!

She knelt down next to a bench and began assembling a small arsenal.

((Feel free to come lob snowballs at Cayce, have snowballs lobbed at you, get in snowball fights with each other, build snowmen, whatever. Note that, per the standard park operations, I'm assuming the snowfall starts not long after sundown. I leave the timing of the disappearance of the stuff up to the discretion of the Mickey Cops. ^_^))
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((Takes place a couple of days after Musical Day.  Much like last time, start a new comment thread when your character shows up.))

In the classic manner of all great ideas, this one came to Sallah at an unlikely time.

It came to me in a dream! )

The note tacked to the Adventureland gate read:
Not done exploring yet.  Continuing work inside the Indiana Jones Adventure.  All are welcome to join.  --Sallah
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Crowley first knew there was a problem when he had an erotic dream about chocolate. Not chocolate in conjunction with someone else. Just chocolate. Swimming naked in a river of the stuff. The demon liked chocolate well enough. Just not quite that much.

The second indication was when he woke up fully dressed, as he knew for certain he'd gone to bed nude. The hat was a dead giveaway.

Cautiously he stood and went to the mirror, staring in horror at the apparition that appeared. The form fitting black clothes were all right but the velvet burgundy frock coat was a nightmare, made all the worse by the purple gloves made out of what? Latex? His skin was very pale and dear Adam, was that pink eyeshadow? He was so horribly enthralled by the limp page boy haircut that it took him several moments to notice that his eyes were a deep, dark brown.

"Oh, fuck me!" he said. Or rather, he intended to say. What came out was, "No time to dilly-dally!"

Shit. Not again. He needed to find Aziraphale before he forgot himself entirely. To this end, Crowley hurried out the club and practically ran to the main square in front of the castle. Everyone would gather there, right?

"Good morning, starshine!" he called, distraught. "The earth says hello!"

((Sing away, darlings. Go crazy. Have fun.))

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(( Rose Tyler is a companion for the new series of Doctor Who. This particular version of her has just been dragged from just after the episode 'The Doctor Dances' and just before 'Bad Wolf'. In other words, she's fairly clueless.))
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If you happened to be awake in the middle of the night, there was a minute or two wherein you might have seen the decorations going up. Endless strings of lights unwound from nowhere, and went up on all the buildings. Purple and candy-corn colored banners were hung; the pansies that made up the Mickey's face design on the hill in front of the gates were swapped with hundreds of miniature pumpkins. The new Mickey appeared to be wearing a domino mask. And on top of the gates, and peeping with jagged, lit up grins from windows, and heaped in an enormous pile in front of the Main Street railroad station, a thousand artificial pumpkins of various sizes and identical orangeness plopped into being.

Welcome to the Scariest Place on Earth. Or...somewhere, anyway.

((Decorations will stay up till a couple days after Halloween - or a week, if we're counting. Feel free to have your characters run around like chickens with their heads cut off, organizing parties or dressing up in costumes or just generally going "WTF?" Comment notification is off on this post, so feel free to do whatever.))
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Carrot is waiting in front of the gate. His first reaction is to look from left to right, his brow wrinkling in confusion. As far as Carrot is concerned, he has never left Ankh-Morpork, but seeing as his rounds have taken him just about everywhere in the city (even the parts of the Shades where most of the Watch never went—-between his impressive stature and Angua’s teeth, even the deadliest denizens of that area would have found it unappealing to attempt an attack), he doesn’t understand why he can’t recognize this particular place.

It doesn’t seem like Ankh-Morpork at all, actually. He can make out the original color of the cobblestones, for one thing.

Read more... )
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Backdated to just after Del's App))

Mouse ice-cream...That might not be so bad. )
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‘Behind, through the low, shingled front gates, there is nothing. Not mist, or darkness. Just...nothing.’

And then, suddenly, there is something. A large something that very much resembles a splash of water, save for the fact that it shoots out horizontally instead of splashing upwards. Almost immediately it recedes back into the nothing, leaving behind what looks like a gently shimmering vertical pool.

With a noise not unlike pulling something out of mud the pool disgorges a man onto the street just inside the gate. He is dressed in a green and black uniform that says ‘military’ very clearly, even to those unfamiliar with the United States Army/Airforce circa the late 1990’s, and he carries a very large, heavy-looking black pack and a strange looking crooked gun in a holster on his leg. Despite his garb, however, his appearance does not really say ‘soldier’- perhaps because of the glasses on his nose or the way his hands move in enthusiastic punctuation as he speaks. He was already in mid-sentence when he stepped out of the pool.

Not in Kansas anymore. )

((Dr. Daniel Jackson from the TV series “Stargate SG-1”. He’s an archeologist/anthropologist/philologist working as a civilian consultant to the U.S. Airforce on a top-secret government project. The Stargate is a large metal ring, built by an ancient civilization of aliens, which creates a wormhole between the ‘gate on Earth and those settled on other planets, allowing interstellar travel between the two points in a matter of moments. Daniel serves on SG-1, a first contact team, working as a cultural expert and liaison between Earth and the many strange people they meet on the other side of the wormhole.

One type of alien that the team has encountered are the Goa’uld, a parasitic race which lives by taking over the body of a ‘host’ (humans being preferred over other species).

Stargate is currently in its tenth season, but I am taking Daniel from early season three, right after the episode “Legacy”. For more information, see the profile.))

((For those of you from NO, I play Shadow. Also, I’m really sorry this is so long))
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[[ Warnings: Cross-dressing; language, like always with these two; conversation about swords and wands, even though there really is a sword and a wand; I hope it's not too long and doesn't bore anyone. I figured getting through the set up and having it done already would help promote people actually jumping in, once the end result was presented. ]]

Watch Setsuna don a maid's uniform and Kira try to show off his manliness to get the girl.... Beware of sword and wand talk. )

[[ To summarize for those of you who don't want to read, or to give those that did a better idea of what we have, Setsuna is wearing this dress with these panties. And this pretty boy looks something like this dressed up in a dress. Yes, he very much looks like a girl.

The rest of this is open for anyone and everyone to come along and tease the heck out of him. While Setsuna might get terribly upset over these things, I find it terribly entertaining, and he gets over stuff quickly anyway -- this won't matter to him the next day.

You are more than welcome to mistake him for a girl, poke fun at him, do as you please (and if someone mistakes him for a prostitute I would so totally love you for it). Just remember HE won't take well to it, and depends. More than likely Kira's too busy dealing with his own problem, or possibly will help you make Setsuna's day a living Hell.

So, please feel free to jump in anywhere at any time. Currently they are at Main Street and headed out. I have no idea where they're going... Kira-mun? Guess you can take it from there and lead Setsuna around and see who shows up. ]]
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Crichton hadn't been sleeping well. Not that he slept all that great back on Moya, but his bed had been comfortable enough. And even with the evil clone of his archnemesis inside his brain, he'd been able to catch a few z's. But since he'd been here ... Harvey'd been getting louder. And invading his dreams, which really sucked, 'cause there were some nice ones in there about Aeryn that were now completely ruined.

But this morning when John woke up, Harvey had his hand over John's mouth.

"This place is really quite useful," he said placidly. "It will give me all kinds of new things to learn! After all, as fascinating as your mind is, it can't measure up to this place. There are rides, and exciting fizzy drinks, and I've heard about something --" he gave an especially creepy smile, "-- called the Tower of Terror."

This was the part where John would normally yell at Harvey to shut up. Everyone knew the Tower of Terror was in Disney World. But those leather-clad fingers were pushed hard against his mouth. In a freaky, caressing sort of way.

"Have you noticed what being here has done to your brain, John? I don't suppose you have. But there are all kinds of new places to see and wonderful new things to play with. Who knows? Maybe I'll even learn something about wormholes."

Squirming, biting, punching, John tried to get free. Harvey smiled when John tried to bite his fingers.

"Sorry, John, am I inconveniencing you?" he said with a smirk. "Let's see if this makes it easier." Taking a roll of duct tape, Harvey placed a long strip across John's mouth.

"Now, let's see ..."

I am Dorothy Gale from Kansas. )

((Harvey the wonder hamster crazifying neural clone from Farscape -- more specifically, from inside John's head. Don't worry, he confuses everyone. He's like a monster! :-) Basically, he's John's evil imaginary friend. Who is not so imaginary, and who has taken over John for his own evil purposes. For now, anyway. Have at it!

And all the stuff in italics takes place inside John's head. So's you know.))
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The Cheshire Cat, at dawn, was hunkered down by the edge of the Castle moat, watching for fish with its paw poised half-curled over the water, and reciting sociably to itself:

"Dreaming of apples on a wall,
And dreaming often, dear
I dreamed that, if I counted all,
--How many would appear?"

"Arr. Ye slippery rogues, ye, whar be yer taste for rhyme an' riddle? Ye be lubbers all, though ye splash ever smartly there in the waves. Avast!"

The Cat blinked, and its tail twitched, then lashed back and forth a couple of times. It was almost a pity no one besides the fish and the mostly still sleeping ducks was there to see the momentous sight - the Cheshire Cat surprised.

"Well, blow me down," it said softly.

((An open thread for all of ye, mates. Ye may, if ye so desire, swap lingo with pirate!Cat here, or ye may not, as the wind takes ye. Comment notification be keelhauled, so drink up, me hearties! Yoho.))
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A cardboard box comes flying out of thin air, and lands on the pavement with a whumph, sending its occupants tumbling out. The first, a little boy with messy yellow hair, gets to his feet and dusts off the knees of his black shorts, which reach almost to the tops of his sneakers. He looks to be about six years old, and wears a red-and-black striped t-shirt and, at the moment, scuba goggles. He pushes these up onto his forehead and, with an aggrieved expression, lifts the cardboard box from off of his companion.

"Ow," comments the tiger, lying sprawled on his back. After a moment, he sits up and rubs the back of his head. "Just once, I'd like to have a non-crash landing."

'Whatcha doin'?' 'Looking for frogs.' 'How come?' 'I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.' 'Ah, but of course.' 'My mandate also includes weird bugs.' )

((Calvin and Hobbes, from "Calvin & Hobbes." Text in italics is exclusive to Calvin's reality - see userinfo for details, but in general assume that unless your character has access to the perceived reality of others they're only seeing/hearing the regular text.))
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((continued from this thread))

She isn't sure when she started running; possibly some time after she was out of sight of Kira and Katou. At any rate, she is running, and full speed at that, boots clicking on the floor and appearing quite unladylike. A hand reaches up occasionally to brush her eyes. No matter how she feels, she doesn't want to run into anything or anyone. That would just be embarrassing.

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There's so much to do, and the line he's walking is so thin. He and Aeryn had been trying to get some sleep, they weren't likely to get another chance soon. But he is thristy and restless, so he puts on proper clothes and tosses his black leather trenchcoat over his shoulder. Might need it if he decides to go flying in the module, a good way to take his mind off of things. Or maybe not.

Read more... )

(John is from the television series Farscape, which aired from 1999-2003. There was a mini-series to end the show in 2004 called The Peacekeeper Wars, which is the point in time that I have snatched him from. For more info, check his user page or any of the various websites dedicated to the show.)


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