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Jo was clutching the flashlight tightly in her hand as she moved through the narrow passageway in the walls. Yes, it has been her idea to go down here when Dean wasn't able to fit, and she didn't regret it, really. It was just really kind of creepy down here. The flashlight kept making weird shadows on the walls and she kept expecting that psycho killer ghost to jump out and grab her.

"Where are you?" She heard on her phone.

Moving it closer to her ear, Jo looked around her. "I'm by the North wall." She looked around and saw the passageway that was going down. "I'm about to head down some kind of air duct."

Jo wasn't exactly sure what she was expecting to see when she came out of the air duct. This was definitely not it.

"Where the hell did the castle come from?"

The Application )

[[Jo is from the show Supernatural and I have the permission of Sam's player to app her. I'm bring her in from Season 2, right in the middle of the episode "No Exit" where she was helping Sam and Dean hunt a ghostly serial killer.]]
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A package was sent to Cayce containing a relatively modest and completely generic red bikini and a letter:


You ready to do this? Come over tomorrow around noon. We'll do the tour and have a lake party/barbecue afterward.


Ellie got a letter, but no package.


Ready for the bikini tour? Come over tomorrow around noon. Cayce's suit is fairly modest, but I know better than to put restrictions on you. Barbecue at the lake afterward.


((So very porny now. Be warned.))
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It was early in the morning, perhaps an hour or so past sunrise (two hash marks on the Fantasyland sundial), and Miss Mrs Una Persson was out looking for ... something. She'd woken up from a vivid dream with the conviction that she really needed to find a Royal Albert gent's bicycle. Of course, as the dream faded, she couldn't remember why that could possibly important. But by then, she was already halfway across the park.

Well, sod.

Nothing for it, she decided, but to get something to eat and figure out what to do with the new day.

((Any and all are welcome to chat with or bother her at any point in the day.))
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[Sound of someone tapping on the microphone. A slight cough. Then Diana Krall's version of "I've Got You Under My Skin" plays.]

I believe in doing what I can )
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Well, at least he wasn't falling in love with his worst enemy (not today in particular, anyway) or being all sappy and emo and...okay, let's not continue that train of thought. Let's not think too hard about any of this: his brain couldn't take it. It could be worse: for most of elementary school he always got at least one Aaron Echolls character-valentine in the mix.

Given to Cayce, Susan, and Kira )

Given to Lilly, Una, and Elle )

And then there was this one. )
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Elle was gleeful when she woke up and discovered the personalized Valentine's that had been left for her. Given that she hadn't gone to a real school since she was six, she hadn't ever really celebrated the holiday.

She happily sent a valentine to every name on the list that was helpfully included and wondered if she would get some from other people.

cut for image )

After sending out all her valentines, she hit the stores to find a fancy dress. She had no idea what she was doing later, but she wanted to dress up anyway.

[open for any RP; my availability this weekend is limited as I'm having company for my birthday, but I'll pick up tags when I can :)]


Jan. 30th, 2008 08:37 pm
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So, Logan wasn't the most tactful person on the planet, but he had a hunch even Miss Manners would have a hard time coming up with a good way to say, 'Hey, sugarpuss, you've got a superpowered evil twin suddenly! How about that?'

He decided, as was his wont, to go with blunt n' snarky.

Letter to Veronica )

And while he was at it...

Letter to Lilly )
Letter to Cayce )
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Jen had been walking down a street with Augustus "Pug" Pugliese, having a nice friendly conversation while transformed into the She-Hulk. Then she took a wrong turn and, well, this definitely wasn't New York anymore. Given the amount of times she's been instantly transported before, she wasn't too worried. But then, well, then she was getting questioned.

So a Jade Giant Wanders Into a Theme Park...(Application) )

((This application is for Jennifer Walters/The She-Hulk from Marvel Comics. She comes directly from the end of She Hulk Volume 2, issue 21, not-so-coincidently the end of the most recently issued trade paperback. I'm a new player. I hear y'all are friendly-like, and I hope to be fun for everyone to play with.))
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Elle blinks a few times, confused by her surroundings. The last thing she remembers is leaving Isaac Mendez's loft, having saved that cute Dr. Suresh and those girls from Sylar. She hadn't really wanted to go back to the facility and face her father and spent a little time wandering aimlessly through the streets of New York.

But apparently she took a wrong turn at Albequerque because she has no idea where she is right now.

cut for application )

((Elle Bishop is from Heroes and is being taken post Series 2; She has the ability to generate electricity, is a diagnosed sociopath and sadist, and suffers a distinct lack of social skills due to being hidden away from society for the majority of her life. Yes, Sylar-mun knows about my app :) I'm a new player and very excited about this opportunity!))
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Willow got back to her feet, hand up over her eyes, wincing at the blazing brightness of the light--it had been dark just a couple of minutes ago, and her head didn't hurt like it should if something had knocked her out again... What was going on?

It was summer, everything was supposed to be slow during the summer, and Buffy had been right there... no, this couldn't be happening. She knew this place, too. She and Xander and Jesse had come here when they were eight, with her Mom and Dad--they'd thought it was important, somehow.

She stared at the cartoon mouse and the... //the real Cheshire Cat? No, I don't want to meet you, and I want to wake up now!//

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

"Wh-why do you want to know?" the redheaded teenager asked, one hand sliding down into her bag for a stake, wondering what kind of mage had made a two-dimensional Mickey Mouse, and how she could even see it without any kind of depth to it and why it wanted her name. Names were power, she knew that, now, and she wasn't about to give anything that looked this much like a spell her name. No way, she wasn't stupid.

We're not in California anymore? Or... are we? )

OOC: This is Willow Rosenberg from BtVS, from early in the summer after Graduation. Shouldn't be any spoilers, I hope, for canon from 1999. And Xander-mun knows I'm here.
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A poll appeared on the bulletin board.

I'm gathering information about the personality change incident that occurred the other day, in an effort to determine whether there was a pattern to this and other events. The poll is anonymous*. If you'd like to talk to me personally, feel free.

—Cayce Pollard

Read more... )

*((Well, ICly anonymous, anyway. OOCly, everyone can read the results. And this is how it works.))
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Oh crap. He hoped no one had made a wish about wanting the world to be Disneyland. That'd be his luck. Just as he was heading back home to good old Sunnyhell. He wondered how his girls were doing. Whether they even remembered he was gone.
Okay, who made a wish? )
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It's a bright Californian day, like all the others. The weather is the same here as in Neptune - always sunny, the shadows and storms and early morning drizzle only in people's hearts.

I thought our story was epic, you know? )
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There was absolutely no good reason why Cayce hadn't passed on Boba Fett's news to the others. She'd gotten distracted by the holiday activity and her own self-absorption, she decided.

Well, better late than never. The letters she sent to Susan, Logan, Daniel, and John were all basically identical:
Read more... )
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((Backdated to the morning after Logan's party))

Waking up the morning after you've consumed an ungodly amount of alcohol is never fun...

Without opening her eyes, Lilly performed the basic hangover mental checklist. She still knew her name. She got the President right. She stumbled a bit on the year (she always did, thinking it was three years earlier than it actually was), but managed to get it right the second time around. Last night, however, was a complete blur.

She risked opening one eye and then shut it again as soon as she caught the sunlight streaming through the window.

She groped around a bit and felt someone next to her in the bed. Well. This was much more familiar territory. She racked her brain, trying to remember everyone she had talked to last night, and hoped she had gone home with the hottest of them.

Risking the sun again, she turned to face the mysterious stranger and forced open her eyes to look at him.

And promptly fell out of the bed from the shock.
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[[Invitations here, party here. Backdated to yesterday.]]

Thankfully, the kid got over his slightly painful exchange with Katou rather quickly, especially in the face of a party and seeing everyone. He hadn't heard from Demyx, but the kid was holding out hope he'd show up anyway. Seeing the Starcade games on and going made the kid grin. The "DO NOT MAKE OUT HERE" sign on Cayce's office door only made him crack up. Fine, if he and Sara got caught making out anywhere else, and someone complained, he'd point out he wasn't making out in the office.

There were tables for refreshments on the upper level, along with tables for people to sit at with food and drink. He added some sodas he'd brought along to the refreshment table, then a couple of pizzas to another table, already feeling the giddy mood of celebrating for no reason enter his system.

His "duties" done, Setsuna went to the lower level and, instead of waiting by the door like a good host, the kid, impatiently, started to play one of the games.
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It had taken a good bit of explanation, but Susan had finally managed to calm John down after the mess with the tabloid and his highly contentious exchange of letters with Logan. All that remained was for her to speak to Logan -- not to dress him down or even demand a retraction, but to persuade him to give John a platform from which he could, in his mind, set the thing to rights.

Steeling herself against Toontown, she strolled up to the houseboat and called out for her friend.
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((Backdated to the day after Logan's party.))

Tea with the Doctor was exactly the thing she'd needed, and it was with this refreshment of body and mind that Una set out across the Toontown plaza to the houseboat, Read more... )
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((Backdated to immediately following the second war/diplomacy council.))

Or maybe that was too dirty? But "Operation Let's Go Ask The Killers Not To Hurt Us, Please" didn't have much of a ring. Logan took the Skyway to Fantasyland arguing with himself all the way through Toon Town over whether it wouldn't be better to just go do the talking to Sweeney and/or Lovett himself if it had to be done, but nevertheless headed straight for Veronica's tree house - formerly Chip n' Dale's - like a responsible little conspirator. Maybe he was growing as a person. (Growing wussier.)

He bounced up the stairs and knocked on the treehouse's door. "Hey Mars. You home, or should I start checking all the girl's bathrooms?"


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