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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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After Ishtar had talked with Cayce and learned about Leon's strange theory on ducks, she decided she'd better find this guy and ask him questions directly. After all, while it had been funny at first, Ishtar realized...she could believe him; Duzell.

So the bulletin board got a visit:

Hello there. If anyone could tell me where I could find Leon Orcot or D? I would like to speak to Leon.

- Ishtar

There. That was clear enough, she felt, and left it at that.
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It was a quiet afternoon, approaching early evening, peaceful; a blanket had been spread out underneath the trees by the lake, location chosen the better to attract the ducks. Count D had realized quite some time ago that despite not reacting to him... properly--and despite being unable to communicate with them, to truly see them, he still felt that connection with them that he did with all fauna and flora. So a picnic by the water, with scraps for the ducks, fine tea...

And interesting company. There were two figures on the blankets, one the perhaps not unusual Chinese man, elegant as always in his cheongsam, sipping delicately at the tea, the other a lazy form lounging back, fedora tipped over his face, lizard curled up beside him on the blanket. It would be less odd if the second individual didn't appear to be around one year old, and if the Count didn't appear to be paying more attention to the lizard than the baby.

"Bullets, you say? My, that is unique."

((Playercest post to announce I'M BACK, BABIES \o/ ♥))
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Bored out of your mind stuck in Disneyland??? Why not come be part of











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Kyouya liked to think of himself as a quiet, solitary person. Although he was quite comfortable socializing, he only did it out of necessity, and preferred to be by himself and to be acting productively. He had been that way all of his life, never particularly wanting to do things or spend time with people when it didn't benefit him. It was Tamaki who had forced him out of this habit, and who had brought him into the crazy world of Host Clubs and Commoner Games.

Kyouya wasn't one to emo, but... )
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It had been over 24 hours now, somewhere between 24 and 36. It hurt Seeley’s eyes to look at the clock. It was supposed to be his weekend with a Parker, but with Bones and Hodgins missing he had to call Rebecca. She was a little ticked, but she heard it in his voice. “I can’t give you specifics but, this case---the bastard’s got Temperance. And Hodg--the bug guy,” he clarified, unsure if he’d mentioned his name to her before. “They’ve got limited air supply and I’ve got to find them bef--”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell Parker something. Go find them,” she said. It brought a small smile to Booth’s face, knowing he didn’t need to explain. “Thanks,” he replied before he hung up.

He’d been sitting on this guy for hours now, the team working in the lab to see if there was anything, anything at all that could help. He’d been up more than 24 hours now; he was the guy, Seely Booth was sure of it. He was so damned self assured about it when they brought him in, he all but confessed...he was so proud of it.

Angela stopped by a few hours ago with coffee for the two of them. They sat for a while after she had explained their findings so far, a comfortable silence falling between the two of them before he told her to go rest at the lab. She left reluctantly, leaving the canister of coffee for him.

It was long cold, and he was at the end of it, his eyes closing for a moment before he woke himself up. His eyes shut again and when he force himself awake he wasn’t in the car---he wasn’t in the lab. It was bright and the light was in his eyes, and he couldn’t see who was talking and instinctively he reached for his gun.

cut to application )

((Agent Seeley Booth is from the Fox TV show, "Bones". I'm bringing him in from the season 2 episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship", where his partner (and possible future love interest?), and his 'friend', Hodgins aka "The Bug Guy", have been kidnapped and buried alive. The lovely girl who plays Bones is all cool with it! :D ))
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Tempe and Hodgins had been missing for several hours and Angela had to get out of the lab. She had to find a quiet place to think... to figure out if they were all overlooking some kind of clue that wasn't immediately obvious. Running her hand through her hair, Angela grabbed her bag and went through the door of Tempe's office and then blinked.

"No way. I have got to be losing my mind from all of the stress."

What was supposed to be her best friend's office wasn't. In fact, she was standing in what looked to be a courtyard facing a train station of sorts. She turned around and instead of the lab, she saw a childhood icon walking her way.

"Oh yeah. Losing it."

cut for application )

((Angela Montenegro is from the Fox TV show, "Bones". I'm bringing her in from the season 2 episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship", where her best friend, Tempe, and her love interest, Hodgins, have been kidnapped and buried alive. She's an artistic type and very much a free spirit. Also, Tempe-mun does indeed know I am apping Angela and she said it was okay with her. :)))
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Valentine's Day had been good, really. Leon had spent quite a bit of time with D, and hadn't thought much about investigating.

And then he realized that the list of names that the park had sent him for his cards (which he had not sent out because they were embarrassing and Kaira hadn't felt like making them) was probably a complete list of people who were currently in the park. He got that writ up, and then decided that he had done whatever investigative measures he needed to do (honestly, he hadn't been doing too much work after both Gumshoe and Carrot had gone missing. He didn't really have the heart for it).

He changed into a ratty pair of park jeans and tee-shirt, and then dove into the lake. He wasn't ashamed of his body, per se, but he had quite a few ugly scars all over his body, and he wasn't all that keen on grossing people out.
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When Gumshoe didn't come home for a few days, Leon did not mope too much. He had basically resigned himself to the fact that his friends and roommates all had the unfortunate habit of disappearing or leaving his life. His brother had gone back to stay with his aunt and uncle - his parents - after just a short time living with Leon, both his parents had died, and then D had disappeared. After D, Carrot, and apparently Ezra had disappeared from the park, he had half been expecting it with Gumshoe.

So, after downing a bit of moonshine, he sat down to note Gumshoe's disappearance in his notes, and then set to making letters.


Richard Gumshoe has gone missing.

- Leon

After a few more days, Leon thought that the apartment was unnaturally quiet. He had lived on his own in a small apartment for about seven years before his younger brother had come to stay with him, and even then his little brother had spent a lot of time at D's place. Still, it seemed that that, as well as having at least one roommate for the past almost-year, had made Leon accustomed to having someone stay with him.

So, he posted a notice on the bulletin board.

Looking for a roommate or two. I don't really care. Apartment above the firestation. Write Leon if you're interested. I will turn you down if I don't like you, by the way.

((...WTF, listless star mood icon. You're highly, highly creepy.))
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Cayce tacked a notice on the bulletin board:

The Disneyland Omnivore is now soliciting contributions for its next (long-delayed) issue. Plans are in the works for an article about previous park events and things we know about the park to date. Any other article proposals are welcome.

((Going to try and get the next paper up by next Friday. <begging type="abject">*makes puppy dog eyes* Content plz? Cayce and I would love to not be the only player/char pair working on this thing. If, say, someone wants to pick up the Things We Know article? I'd love you forever. And if someone wants to write a Top Ten Tips for Surviving a Park Event? I'd love you forever too. Or if you wanted to do anything else at all.</begging>))
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A poll appeared on the bulletin board.

I'm gathering information about the personality change incident that occurred the other day, in an effort to determine whether there was a pattern to this and other events. The poll is anonymous*. If you'd like to talk to me personally, feel free.

—Cayce Pollard

Read more... )

*((Well, ICly anonymous, anyway. OOCly, everyone can read the results. And this is how it works.))
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Leon woke up that morning, and sniffed the air. He wasn't exactly himself - the mysical lion that resided in his soul was getting restless. It had been cooped up in this human for so long, allowing itself to sleep, not letting the human part of it know it was there. It had done a good job of hiding itself these past twenty years (when Leon was eight, the lion had decided to share its soul), and had even managed to hide itself from Count D, but now it was tired of this vessel.

He stretched in a feline like way, and sniffed the air again. There weren't many animals in the park, he could tell, but he could always go for some ducks. Or maybe he could hunt humans. That would be fun.
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Leon had been sure that Carrot wouldn't like beer, but he had gotten it for Christmas, and figured he'd offer a can to his friend to give him a taste of home, even if he wouldn't accept it.

Six cans of beers later (he had been meaning to save the cans, but the last three he had ended up smashing once he was done it it before tossing them haphazardly into the box), he figured Carrot wasn't coming back. It wasn't just that Carrot was out patrolling. Leon wasn't sure, but he had that feeling. The same feeling he had when D went missing the first time.

He'd check up on D later. For now, he just wanted to go and sulk at home. Maybe he'd finish off his 24-pack in the privacy of his own room. He could go feed the ducks tomorrow.

He wrote Carrot a note, one to leave on the desk and sending another one to his mailbox before he headed home.
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mood: joyful

On Christmas morning (or he thought it was Christmas day; there was no foolproof way to be sure,) Aziraphale rose early. First he took care of the household matters--a long, slender box with Crowley's name on it beneath the tree, and two stockings by the fireplace, one black and one red and green tartan.

Then he went out to the balcony of Club 33 one more time with Cayce's census list in hand... )

((Everybody feel free to make up your own gift or totally ignore the whole thing XD))
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When Leon saw the Christmas decorations, he had groaned loudly, and promptly continued on with his day as if nothing was different. He didn't really like Christmas all that much, and had worked every Christmas since he was eighteen. If he wasn't booked in to work, sometimes he'd switch shifts with his coworkers because they all wanted Christmas off, and he didn't really care.

Once he had D and Chris to spend Christmas with, like a family, he had enjoyed it a lot more, and though he had worked that year too, he had even decked himself out in a Santa suit to give Chris his Christmas present. But Chris wasn't here, and the last Christmas he and D had spent together alone, they had given birth to a dragon. It was definitely one of the worst Christmas' of Leon's life.

So, this Christmas, he was determined to act like it was just any other day in the park.

When it started snowing in the evening, he had complained. The temperature might not have dropped, but he had to put up with enough snow in damn Canada last year while searching for D. He had almost frozen to death. It was a wonder those damn Canucks didn't all freeze to death (in fact, he remembered sourly that some kid had made fun of him for being so cold, because it was "only" -20° C, or -4° F).

He had then decided that he would spend his days as normal, and he would spend his evenings in his room, not being able to see the snow, and would still spend them like normal otherwise.

Unfortunately, Gumshoe had other plans. Leon had no idea why he wasn't expecting his roommate to come barging into his room yelling something about a gift exchange, but in retrospect, it should've been obvious.
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Ah, Barbossa thought. This must be another one of those strange, magical adventures he so often found himself thrown into the midst of, seeing as how the world loved to kill him, bring him back from the dead, and then attempt to do away with him time and time again. Wasn't he in the middle of some kind of large, fight to the finish, do or die or run-away-and-die-later sea battle?

Of all the adventures that Barbossa had been tossed into, they’ve never had a talking mouse or cat or flowers before, nor did the surrounding scenery ever look so….porcelain. Like a China doll, this place, and just as terrifying.

The Application )

((This should be fun.
I think you all know this gentleman, using the term loosely. It's Captain Barbossa, and he's been taken right out of the ending of the third film of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. If you haven't seen it yet, it could get a bit spoilery for you.))
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Carrot sat at the desk in their Headquarters beneath the pirate ride, taking a few notes. There was about a page of paper that was filled with Carrot's messy handwriting in dark ink. Unfortunately, none of it was about the park. No new developments, no new leads, not in the slightest closer to finding a way out or a way home. Instead, the notes were all sentences in various languages such as Klatchian, Dwarfish, and Uberwald. He was trying to make sure he remembered all of the phrases he'd picked up and the right parts of speech, since he'd been so out of practice so long from Ankh-Morpork. It was important not to forget.

Plus, for one of the first times in his life, Carrot was bored.
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(Why am I doing this? I'm not even a Spirit Medium. And how is sitting on a block of ice while freezing water is poured on you supposed to help you commune with a spirit anyway? Okay, Phoenix, calm down. Just get through it for Maya and Pearls. Think warm thoughts. You're not sitting on a block of ice at the top of a mountain, you're on a nice, warm, sunny beach. Florida. You're in Florida...Disney World, in fact...)

He was blinded by a flash of light, and, the next thing he knew he found himself sprawled on the ground, face down.
He looked up when he heard someone coughing. )
((Phoenix is from the Ace Attorney series, he is taken from a bit after the end of game three, when Pearl and Maya signed the three of them up for "Special Spirit Medium Training." Permission received from Pearl and Gumshoe

Also, this is probably obvious, but just so I know I've cleared it up, anything in parenthesis is Phoenix's own thoughts.))
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Leon had spent the last while couped up inside, working. Or, he had been with D, working. He wasn't making too much headway either way, despite the fact that he was bouncing ideas off of D (Gumshoe might have been a cop, but he was also kind of an idiot).

So, he decided that he was going to mix things up a little. He really just needed a break.

Which brought him to laying in the grass near It's A Small World, using his teeshirt as a pillow, just enjoying the sun and the warmth. He also had with him a notepad and a pen. He was working.

((EDIT: FYI, Leon's... really scarred up. Not only does he have at least three or four scars from being shot in various parts of his body, he's also got several scars that look like Animal bites or scratches))
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D had been really good about having Leon borrowing his name and pretending to be him in various letters, and his exchange with Chii had made him feel highly guilty for it, so he decided to make it worth D's while.

He had gone to get some pastries*, and hiding them in a bag behind his back, he knocked on the restaurant door, poked his head in, and called, "D, you in?"

((I'm assuming he got them from Rae's restaurant. Of course, it's not overly important, but just thought I'd mention it. I'm hoping that doesn't cause any problems, because if it does I'll just assume he got them someplace else. >_>;;))


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