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LeMoNaDe: Make An Offer FrEe!!!

In the middle of Main Street, two girls were stationed underneath a large, brightly decorated sign with several cups of lemonade and a large pitcher of more. Rukia was standing on a step ladder in order to make herself look taller as she peered out over the edge of the stand she and Orihime had set up.

The lemonade came in several colors and flavors -- the traditional yellow, cherry, lime, and other even more adventurous flavors, dreamed up by Orihime. There was a tip jar balanced perilously on the edge of the stand they'd made, though who knew what could possibly be put in it.
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Kyouya had been working lately; as difficult as it was to find more work to do, he had recently discovered some information saved to his computer that had allowed him to start some calculations he had previously been unable to do. Having an actual project had interested him, and he spent nearly a week buried in his work and plans, paying very little attention to anything else now that there was finally something that wasn't pointless to get done.

He was good at burying himself in work, which was why it hit so hard when he suddenly realized that he hadn't seen, heard from, or been bothered by Tamaki in days. Not necessarily completely uncommon, if Tamaki had gotten distracted, but not a happy discovery, either. He went to Tamaki's stupid house at Peter Pan's Flight, and...Tamaki wasn't there. Obviously there was still a chance that the idiot was just out bothering someone else, but after a few days and a thorough search of the park, there was still no sign on him.

Kyouya went back to the apartment and finished what he'd been working on, a process which took another day or two.

And then, he packed a bag with his wallet and phone, the clothing he'd brought with him, and Tamaki's things that he'd left behind, and left it in his room. However, he left his computer and computer case out, and with just that in hand, he walked to Mickey's house and knocked on the door.
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Setsuna felt it had been enough time for Duck to get settled in, and he was bored, yet again, so the day was deemed perfect for a special stake out attempt. He honestly didn't think they'd find anything, but it would be worth it to try. And still, one could never know.

He left a note for Kira, Sara and Katou to let them know he would be out with a friend and not to worry, then composed a letter to Duck, and another to Cayce.

Duck's letter )

Cayce's letter )

That done, Setsuna sent off the letters, then waited in front of the theatre.

[ooc: Anyone is welcome to come along and ask what the heck they think they're doing. XD They'll just shush you and try to make you hide with them. Or you could talk sense into them?]
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Read more... )

((Btw, if your character didn't audition but is still listed as participating somehow, don't worry about it. T-Rex realized he didn't have enough volunteers to fill out everything he wanted to fill, so he just started listing random people he knew or knew of. He'll be by no means forcing anyone to participate, so if you want, feel free to ignore him and he'll work around it. Of course, anyone who's happy with their roles and would like to participate, feel free! Also, if you're not listed and would like to participate, he'll find some way to squeeze you in, believe me.))
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Would you mind having a word? Perhaps over coffee.


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[It's the middle of the night, when, over the loudspeakers, quite loudly, blasts the Numa Numa song. The entire show is needlessly loud]

Hey guys! Good evening. This is the great DJ Katou, once again blessing you guys with the sound of his own voice.

Listen, I'd like to issue a formal apology for apparently pissing people off with my last radio show. You know, if you're like say, Aphrodite or Virgil, they you just like shitty music, and in Aphrodite's case, I mean really, really shitty music, and it was wrong of me to discriminate against some of you like that.

So, I'd like to offer my formal apologies with the following show.

The Radio Show )

And that's the end of that show. I really hope that I've made amends to all of you who've I've pissed off with the last show, as that was completely my intention.

Any and all complaints can, and should, be forwarded to Kyouya Ootori.

[My Humps by Black Eyed Peas comes over the loud speaker. It will be on repeat, and the door to the radio room will be locked. Katou will be hanging around afterward for any calls, and any calls he gets, My Humps will be played in the background during.]
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Letter to Tamaki )

((Now presenting Sizi's characters and their drama spams the comm!))
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Tamaki learns the side affects of 'touching yourself' )
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[Sound of static]

Sorry! Uh, hang on, let me...

[music begins to play, then louder static, sound comes in and out]

Juuuust a--

[crackling noise, and then the sound becomes perfectly clear]

[Static's Theme Song plays]

Shut up, Lil Romeo is Awesome )
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The weather was always nice, but for some reason today it had seemed particularly inviting. Kyouya slept in well past noon the way he usually did, had a quick breakfast, and then, seeing as Tamaki hadn't bothered him yet today to do anything, he decided to spend the afternoon doing some reading.

A little while later, Kyouya could be found sitting at one of the outdoor tables at the cafe on Main Street, facing the street and slightly out from the shade of one of the umbrellas. He sat taking turns between sipping a glass of iced tea and making notations in a book of English poetry he'd found in the bookshelves of the apartment.
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I have a proposition that may be mutually beneficial. Would you be willing to hear it?

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Assistance is needed in transporting a large, delicate piece of equipment. Reasonable physical strength and/or superhuman abilities would be especially useful. Some form of compensation can be negotiated.

Please contact Ootori Kyouya via post for information.

((Kyouya wants to move the piano on Main Street to the cafe in Fantasyland. He'd prefer to pay in (large sums of) cash if you're dumb enough to accept it, but otherwise he'll offer personal items, use of the facilities of the apartment (including the hot shower) or Tamaki's body small favors. Of course, he'd happily offer his gratitude as well))
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Kyouya liked to think of himself as a quiet, solitary person. Although he was quite comfortable socializing, he only did it out of necessity, and preferred to be by himself and to be acting productively. He had been that way all of his life, never particularly wanting to do things or spend time with people when it didn't benefit him. It was Tamaki who had forced him out of this habit, and who had brought him into the crazy world of Host Clubs and Commoner Games.

Kyouya wasn't one to emo, but... )
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Tamaki loved Kyouya. He really did. But the thing was, Tamaki only loved Kyouya as a friend. A very close and personal friend, but he had no romantic feelings for him.

Which was going to make this conversation very, very difficult.

Tamaki had been more than willing to chalk up Kyouya's first song request to the fact that Kyouya thought that Tamaki would like the song, which Tamaki had! Tamaki hadn't thought anything else of it, nor had he thought anything of Kyouya's strange display of affection on the Splash Mountain ride. At the time, he had simply figured that Kyouya had been scared.

But Tamaki couldn't make heads or tails of Kyouya's second song dedication. It wasn't the type of music that Tamaki usually listened to, and he knew Kyouya must have known that. And after analysing all the information he had so far, he had come to a startling conclusion.

Kyouya was in love with him. Kyouya was romantically in love with him.

It really shouldn't've been a surprise, seeing as Tamaki was irrisistable. Still, he needed to talk to Kyouya about this.

Dearest Kyouya,

I am of the belief that you and I need to have A Talk. Would you please meet me at the Host Club Café?

Your dear and best Friend,

Tamaki Suoh
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[Over the radio plays E Nomine's Mitternacht.]

Hey everyone, Katou here. And like I said, if you requested shitty music - and hoo boy, did some of you request really shitty music - I won't be playing it. You see, my radio's got standards.

So, let's get this party started )
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Fresh off her little chat with Sylar, Aphrodite was, for once, in a splendid mood.

She descended from the air near the lake and transformed from swan-shape into human, once again clad in a gorgeous white gown with a vaguely classical feel to it.

A walk around the lake seemed like the thing, an excellent opportunity to—ha—win friends and influence people.
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Jean-Etienne took a deep breath when Bremond called for him, turned around and headed back to the cabinet meeting, his mind whirring with what had just transpired between him and Vivienne. He was very sure he’d just been used, and nothing more, but hated having to do that. However, he had to do something even more soul sucking next, but as far as he was concerned, there was no other option. He pushed open the doors to the temporary cabinet room and prepared himself to sneak back in, except…there was not a single sign of his fellow ministers; which was a bonus in some respects, but a curse in others. Of all the days to lose your mind, Jean-Etienne. Of all the days. “Foutre,” he swore under his breath, hoping this would end soon, as he had a vitally important vote to participate in, and he wasn’t sure the mouse or cat knew much about politics. Then again, if they’d been produced by his own head, anything was possible. He glanced down to check he still had his clothes on, as dreams had a nasty habit of ridding you of them, but he still had his neatly done up waistcoat, tie and even his briefcase. He then furiously started willing himself to wake up.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't going to happen )

((I bring you the park’s second politician (run away!!), Jean-Etienne Beaufort from my favourite film ever, Bon Voyage, called in places a French Casablanca (couldn’t comment as I’ve never seen the latter). Yeah, I’m a French film freak. He’s taken from the last time we see him, just before the vote on the surrender. Feel free to call him a cheese eating surrender monkey or spot that he’s actually Gerard Depardieu. He’ll be offended/baffled, but all the more fun for me. More info here This is, by they way, Bernard/Shaun/Kitty. This is the sort of thing I consider fun after writing essays comparing French Republics.))


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