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Letter to Chii )

Letter to James )

((Everything is still setting up, but feel free to come by and join the setting up party! The plan is to have some people waiting in the Cat's Eye for when Fay gets home, and then the others can kidnap Kurogane when the time is right.))

ETA: James and Sirius have set up, so have your chars come by. :D
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A post is placed on the bulletin board. It is ornately written in a fancy, cursive handwriting.
Wedding~! )
((OKAY SO. Yes, it's really happening. There's still time to volunteer your character for something~! And by 'three days', we mean 'as soon as the pre-wedding parties are mostly-done and people are available'. In game-canon it'll be three days))
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James and Sirius, for today an accountant and a dentist, respectively, put the finishing touches on the Haunted Mansion (they had started the night before, and upon finding that in the morning their changes were still there, they had been quite pleased and finished up). Now that the room where the ceiling rose was magicked so that everyone would fit in it and still have plenty of space to move. On top of that, they had magically rewired the loudspeakers to the room, put up some spooky decorations, and even completed it with fake, scary looking ghosts (they had both been quite disappointed in the morning to discover that some of their ruder decorations, including hot, naked ghosts, were removed).

Then, James began to write the letters, and started some music.

Letters to Crowley, and everyone in the park )
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It had been an odd choice of a song, certainly, but there was a reason. Fay had been quite shocked when he had first heard that song, simply because of how... apt it was. If he hadn't know better, he would say it had been written about him.
Can finally do this now CLAMP have told us Fay's backstory )
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Guess who's back~ )

((Katou, this time from post series. Meaning he's somewhat different than how he was before, and he's not going to remember anything that had ever happened in the park.

The shape Katou's in right now is something like this, please excuse the text on there, I don't have a clean copy on me right now.

To see how his biomechanical arm attaches to the rest of his body, check out here
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Kurogane had never been much of a people person. He wasn't as bad as he used to be, of course, but since his parents' deaths and losing Suwa, he'd changed dramatically, seeing most people as not worth his time as he fought to become stronger and stronger. The strongest person in Nihon.

That didn't really mean as much now, somehow.

He was wearing clothes that were easy to move in and (miracle of miracles) actually didn't display annoying Disney trademarks, but the most important part to his outfit was his engagement ring. It was more important by what would have been, not too long ago, a startling about, than the second most important thing: his sword. He was pretty sure, now, that he knew what Tomoyo had sent him off to find. True strength, huh?

Well, maybe. But true strength didn't preclude having the strength to protect what was truly important. Especially not now that he'd found it.

So he was outside, as he hadn't often been, usually preferring to stay inside with his fiance and with their, well, with Chii. He'd been neglecting his training, and that, he knew, had to stop. So he was going through his katas, slowly at first, just to get used to them again, then swiftly picking up speed and assurance. And with a shout, of his father's attack--one that felt better to use now than it ever had--the deserted (by people, anyway) kiosk that he had targeted splintered, was decimated... and rebuilt itself in the blink of an eye. Well, this place was good for target practice anyway.

Kurogane grinned, a dangerous thing, and lowered his sword. At least he hadn't gotten too rusty.

[[OPEN RP I'm sick and tired of not doing anything with him. He may be an unsociable ninja, but he's a bit more of a tamed puppy now? >: Anyone's free to come play! HE'S BLOWING UP BITS OF THE PARK WITH HIS SWORD you know you wanna 8D]]
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Crowley awoke, not in his comfortable bed inside Club 33, but disoriented and hung over on a bench in front of the castle, an empty bottle of rum still clutched in one hand, mouth fuzzy, and head pounding.


He brought up the other hand to guard his bleary, uncovered eyes from the glaring sun. It took him a moment to realize that there was a great deal more frilly sleeve around his wrist than there should be. After a perfectly still moment, Crowley ever so cautiously moved his hand down slightly to discover a mustache and double braided beard.


It wasn't what he meant to say.
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It seemed weddings in this world were a lot more complicated than ones in Celes. Back there, weddings had simply been a matter of the richer of the couple paying for the other one and taking her (or him) back to their home. There hadn't been a lavish ceremony.

Not that Fay was complaining, of course. He liked the idea of a fancy celebration to signal the beginning of a marriage, and was greatly looking forward to his. He had badgered Sirius with details about weddings, and had learned this: they required one officiate (Mickey, most likely, as he seemed to be in charge of everything here), the couple (Fay and Kurogane, obviously), a maid of honour (Sakura), a best man (Sirius, though Kurogane hadn't been informed yet), a flower girl (Chii), and a few others Fay hadn't decided on yet and was probably just going to post on the bulletin board for.

A wedding also required an exchange of rings, which was a new concept to the mage. Luckily, Disneyland had a place where such things were available, and so the mage and his ninja were making their way to the Jewel of Orleans, which wasn't really all that far from the cafe. Fay had his hand in Kurogane's and was leaning his head on the other's shoulder, smiling contentedly. "Are you excited, Kuro-wan?" he asked.
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((Backdated to the afternoon after Susan spent the night.))

A confounding correspondence )

The odd letters in hand, he went to New Orleans Square and knocked on the door of the Cat's Eye Cafe, hoping to share the good news with Fay.

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After Sakura had been placed, Fay put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Shall we go, Sakura-chan? You seem a little tired."
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As soon as Sakura arrives, she glances around automatically and then frowns. None of her companions appear to be here, not even Mokona. Fay and Kurogane were separated once, but she hopes that isn’t what’s happening now. Especially if she’s going to be all by herself. “Mokona?” she calls. “Fay-san? Kurogane-san? Syaoran-kun? Is anyone there?”

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So that had been awkward but not terrible, though the robot's comment about being "adorable" made him grit his teeth in automatic, ninja-aversion to being thought of as cute at all. He looked at the phone for a minute, listened to the song playing in the background, almost smiled, and decided to head downstairs.

He was sure Fay had heard the song, and had heard him speaking to the robot before that. The whole park could hear it, so he knew Fay had. So he knew Fay would be downstairs, but he wasn't sure what exactly his reaction would be. A good one, he knew that, and he found himself half-bracing himself as he came down the stairs.
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The magical charts they'd been generating for weeks now had always been showing some odd readings, but once they'd finally finished the calculations and put the spell on the map, it was even more obvious that there was some seriously strange magical activity at a certain point of New Orleans Square. The amount of latent magic radiating from this point was enormous, but the epicenter moved, indicating that either a person or an artifact had such a great amount of magic. Sirius wasn't sure this was possible, since his calculations indicated this would be the most powerful wizard Sirius had ever encountered, and yet there was barely any evidence of magical use in the area at all.

The epicenter appeared to frequently focus on something called the French Market. So Sirius head out to investigate, and found a small cafe in that point. He tapped the map and muttered a phrase that wiped the evidence of the magical readings from it, leaving an ordinary park map, and then opened the door.
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You'll be true and be faithful too but I got my doubts, and what if I'm right? )
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In the cooking area, Chii watched as Fay prepared his ingredients for baking. All the while, she was going over what each thing was in her head, as she had learned a lot since coming here to Disneyland; Chii even knew how to say, "Fay-mommy going to bake," with a brilliant, pleased smile.

But then, after a while, Chii tugged on Fay's sleeve and softly asked, "Fay-mommy teach Chii to bake?"
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Usually after waking up in Kurogane’s bed Fay would give himself a few moments to just lie there and feel fuzzy. Today, however, the mage did no such thing: he untangled himself from the ninja and got dressed quickly. There was something he knew he had to do.

He poked Kurogane awake, and said, “We’re going out.”
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Once again, in the middle of the night, decorations begin to unfurl throughout the park. In minutes the place is awash in pink and red and white hearts, balloons, streamers, banners, cupids, flowers, lace, and all the Valentine's Day trappings.

Romance is in the air at Disneyland.

((Feel free to moon about, contact your significant other, panic, do whatever you like...))

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So, there was only so long a person could subsist on greasy pizza, candy, and soda. Well, all right, if that person was Fry, that was a pretty long time. But that didn't mean he couldn't still use a bit of variety now and then. Just as long as whatever he ate had the essentials, like grease, sugar, and chemicals and stuff.

When he saw the sign for the 'French Market,' he was instantly skeptical. He didn't want any fancy schmancy stuff. But this was Disneyland, so it couldn't be too bad. Besides, he could smell cake, which was always a plus.

Confident in his decision, Fry made his way inside.
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Ever since Chii’s arrival, a tradition had started in the Cat’s Eye Café.

This tradition began when day turned into night, and Fay put all the food that hadn’t been eaten that day into the fridge to keep for tomorrow, and called to Chii and Mokona it was time for bed. And when the two were ready, Fay would go upstairs and sit at the end of Chii’s bed as she sat there with the white creature and begin the story.

“Good?” he asked with a smile, which was another part of the tradition.


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