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On Christmas morning (or he thought it was Christmas day; there was no foolproof way to be sure,) Aziraphale rose early. First he took care of the household matters--a long, slender box with Crowley's name on it beneath the tree, and two stockings by the fireplace, one black and one red and green tartan.

Then he went out to the balcony of Club 33 one more time with Cayce's census list in hand... )

((Everybody feel free to make up your own gift or totally ignore the whole thing XD))
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When Katou saw the decorations, he spent about half the day by himself, reflecting on his life as he had it, and basically being some sort of emo kid. He had always hated Christmas, and he had always hated his birthday, which was December 24th.

It was closer to the evening that he decided to take a deep breath, and suck it up. His death had changed his life as he knew it, and he no longer regretted being born. Maybe for once, it was time he celebrated. Besides, the fact of the matter was, for the past month or so, he had been meaning to throw himself a 'welcome back' party.

And so, he decided to send out the invitations.

Letters to Crowley, Setsuna, Kira, Sara, Virgil, and Fay )

Letters to everyone in the park, including those who just got letters )

Now he had about a full day to go off by himself for the sake of being by himself. He didn't intend to return to the theatre, or run into another living, breathing human being, until he had to return for the party.
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Letter to Chii )

Letter to James )

((Everything is still setting up, but feel free to come by and join the setting up party! The plan is to have some people waiting in the Cat's Eye for when Fay gets home, and then the others can kidnap Kurogane when the time is right.))

ETA: James and Sirius have set up, so have your chars come by. :D
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A post is placed on the bulletin board. It is ornately written in a fancy, cursive handwriting.
Wedding~! )
((OKAY SO. Yes, it's really happening. There's still time to volunteer your character for something~! And by 'three days', we mean 'as soon as the pre-wedding parties are mostly-done and people are available'. In game-canon it'll be three days))


Nov. 18th, 2007 04:28 pm
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((Backdated to the morning of the party. XD; Would've posted sooner, but I started work again. Curse you, work.

Openish RP.))

The night Katou had fought with Setsuna, he had entertained himself with doing several things, one of which was practicing playing the guitar that Charming had given him.

He was going to go to Setsuna's party though, even if Setsuna was still angry. He had told him to, after all, even after they had fought. And on top of that, he had decided over the night that he was going to cook something for said party - partly because he wanted to impress Setsuna and Kira, and partly because he wanted to make it up to Setsuna.

He did have a friend who owned a restaurant too, and since Katou's memory of a lot of cooking was rusty, he figured he should probably go somewhere where someone could help him out if he screwed up.

"Faygot," Katou said, entering the Cat's Eye with his guitar slung over his back. "You here?"
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Kyouya walks towards the gates, frowning only slightly despite his considerable annoyance. Simply because Tamaki had never been to Tokyo Disneyland was no cause for him to run off, especially when Kyouya had to give the limo driver instructions for when to pick them up that afternoon. Besides, Tamaki had surely been to Disneyland before in France, hadn't he? It was possible that the two were very different, but Kyouya couldn't see how. The only time he had visited theme parks before was with his father on business, and he had been too busy studying his father's business practices to notice very much about his environment.

He wasn't even sure what one did for 'fun' in a theme park, although he was certain his tiresome friend would be certain to show him if he was ever found again.

"Tamaki?" he calls, turning to look around, and suddenly realizing that not only is Tamaki missing, everyone else is as well. That certainly isn't normal; Disneyland always has hundreds of commoner families milling about at the gates. "Where--" And then he sees the mouse.

Application for Kyouya Ootori, Ouran High School Host Club )

((Kyouya is from Ouran High School Host Club, pre-series))
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It was night of the day of Chii's visit to Aziraphale, and the bedtime routine had been same as usual.

Chii was tucked into bed -- missing Mokona and patting the place he used to lay -- when she set up, folded her hands together just as Aziraphale had showed her, and began to pray.

"Dear Father God-san, and Jesus-san. Chii is here to talk to you, and to ask that you look after Mokona, who Chii misses very much. And Chii needs lots of help, but Chii is learning many things, and Chii is grateful for this. Thank-you very much, God and Jesus-san, for letting Chii be here.


With that, she made the sign of the cross and was finally ready to go to bed, even though she was a bit sad God and Jesus didn't talk back to her. Maybe they would talk to her later?
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James and Sirius, for today an accountant and a dentist, respectively, put the finishing touches on the Haunted Mansion (they had started the night before, and upon finding that in the morning their changes were still there, they had been quite pleased and finished up). Now that the room where the ceiling rose was magicked so that everyone would fit in it and still have plenty of space to move. On top of that, they had magically rewired the loudspeakers to the room, put up some spooky decorations, and even completed it with fake, scary looking ghosts (they had both been quite disappointed in the morning to discover that some of their ruder decorations, including hot, naked ghosts, were removed).

Then, James began to write the letters, and started some music.

Letters to Crowley, and everyone in the park )
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It had been an odd choice of a song, certainly, but there was a reason. Fay had been quite shocked when he had first heard that song, simply because of how... apt it was. If he hadn't know better, he would say it had been written about him.
Can finally do this now CLAMP have told us Fay's backstory )
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Guess who's back~ )

((Katou, this time from post series. Meaning he's somewhat different than how he was before, and he's not going to remember anything that had ever happened in the park.

The shape Katou's in right now is something like this, please excuse the text on there, I don't have a clean copy on me right now.

To see how his biomechanical arm attaches to the rest of his body, check out here
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Cayce glared at her notes.

She'd gotten sloppy, she realized; she hadn't been keeping up with the new arrivals nearly as well as she should, and she hadn't updated the park census in forever. Which meant it was time to do this the easy way.

So a large sheet of paper went up on the park bulletin board.

Hi everyone.

As some of you know, I've been keeping track of the population of the park, just so that we know who's here and where we can find them. I need to update my records, so please put your name and where you live on this sheet.

Also, if there is anyone you know of who is missing you haven't seen in a while, mail me privately.

Thanks for your help,
Cayce Pollard
Starcade, Tomorrowland
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Crowley awoke, not in his comfortable bed inside Club 33, but disoriented and hung over on a bench in front of the castle, an empty bottle of rum still clutched in one hand, mouth fuzzy, and head pounding.


He brought up the other hand to guard his bleary, uncovered eyes from the glaring sun. It took him a moment to realize that there was a great deal more frilly sleeve around his wrist than there should be. After a perfectly still moment, Crowley ever so cautiously moved his hand down slightly to discover a mustache and double braided beard.


It wasn't what he meant to say.
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[[If Pearl's still staying with them. And write a lot of letters. x___X Also, I know some people are on hiatus, so don't worry about responding until you have time. I'm not expecting immediate answers. And I am SO SORRY this caused the kid to flip out. x___X]]

After nearly a year of being there in that twisted Disneyland, Setsuna had grown far too accustomed to the sense of everyone's auras mixed together, to the point he didn't even realize he felt them. He couldn't tell anyone apart unless they were close by, though.

Still, everyone just seemed to meld in like a big space of warmth in a large cavern of nothing -- like a family huddled together from the cold. When several little flames went out all at once, Setsuna noticed, this time.

Just like that...there was something missing, and the worst feeling for the over-emotional teen was not knowing who those people might be.

At once he called out, "Hey, Little Rascal, where are you? Here kitty-kitty!" searching for their newest addition -- he still needed to introduce that little guy to Pearl, now that he thought of it. Maybe she would like cats. And once he had the kitten, he wanted to find Sara and hold her, very, very tightly. And Kira had to be found, too, and Pearl. And...there was a rather big list going on in the blond's head. Eventually, it became a string of letters.

Cayce )

Crowley )

Duzell )

Mr. Fell )

Rukia )

Raphael )

Fay )

Susan )

John and Daniel )

Leon )

Psyche )

He didn't write to Rae, Demyx or Adam, but that was because he planned to visit them as soon as possible.
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It seemed weddings in this world were a lot more complicated than ones in Celes. Back there, weddings had simply been a matter of the richer of the couple paying for the other one and taking her (or him) back to their home. There hadn't been a lavish ceremony.

Not that Fay was complaining, of course. He liked the idea of a fancy celebration to signal the beginning of a marriage, and was greatly looking forward to his. He had badgered Sirius with details about weddings, and had learned this: they required one officiate (Mickey, most likely, as he seemed to be in charge of everything here), the couple (Fay and Kurogane, obviously), a maid of honour (Sakura), a best man (Sirius, though Kurogane hadn't been informed yet), a flower girl (Chii), and a few others Fay hadn't decided on yet and was probably just going to post on the bulletin board for.

A wedding also required an exchange of rings, which was a new concept to the mage. Luckily, Disneyland had a place where such things were available, and so the mage and his ninja were making their way to the Jewel of Orleans, which wasn't really all that far from the cafe. Fay had his hand in Kurogane's and was leaning his head on the other's shoulder, smiling contentedly. "Are you excited, Kuro-wan?" he asked.
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[[I know people are coming and going on hiatus for vacation or moving and other summer things, so just respond whenever possible. Of course, I don't expect ducked characters to respond. Thank-you.]]

Adam )

Aziraphale )

John Crichton )

Demyx )

Fay )

Ichigo )

Rukia )

Nana )

Psyche )

River )

Skaffen )

Sunshine )
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After questions on the bulletin board, Chii found she just had more and more questions! And what better place to take them than to Fay-mommy? Fay-mommy seemed to know so much, after all.

So Chii rushed into the café, dress flaring and flapping everywhere, face bright with a smile as she called out, "Fay-mommy! Fay-mommy! Chii has learned so much about other planets. There is a Caprica, and Earth, and Orbitals! And people come from all sorts of places. And cities are in states, and states are in countries, and countries are in continents, and everything makes up a planet!"
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A rather buff, red-headed teenager, whose pants are hanging much too low is standing within at the gate, looking, to say the least, very, very confused. The last Hot Streak checked, he had been about to steal a car, and unless the car retailers had had a serious renovation since the last time he had come, he definitely wasn’t there.

We ain't in Kansas any more, you dumb mutt )

((Hot Streak from cartoon Static Shock, not the comic. Taken definitely from before the end of the series, possibly shortly before, or after, episode 45 [No Man's An Island]))
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((Backdated to the afternoon after Susan spent the night.))

A confounding correspondence )

The odd letters in hand, he went to New Orleans Square and knocked on the door of the Cat's Eye Cafe, hoping to share the good news with Fay.

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After Sakura had been placed, Fay put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Shall we go, Sakura-chan? You seem a little tired."


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