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...a demon was trying, with the assistance of large quantities of alcohol, to ignore the sounds of park-wide destruction that might or might not mean the end of their sojourn in this place; and an angel was humoring said demon as best he could, despite his own none-too-cleverly-hidden hope that it would in fact mean that very thing. Not being particularly destructive by nature, and having little in the way of applicable skills he was willing to reveal to the park at large, Aziraphale had decided it would be best to stay out of the way unless called upon.

The atmosphere fostered by this dichotomy was not, to say the least, a terribly congenial one (especially since, as he understood it, two people rather near and dear to Crowley were directly involved in the effort.) Aziraphale dealt with it by burying his nose in a book, matching the demon teacup for brandy glass...right up until, moments after a series of particularly un-ignorable explosions and crashes were heard, Club 33's lights went out.

"Well, drat," he sighed, looking out through the 'rain'-spattered windows at the dimmed street. "I wonder if the entire place has lost power..."
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((Closed to Cayce, Azi, Crowley, and Ellie. Backdated to a day or two after the Bentley Babes caper.))

Cayce wasn't jealous. That much was easy enough to define; she cared for Crowley a lot, but not That Way. And notwithstanding her admission at the community Truth or Dare game, she definitely wasn't queer for Ellie either, although she certainly liked her well enough. Actually, she thought the two of them pairing up was kind of cute.

But for reasons she was still hard pressed to identify, she was a little perturbed when the two of them up and vanished from the lake party, and clearly Aziraphale was too. They'd exchanged a few half-heartedly snarky (and subtly worried) comments at the time before finally sort of shrugging it off, and Cayce had said something about coming by the tea shop later.

So now she was suiting action to the word. She sort of hoped that Crowley wouldn't be around. It'd spare everyone a touch of awkwardness.
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It was the day after the meeting.

Cayce waited at the statue for the underground expedition to show up. It was a bit bigger and more unwieldly than she'd originally intended, and keeping everyone in line was going to be worse than herding cats, but ... well, you pays your money and you makes your bets.

She really, really hoped this was going to work.

((Here's how this works: if you are participating in the expedition, post a comment in the Meetup thread below to indicate that you're showing up. The main body of the RP will go in the Expedition thread, in which the team actually goes underground and does their thing.))
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Guy had spent his morning carefully recalibrating his League Table, then realised there were only a couple of people on it, and this was not on. There was little in the way of medical emergencies here, apart from French guys who didn't know how to use swords, so he went for a mid afternoon wander, finding himself a bench and a good place to people watch. Or, to be more specific, women-watch.

It wasn't really a league table until he'd got at least three or four more women to add to it. Whilst he waited, he fiddled about playing on his Blackberry, seeing if there was a way he could get this to work in the park. No signal. That was the most depressing empty space he'd ever seen.

((As promised. League table. Only filled in with women he's met, of course. Feel free to mosey by and he'll add your character/leer/get slapped (delete as applicable). If I've got anything terribly wrong, please come and poke me and I can change numbers around.))
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(Morning after the door meeting)

Having sobered up (under extreme duress, in his opinion,) achieved a more or less functional state and raided the dispensers in one of the men's rooms for several packets of liquid hand soap, John had contrived to clean himself up somewhat adequately in the lake. He was currently sitting on the shore near the riverboat dock, hung over, shirtless and soaking wet, a cigarette dangling forgotten from his lips, as he attempted to shave several months' worth of beard using his athame and a small sparkly pink Princesses mirror he'd liberated from a gift shop. Attempted being the key word, since his hands were shaking so badly he had to keep stopping or risk slitting his own throat.

After nicking himself for the fifth or sixth time, he swore quietly and lowered the mirror and knife, ready to concede defeat. But then a faint tingle at the back of his neck brought a cynical half-smile to his face. "Your new boyfriend know you like to skulk around ogling strange half-naked men?" he asked the unseen presence at his back without turning around.
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((The return of Cayce and Quixote! Wide open RP. If you haven't already, catch up with the adventures of Quixote, Setsuna, Cayce, and Adam here.))

At some point after Pirate Day, an announcement came on over the park PA system.

"Hi everyone. This is Cayce Pollard. I'd like everyone to come to a meeting tonight to discuss a new discovery that's been made about the park. The meeting's in the Honey I Shrunk the Audience auditorium, at sundown. This is pretty important, so please be there if you can."

That evening ...

Don't forget to keep your head warm )


After the various discussions had settled out somewhat, Cayce finally cleared her throat.

"Okay, so here's the plan. Tomorrow at midday, anyone who wants to join the underground expedition should meet at the statue. It sounds like the time dilation or whatever it is makes time pass more slowly belowground than up here, so I think Adam and Setsuna will be fine. We should take the time to get ready with whatever we'll need to bring with us." Plus, of course, it was Adam. Of course they'd be fine. "Then, once we're at the door and ready to proceed, theā€”the Master will send a signal to the Doctor, who'll lead the distruption. Anyone has any other questions, find me. Thanks, everybody."

((And there will be a fresh post for the expedition when my life is a little more normal.))
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How T-Rex managed to commandeer such a tiny radio station (at least, tiny in proportion to him) was a mystery that would never be solved. But still, commandeer it he did, and he announced:

Reasons to Date a T-Rex! )

Anyone who was expecting any sort of context, explanation or clarification for why he'd decided to do this was going to be sorely disappointed.
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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

Velociraptor's only answer is a low snarl. She leans in, as if to sniff Mickey, but doesn't attack.


Read more... )

((ooc: So, uh. This application is pretty much monorail bait. Come poke the vicious dino! She will almost certainly try to attack, though, so be warned.))
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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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A package was sent to Cayce containing a relatively modest and completely generic red bikini and a letter:


You ready to do this? Come over tomorrow around noon. We'll do the tour and have a lake party/barbecue afterward.


Ellie got a letter, but no package.


Ready for the bikini tour? Come over tomorrow around noon. Cayce's suit is fairly modest, but I know better than to put restrictions on you. Barbecue at the lake afterward.


((So very porny now. Be warned.))
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[The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" plays.]

That was for Kira, who's wondering why we don't get more requests for Beatles songs. Good question, Kira.

So. [Weighty pause.]

I got a total of four, count 'em, four requests from two people. And Kira's there was one. I'll go ahead and play through the rest before figuring out exactly how you guys are going to pay for this.

First up, here's "Ordinary Day" by Great Big Sea, a "happy song with the word 'day' in it" from Orihime to Kira.

Orihime would also like to hear "Night and Day" by Bette Midler.

That "Night and Day" shouldn't be confused with the Cole Porter song. A version of which has been requested by Kira, and is dedicated to "the object of his obsession." So here's your request, Kira, as performed by Frank Sinatra.


Okay, here's what's going to happen. I'm going to play every single version of Cole Porter's "Night and Day" that we have up here. You want to hear something else, call in and let me know.

Music Nerd Central presents: EIGHT versions of "Night and Day". Including one featuring John Barrowman pre-Jack Harkness. )

I think that's all the versions we've got up here, at least the ones I've found so far. Aren't you glad? Call in if you want to hear something else. Otherwise it'll be every version I can find of "Memory" from Cats or some crap like that.

*((And because there is some warmth in my shrunken little heart, I offer as well this bootlegged video of Barrowman performing the song "De-Lovely", which I'm guessing is from a production of Anything Goes. Chris Chibnall, are you listening? All-singing-all-dancing special episode of Torchwood NOW, please. Also, I really want to know who the girl is performing with Barrowman there. She's great.))
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The day after Una's radio show, Ellie approached the unobtrusive door to Club 33 with some trepidation. She hadn't really needed Crowley's teasing reminder; truth was, she'd been putting this visit off. As much as she genuinely did like the guy, she was about to enter the well-warded residence of one of the Fallen and explain exactly what kind of bargain she had struck and with whom. All the extenuating circumstances notwithstanding, to say that thought inspired some anxiety was putting it mildly.

Still, here she was, and she squared her shoulders and knocked on the door with all the boldness she could muster. After all, nobody could die here, right? Or send a report to anyone outside. So what was the worst that could happen?

On the heels of that thought, the door opened and Ellie found herself face to face with the tweed-clad Principality she and Bernard had taken great pleasure in needling on their Valentine's Day date.

"Uh," she said intelligently, feeling a blush coming on. "Hi. I'm, uh--"

Suddenly something Crowley had said the day they met came back to her, and she blurted, "Wait, you're the conservative Christian roommate?" It took every ounce of nerve she had not to just excuse herself hastily and bolt. This situation was showing all the hallmarks of something she did not want to be involved in.
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[Without prelude, Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Begin the Beguine" plays.]

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Una Persson with [pause] a rather scant handful of song requests, so I'll be filling up the show with ... well, whatever strikes my fancy, I expect. As always, if there is something that you want to hear, call me at the station, and I'll do my best.

Stumblin' into the heart of Saturday night )
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Ellie was bored.

She was also curious, and somewhat impulsive. This was often a hazardous combination, and not necessarily just for Ellie.

Today, though, she wasn't out to tempt fate or any of the park residents, at the moment. )
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Ellie had been at her chosen spot within an hour of the decorations going up, and spent most of the wee morning hours hauling stuff around to build her booth.

Read more... )

((Sorry to be getting this started so late guys, hope everybody's still up for it))

Be Ours.

Feb. 14th, 2008 12:07 am
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The music, mercifully, didn't start until an hour after dawn, and it was at around elevator music-volume and fairly ignorable until you started noticing what a bizarre jumble of songs from throughout recording history it was. As a matter of fact, it rather sounded as though forces with very little taste of their own had just cued up a random mix of anything labeled "love song," however appropriate or inappropriate, and had done with it. And then locked the door of the radio room behind them.

The decorations, however, had gone up at midnight, and if you'd been awake you might have seen them go up - strings of white and red heart-shaped lights unrolling and flinging themselves from place to place, great bunches of foil heart balloons tied here and there, vases of long-stemmed roses gently set down everywhere.

The shops were filled with formal wear; the restaurants, empty and attended alike, were lit with candles. All the water rides in the park gained little banners above their entrances reading "Tunnel of Love," and the characters within seemed to be doing a lot more offering of flowers and chocolates to each other than usual. (It was hard to say whether this was more disturbing from the pirates or from B'rer Rabbit and B'rer Fox.)

And every person in the park, whenever they woke up, found by their pillow a little pile of valentines, personalized just for them to send out, and a helpful list of all the people they might want to ask to be theirs. In other words, everyone. Oh, and a box of candy hearts, also personalized with adorable mottos.

Welcome to the most romantic place on Earth. Or...somewhere.

((Mushy songs to be posted here, OOCly and to your heart's content. Also feel free to comment here about your character's valentines and their reaction thereunto, or if you wish, to start a new post for those purposes. The lock's just a mundane deadbolt, so if your character gets fed up and decides to break it/pick it/use a spell on it they should be able to get in and take over.

Happy Valentine's Day!))
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Attention ladies and gents! )

((Okay, who wants to join Ellie for some smoochy Valentine's silliness? XD))
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So. The Mouse had spoken, and there Ellie stood at the gates of Disneyland-that-wasn't, without so much as a makeup bag to her name and with an Armani-clad potential catastrophe waiting expectantly. "Well, this should be an adventure," she observed, trying her best to play it cool. "Care to point a girl in the right direction, hot stuff?"
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So Chantinelle! You've just given Hell the slip and earned the everlasting enmity of Lucifer Morningstar and the Wyrm Queen Triskelle! What are you gonna do now?

For someone who'd once run through a badly conjured portal in Hell to emerge through one of Big Ben's clock faces and plummet to the London street below, stepping out of a pub in Liverpool and into the entrance at Disneyland wasn't all that strange. Except she hadn't planned this trip. The brunette's delicate features creased into a puzzled frown.

"Okay. I'm all about the twisted humor, but this? Is pushing the boundaries of good taste," she declared, planting slender hands on her shapely hips and looking around for the party responsible.

A succubus at Disneyland. Oh yeah, Walt would be pleased. )


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