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Yzma was pissed.

Not only did that woman and the boy attack her beautiful palace, but the young man had only turned into another llama when she tried to protect herself. What was it with brats turning into llamas instead of dying properly?!

Not only that, but the hussy had blown up the room where the Empress kept her wig and eyelashes, so it was a particularly unattractive ancient woman who was scowling down by the moat and plotting her revenge.

Why didn't any of the roller coasters around here lead to secret labs...?
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A teenage girl comes falling right out of the sky, careening toward the ground -- until she begins to fall more and more slowly and, ultimately, seems to float gently toward the ground. The girl lands in a lying down position but quickly pushes herself up and looks around, blinking.

The well had never taken here here before.

"Wh...where am I?"

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

The girl rubs her eyes, looking shocked. "Kagome! But -- you still didn't tell me where I am! This doesn't look like feudal Japan." She goes quiet for a splitsecond.

"Wait, are you...?"

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((ooc: I wasn't going to do this, but I missed playing her, so here she is! Bear with me, it's been a while she I've played her anywhere and I'm a little rusty. Kagome is taken from the anime, somewhere towards the middle of the series. The anime being full of the episodic filler that it is, I figure we don't need to be more specific than that.))
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Crowley awoke, not in his comfortable bed inside Club 33, but disoriented and hung over on a bench in front of the castle, an empty bottle of rum still clutched in one hand, mouth fuzzy, and head pounding.


He brought up the other hand to guard his bleary, uncovered eyes from the glaring sun. It took him a moment to realize that there was a great deal more frilly sleeve around his wrist than there should be. Another second later, Crowley ever so cautiously moved his hand down to again discover a mustache and double braided beard.

"Why is the rum always gone?"

It wasn't what he meant to say.
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Kitty was, as she quite often found herself, bored. However, she decided to hell with what she'd told everyone, she was most definately sick of having to dress up like a man every single morning. So, after she'd told Arachne, which was her first mission of the morning, she was going to go out in what appeared to be modern women's clothing (not far off what she wore as a man, actually...) and be...normal.

It wouldn't be easy to tell Arachne, not after all that flirting, but she was pretty sure she knew how to do this without hurting anyone's feelings. So, she headed out to where Arachne lived, after her letter had gone unanswered. There was nobody there. Oh. She's just...gone.

After pausing for a moment in sheer shock, as she'd heard about this, but never expected it to happen to anyone she knew, she went to find a bench to sit on. She'd liked Arachne. Correction: she'd liked Arachne. She'd made her, on occasion, forget about how messed up things had become with Nan. She didn't feel nearly as comfortable in her newly acquired clothes as she did half an hour ago. After lighting a cigarette and taking a nervous drag, she sat back and looked at the sky, wondering what the hell she was supposed to do now.

((come bother Kitty. She's all girl now. Feel free to recognise/not recognise her.))
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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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This, thought Edgeworth, was distinctly impossible. That, or LAX has changed a great deal since he had last been there and the advances in animatronics in the past few years had been astounding. Believing this explanation made as much sense as believing that he really was speaking to anthropomorphic mouse and cat and so he did not. However, whether or not this explanation was logical, the cat and mouse persisted, and Disneyland refuse to turn into an airport. Ah well. Logic, Edgeworth had found, was often wrong.
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((Edgeworth is taken from right after the last case of Trials and Tribulations.))
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Setsuna felt it had been enough time for Duck to get settled in, and he was bored, yet again, so the day was deemed perfect for a special stake out attempt. He honestly didn't think they'd find anything, but it would be worth it to try. And still, one could never know.

He left a note for Kira, Sara and Katou to let them know he would be out with a friend and not to worry, then composed a letter to Duck, and another to Cayce.

Duck's letter )

Cayce's letter )

That done, Setsuna sent off the letters, then waited in front of the theatre.

[ooc: Anyone is welcome to come along and ask what the heck they think they're doing. XD They'll just shush you and try to make you hide with them. Or you could talk sense into them?]
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After the Mouse had placed her, Duck found a map and was relieved to discover she could understand the writing on it. It took her rather a long time to get to Critter Country, but that was more due to her tiredness than the layout of the place. It really was a pretty strange place, though; Duck was used to the subdued and natural colours of Gold Crown, and so the bright pink castle caused her to do a double-take. She wondered for a moment or two whether Mytho's castle in his story looked anything like it, but supposed not. Mytho would probably choose yellow and white instead of pink. ... Probably.
Well, where else would a duck live? )
((Feel free to say hello to the little ducky if you want! If not, I'll just leave this as a private rp; I just wanted to log where Duck will be living))
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Tutu stared around her and she rubbed at her eyes. It had been Fakir's voice that had pulled her out of Drosselmeyer's lair, hadn't it? So where was Fakir? Where was Gold Crown Town for that matter? Gold Crown had never been so brightly coloured, Tutu was sure of it.

... Was she somehow out of the story completely?
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