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Shortly after talking with Control, Chii made a post on the bulletin board:

Dear everyone in the park,

Chii has recently learned that people come from somewhere else before Disneyland. Chii learned a lot about a place callled Great Britain from Control-san, and now Chii wants to learn about other places. Also, Chii wants to know where everyone else came from. So please give Chii your name and where you lived?

Chii especially wants to know where Fay-mommy, Kuro-daddy and Sakura-sister came from. And Chii thanks you ahead of time.

Chii is from Disneyland. Chii lives here.

~ Chii
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As it had been a while since Uriel had disappeared, Doll decided it was wise to at least alert Cayce.

Dear Cayce,

I'm writing to let you know that Uriel-sama is missing, as you were keeping a census of everyone. You can add him to the list of missing people. He has to have vanished like the others, at least, because there's no way he could hide here. I don't know why he would hide from me anyway.

- Doll
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It was bad enough Doll still couldn't find Uriel, but now she didn't even know where Katou was. Some part of her mind remembered he said he'd be on the trains, but when she went looking for him, she couldn't find him.

She had no idea he was currently being carried around by Kira, and therefore was unable to respond to her letters, amongst other things.

Fretful, she went to the theatre in Fantasyland, hoping Setsuna would know where Katou was. Oh wait...wasn't Katou's location supposed to be secret from Setsuna and Kira? Still, maybe they knew something anyway. It was worth asking.

Desperate, Doll knocked on the theatre door and waited for a response impatiently.
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[[So sorry for the spamage today.]]

After checking with Katou, Kira and Setsuna to no avail, Doll turned to the one thing that would get her in contact with a great deal of people -- the bulletin board.

She plastered a poster to it that read:

Has anyone seen a dark-haired, dark-skinned, green-eyed angel that responds to the name of Uriel? YOU CANNOT MISS HIM. HE IS SEVEN FEET TALL.

If anyone hears from him, or sees him, please contact Doll or Katou immediately.


Thank-you for reading this.
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It had been about a week (at least, Doll thought it was a week, but time was hard to keep track of in this place, and time without Uriel always seemed longer to her than it really was) when Doll stopped looking for Uriel on her own and decided to ask around.

Thing was, she didn't know many people who knew Uriel, so the first person she considered asking was, naturally, Katou.

She didn't knock, and she didn't bring any edible treats with her, or even her usual smile. She was listless and distraught as she fought to push open the door and called out immediately, "Katou, Katou! Have you seen Uriel-sama?!"
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[[Warning: Definite cutting and blood-play, done by an amateur (sort of), no less.]]

Seriously, I'm sorry about this, but it's all fun and games to Doll, and she's a tad bit sadistic. )
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After Ribbon got settled into Chip 'n Dale's treehouse (the girl had first investigated Goofy's Bounce House but ultimately decided she didn't find it to her liking as far as places to live went), she decided that she should write some of her new acquaintaces.

Letter to the Chesire Cat )

Letter to Crowley )

Almost identical letters to Cayce and Minako )
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Minako only looked surprised for a second as she stepped off the bus into some sort of themepark. It was quite obvious that this was some plot by the Bad Guys to kidnap people. It was really quite tiring.

She had been about to transform, when she noticed the cat and mouse, and then she stopped. She couldn't give out her identity after all. Fixing her gaze into an icy stare, she glared at the Mouse as he asked his first question.

Read more... )

((Minako Aino, from the Sailor Moon/Sailor V manga. Taken from the beginning of S.))
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[[Definitely set before the Club thread, and should have been set only a day after Kira's bulletin board surprise.]]

Now that she had a water balloon from Kira, Doll decided it was time to write to Katou about their second date.

Letter )
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The Solo children were... unmanageable at the best of times. At the moment they were hanging off the railing of the staircase, threatening to jump. They wanted to see who could float to the ground the slowest when they let go. Well, the twins did. Young Anakin was never quite so foolish - he was sitting in the corner assembling a puzzle set for a child at least six years older than him. So quiet, that boy.

He tried to tell them that their uncle would be most displeased if he knew that they were using their powers in such a frivolous manner, but they never did listen to him. If only Chewbacca were closer at hand. But he was sadly engaged at the moment, which left Threepio in charge all on his own. Sometimes he really did wish that they would let him go with his mistress on the diplomatic missions. He was far better suited to that. And he often did wish that Artoo did not have to stay with Master Luke on Yavin 4, as he could use some company. But each to their duties. They all had their purpose.

He was determined, as always, to do General Solo and Mistress Leia proud.

Going, what do you mean you're going? Going where? )

((Like Artoo, Threepio is taken twelve years after Return of the Jedi. And yes, we're using the phonetic spelling of their names, just like in the books. Because we are dorks. ^_^ Come talk to both of them over here!!!))
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Before doing anything, when she got back to the house-tree, Doll decided to write to Katou about what she had learned from Cayce.


According to Pollard-san, we aren't supposed to do things together, like masturbating. But at the same time, if Setsuna and Sara can be together in my universe, I don't see why you can't just give me a demonstration when we don't even like each other.

Would you like to go see a movie, instead?

Err...never mind.

~ Doll
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((Backdated to before Doll's conversation with Uriel. As this part of the consequences of Crowley explaining the facts of life to Doll, you can probably guess where this conversation is going. Clinical details ahoy, because that's the only way Cayce can handle it.))

Cayce was out foraging. She'd gotten bored with the salads at Redd Rocket's, and since she really preferred things that weren't fried, she decided to head out into the park and find something new and interesting. Recollection of fruit carts and the like tugged her towards Adventureland, and so she headed off, thinking happy thoughts about apples and bananas.
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[[Warning: Sexual content in upcoming conversation.]]

Doll entered the tree she stayed in with Uriel and happily called out, "Uriel-sama~! Uriel-sama~! I've just learned some new things, and I've got some questions for you. Lots of them!"

She hoped he wasn't terribly busy, especially since this might take a while.
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New Orleans Square was where the 'mouse' had sent him, and he supposed it was good a place as any to remain. Negotiating the land was not that difficult, and so long as he did not focus too intently on the bright colors and odd shapes, his mind was at ease.

The location he had been directed to was muted a bit in comparison to what he had seen so far, and he approved as much as he was able. He looked carefully at every place he passed, trying his best to discern which areas were already inhabited and which were not. He had a business to set up, after all. Something to occupy his mind, so he did not think on his current situation overmuch.

His eyes lit on one store front and froze.


There, in plain sight, in that unmistakable hand. Four short words, an insignificant little marker to house the most ruthless of all the demons in hell sent to torment him. It took only a moment for his blood, which always seemed to run a touch cold, to roar to burning, painful life under his pallid skin.

As you've said repeatedly, there's little point in dwelling on the past... )

((Open for anyone who wants to generally gape and worry at the violence that will ensue. ;) We would rather love them to have an audience of some kind, and it might be amusing/traumatising for the characters who've met either of them as well. Or if you happen to be eating at the pie shop when this happens. XD Eventually the Mickey Cops will likely have to dump them both in the fountain - at least, that's what we're hoping for....

***ETA: Okay, now a WARNING: This thread contains abusive violence, blood and now sutures!!!! So if that's not your thing, keep away. O.O))
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With a rumbling roar like a frieght train down a tunnel, a long, green-maned, white dragon is flung from the nothingness to land in an undignified heap of coils on the hard ground. Although he might be small for his species, the creature must be fifty feet long at the very least. Untangling himself, he looks about, green eyes flickering with confusion. As much as it looks to be a little similar to the false abandoned theme park that was the front to the gateway near the bathhouse, this clearly isn’t the spirit world.

Read more... )

(( This is the dragon-boy from fairly well-known Miyazaki film Spirited Away, where he helps a human girl called Chirhiro find her way home after stumbling into the spirit world and having her parents make pigs of themselves; literally. He’s called Haku for much of the film, because a evil witch – Yubaba – has stolen his name and enslaved him, something she attempts to do to Chirhiro and fails with his help. In return, the girl helps him remember his name and himself. I’ve nicked him from a little after the end of the film.))

Open RP

Jan. 29th, 2007 08:58 pm
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Crowley was bored.

But after sharing too much information with Aziraphale, fighting with Katou, and losing Kira's and Setsuna's company over Antoinette, he wasn't sure who to talk to. He had to talk to someone, though, or he'd go stir-crazy. There's only so much drinking and reading two-hundred-year-old novels that a demon can do before he starts setting things on fire.

So, the morning found him sitting under the statue of Mickey and Walt in the shadow of the castle and hoping that someone would wander by.

((Warning for graphic sex talk.))

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((Because reading 'Kid!Katou' wrong does strange things to my mind.))

The police are chasing him, but he hardly cares. With a joyous laugh, he jumps off the roof, releasing his hangglider. Everything is going perfectly well.

Until, suddenly, he lands. He knows he's nowhere near ground yet. He simply blinked, and now he's landed, somewhere he's never been before. And he is clearly seeing things, too.

Enter the thief )

((Kaitou Kid/Kuroba Kaito is a character from Gosho Aoyama's manga series Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou. Our resident detective may or may not recognize him from either of the series, which probably would be of great interest to him.))
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A couple of days after the Hachiko statue was finished, Cayce went off to see if she could find Sallah.  Read more... )

Her exchange of letters with Setsuna on the subject of people leaving or going missing rankled, and so after some thought, she posted a large sheet of paper on the central bulletin board.


If you don't sign your name, we'll assume something has happened to you.
And if it turns out you're here after all,
we'll ... beat you with wet noodles. Or something.
--Cayce P.

A little later, the following postscript was added.

P.S. Some wiseasses people are wondering what this is for.
Short version: there's a couple of people here that can't be found,
and plus I don't think there's ever been an official list of who's here.
So be a good sport and sign. Please?

Later yet, Cayce scribbled on one more postscript.

P.P.S. And Mr. Fell had a great idea -- if you don't mind, jot down
where you live -- either the specific building or just the area of the park.
--C.P. (Starcade, Tomorrowland)

((Have at it, guys -- graffiti the sign, have written arguments with others on it, leave jokes, whatever ... just make your presence known.))
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Read more... )

((OOC: Miroku is from InuYasha, where the anime leaves off. Nothing too special there. ;3))
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Running, running, always running... )

((Okies, peeps, this Tsume, from the anime TV series Wolf’s Rain. (for those who know him, he’s been nicked from around episode 21-22, I think – they’ve just hit the snow before the icecaps. ) If your char is a standard human being in species, or generally not very observant, then he or she will perceive him as human-shaped, unless you happen to be insane or very, very drunk, or else his concentration slips. If you’re not, or your char generally sees things as then actually are, then Tsume’s a big grey badass wolf with a scar on his chest like an X. Enjoy!))


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