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((Open RP. Picks up after this conversation, post-mayhem and post-opening-of-the-door. Feel free to intercept Cayce at any point.))

After she talked to Ellie, Cayce realized she really needed to pull herself together before dealing with anyone else. She ducked into a bathroom, where she found there was just enough water pressure to wash her face and make herself as presentable as she could. Then she set out across the park, generally in the direction of Tomorrowland and the theatre (and not thinking about who she wouldn't find there anymore, because that would just get her started again), and taking a fairly circuitous route to try and meet as many people as possible on the way.


ETA: Cayce makes an announcement.
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((The return of Cayce and Quixote! Wide open RP. If you haven't already, catch up with the adventures of Quixote, Setsuna, Cayce, and Adam here.))

At some point after Pirate Day, an announcement came on over the park PA system.

"Hi everyone. This is Cayce Pollard. I'd like everyone to come to a meeting tonight to discuss a new discovery that's been made about the park. The meeting's in the Honey I Shrunk the Audience auditorium, at sundown. This is pretty important, so please be there if you can."

That evening ...

Don't forget to keep your head warm )


After the various discussions had settled out somewhat, Cayce finally cleared her throat.

"Okay, so here's the plan. Tomorrow at midday, anyone who wants to join the underground expedition should meet at the statue. It sounds like the time dilation or whatever it is makes time pass more slowly belowground than up here, so I think Adam and Setsuna will be fine. We should take the time to get ready with whatever we'll need to bring with us." Plus, of course, it was Adam. Of course they'd be fine. "Then, once we're at the door and ready to proceed, the—the Master will send a signal to the Doctor, who'll lead the distruption. Anyone has any other questions, find me. Thanks, everybody."

((And there will be a fresh post for the expedition when my life is a little more normal.))
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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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Posted on the bulletin board:

Party Invite )

Cayce also sent a letter to Crowley:
Read more... )


Letter to Starbuck, sent after correspondence with Daniel )

((Party post will be going up slightly shy of the actual new moon, in about 10 days or so.))
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"You, no trouble. Me fifth element. Supreme being. Me protect you. Sleep."

And then a lady walks up and wishes him sweet dreams and presses a button, and he sleeps.

But she is still awake, still eager to absorb and belong. She must think and adapt and sort through all the new information she has collected, and be content with that for the short time she has. Soak it up like cloth in water. She goes through the words she's learned: alien, broken, care, delve, echo, feather, give, heal, igloo, joke, keep, lemon, melt, new, oval, paint....

She isn't supposed to drift off herself. )

((This is Leeloo. She is the supreme being sent to Earth to save the universe. >_> No, really. Really, really. I took her mid-movie, right before she and Korben arrive in Phloston Paradise to retrieve the four stones. Also, the other language that she's speaking is called the Divine or Ancient language. Spoken in the universe before time was time, according to some. She's still learning English, so bear with her. Oh, and this is Crichton-mun, btw. ^_^))
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There was absolutely no good reason why Cayce hadn't passed on Boba Fett's news to the others. She'd gotten distracted by the holiday activity and her own self-absorption, she decided.

Well, better late than never. The letters she sent to Susan, Logan, Daniel, and John were all basically identical:
Read more... )
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["It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas" by the Pet Shop Boys plays.]

Hi everyone. Cayce Pollard here, and happy non-denominational holiday of your choice to one and all! By now you've probably seen the park decorations and even the snow in the evenings, and you know what that means: snowball fight by the statue! James Potter, I'm looking at you.

Thanks to everyone who sent in music requests, especially [cough] Tamaki Suoh who was so very generous. We'll, uh, get to his in the latter half of the show.

You people really are in the holiday spirit, aren't you? )

[Roisin Murphy's "Parallel Lives" plays without comment.]

The Tamaki Suoh Show )

Whew. And that, boys and girls, is everything we've got today. Want to hear something else after all that? Call in!

[Cayce cues up David Bowie's "Life on Mars". As the song cues up and before the god-mike gets switched off, anyone who's paying close attention might hear a sort of thump that sounds like a head hitting a desk, and muffled laughter that sounds very tired and more than a little resigned.]
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((Backdated to immediately following the second war/diplomacy council.))

Or maybe that was too dirty? But "Operation Let's Go Ask The Killers Not To Hurt Us, Please" didn't have much of a ring. Logan took the Skyway to Fantasyland arguing with himself all the way through Toon Town over whether it wouldn't be better to just go do the talking to Sweeney and/or Lovett himself if it had to be done, but nevertheless headed straight for Veronica's tree house - formerly Chip n' Dale's - like a responsible little conspirator. Maybe he was growing as a person. (Growing wussier.)

He bounced up the stairs and knocked on the treehouse's door. "Hey Mars. You home, or should I start checking all the girl's bathrooms?"
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John awoke at his usual early hour on the morning of the town meeting. He dressed with slightly more than usual care in his suit of clothes from home, broke his fast with a light meal, and headed to the Golden Horseshoe to ensure that things were the way he wanted.

The chairs and small tables were already perfectly arranged, but John dragged a podium he found backstage out to the front of the curtain. Then he bustled about in the kitchen area setting out drinks and whatever small snacks he could find back there.

Before long, interested citizens began filing in and he went up to the podium. There was no microphone because he'd never heard of such a thing, but John Adams never had difficulty making himself heard.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. If you would please pick up any refreshments you'd care for and take your seats, we'll begin in just a few minutes."
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Cayce glared at her notes.

She'd gotten sloppy, she realized; she hadn't been keeping up with the new arrivals nearly as well as she should, and she hadn't updated the park census in forever. Which meant it was time to do this the easy way.

So a large sheet of paper went up on the park bulletin board.

Hi everyone.

As some of you know, I've been keeping track of the population of the park, just so that we know who's here and where we can find them. I need to update my records, so please put your name and where you live on this sheet.

Also, if there is anyone you know of who is missing you haven't seen in a while, mail me privately.

Thanks for your help,
Cayce Pollard
Starcade, Tomorrowland
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Identical letters sent out to Daniel, Crichton, Logan, and Susan:

Hey guys,

I think we need to meet again to discuss the situation in New Orleans Square. Tomorrow evening, upstairs at the Starcade. See you then.

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[[If Pearl's still staying with them. And write a lot of letters. x___X Also, I know some people are on hiatus, so don't worry about responding until you have time. I'm not expecting immediate answers. And I am SO SORRY this caused the kid to flip out. x___X]]

After nearly a year of being there in that twisted Disneyland, Setsuna had grown far too accustomed to the sense of everyone's auras mixed together, to the point he didn't even realize he felt them. He couldn't tell anyone apart unless they were close by, though.

Still, everyone just seemed to meld in like a big space of warmth in a large cavern of nothing -- like a family huddled together from the cold. When several little flames went out all at once, Setsuna noticed, this time.

Just like that...there was something missing, and the worst feeling for the over-emotional teen was not knowing who those people might be.

At once he called out, "Hey, Little Rascal, where are you? Here kitty-kitty!" searching for their newest addition -- he still needed to introduce that little guy to Pearl, now that he thought of it. Maybe she would like cats. And once he had the kitten, he wanted to find Sara and hold her, very, very tightly. And Kira had to be found, too, and Pearl. And...there was a rather big list going on in the blond's head. Eventually, it became a string of letters.

Cayce )

Crowley )

Duzell )

Mr. Fell )

Rukia )

Raphael )

Fay )

Susan )

John and Daniel )

Leon )

Psyche )

He didn't write to Rae, Demyx or Adam, but that was because he planned to visit them as soon as possible.
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Letter to Cayce )

Letter to John and Daniel )

Letter to Carrot )
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If you have any items for the Disneyland Omnivore, leave a note here or send me a letter.

Cayce Pollard
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A delivery goes out in the form of bottles with notes attached to each of them -

Setsuna )

Shaun )

Cayce )

Una )

Sam )
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((all righty everyone, since this is being hosted by two people, you will see the dialogue easily marked for convenience. As Danielmun is away, she gave me permission to godmod her darling doctor, so feel free to address either or both of the boys. Prepare for geekiness and lots of music that you probably already have ;) Because true American radio is about predictability.))

Who decided it would be a good idea to let them into the radio room? )
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Now accepting submissions for the park newspaper!

Got any interesting facts about the park? Any news you want to share? Mail tips or articles to Cayce Pollard.

We're also accepting suggestions for a title.

First issue will go out with the full moon, so get your submissions in before then.
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((Backdated to around the same time as Susan's interview with Sweeney.))

“It, it just feels… dishonest,” Daniel complained, more to himself than John, as they walked through New Orleans Square. “I mean, I guess we don’t really have much of a choice, but to go in there with all these, these suspicions and knowing all these things about her and her life, and just pretend like nothing’s wrong while surreptitiously giving her the third degree?”

He glanced over at John, silently asking for the other man’s opinion.


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