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It was a quiet afternoon, approaching early evening, peaceful; a blanket had been spread out underneath the trees by the lake, location chosen the better to attract the ducks. Count D had realized quite some time ago that despite not reacting to him... properly--and despite being unable to communicate with them, to truly see them, he still felt that connection with them that he did with all fauna and flora. So a picnic by the water, with scraps for the ducks, fine tea...

And interesting company. There were two figures on the blankets, one the perhaps not unusual Chinese man, elegant as always in his cheongsam, sipping delicately at the tea, the other a lazy form lounging back, fedora tipped over his face, lizard curled up beside him on the blanket. It would be less odd if the second individual didn't appear to be around one year old, and if the Count didn't appear to be paying more attention to the lizard than the baby.

"Bullets, you say? My, that is unique."

((Playercest post to announce I'M BACK, BABIES \o/ ♥))
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Tutu stared around her and she rubbed at her eyes. It had been Fakir's voice that had pulled her out of Drosselmeyer's lair, hadn't it? So where was Fakir? Where was Gold Crown Town for that matter? Gold Crown had never been so brightly coloured, Tutu was sure of it.

... Was she somehow out of the story completely?
Dance the pas de deux of life; I'm dreaming again today )
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"You, no trouble. Me fifth element. Supreme being. Me protect you. Sleep."

And then a lady walks up and wishes him sweet dreams and presses a button, and he sleeps.

But she is still awake, still eager to absorb and belong. She must think and adapt and sort through all the new information she has collected, and be content with that for the short time she has. Soak it up like cloth in water. She goes through the words she's learned: alien, broken, care, delve, echo, feather, give, heal, igloo, joke, keep, lemon, melt, new, oval, paint....

She isn't supposed to drift off herself. )

((This is Leeloo. She is the supreme being sent to Earth to save the universe. >_> No, really. Really, really. I took her mid-movie, right before she and Korben arrive in Phloston Paradise to retrieve the four stones. Also, the other language that she's speaking is called the Divine or Ancient language. Spoken in the universe before time was time, according to some. She's still learning English, so bear with her. Oh, and this is Crichton-mun, btw. ^_^))
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[Without prelude, Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Begin the Beguine" plays.]

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Una Persson with [pause] a rather scant handful of song requests, so I'll be filling up the show with ... well, whatever strikes my fancy, I expect. As always, if there is something that you want to hear, call me at the station, and I'll do my best.

Stumblin' into the heart of Saturday night )
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Leon woke up that morning, and sniffed the air. He wasn't exactly himself - the mysical lion that resided in his soul was getting restless. It had been cooped up in this human for so long, allowing itself to sleep, not letting the human part of it know it was there. It had done a good job of hiding itself these past twenty years (when Leon was eight, the lion had decided to share its soul), and had even managed to hide itself from Count D, but now it was tired of this vessel.

He stretched in a feline like way, and sniffed the air again. There weren't many animals in the park, he could tell, but he could always go for some ducks. Or maybe he could hunt humans. That would be fun.
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((Backdated to the evening of 'Dite's arrival in the park.))


She would have liked to turn the mouse into a tree for his trouble and his impertinence, but it was clear even to her that seeing as how the mouse was serving some entity with the power to imprison a goddess, doing so probably wasn't a good idea. So she pasted on a smile and accepted her fate.

Moments later, a dazzlingly white swan could be seen rising from the entrance plaza, its feathers shining in the sun as it took to the air.

Read more... )

((Feel free to gawk, say hi, bother the goddess, etc. Note that she is in a bit of a mood, but I don't think she'll be turning anyone into trees. Yet.))
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D had been really good about having Leon borrowing his name and pretending to be him in various letters, and his exchange with Chii had made him feel highly guilty for it, so he decided to make it worth D's while.

He had gone to get some pastries*, and hiding them in a bag behind his back, he knocked on the restaurant door, poked his head in, and called, "D, you in?"

((I'm assuming he got them from Rae's restaurant. Of course, it's not overly important, but just thought I'd mention it. I'm hoping that doesn't cause any problems, because if it does I'll just assume he got them someplace else. >_>;;))
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((...Spamity spam spam?))

Letters to Duzell, Tim Drake, Skaffen-Amtiskaw, Pippi Longstocking, Michael, Jeliza-Rose, Superboy, Richard Foley, Sara and Fred Weasley )

Then, on the bulletin board, Leon wrote:

If you're currently living in a land that you were not sorted into, please state your name and the land the Mouse assigned you. Also, if you happen to know where any of the missing people had been living/sorted to, please let me know.

He contemplated putting his name on it, since he knew he had made his fair share of enemies, but then decided that putting "just put it here or address your letters to 'the guy who made the announcement'" would just raise more suspicion.

-Count D

Added as an afterthought is:

Also, how long you've been here and if anyone has gone missing and returned, how long they were missing for. And if anyone has that information for the missing people, please let me know.
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Kyouya walks towards the gates, frowning only slightly despite his considerable annoyance. Simply because Tamaki had never been to Tokyo Disneyland was no cause for him to run off, especially when Kyouya had to give the limo driver instructions for when to pick them up that afternoon. Besides, Tamaki had surely been to Disneyland before in France, hadn't he? It was possible that the two were very different, but Kyouya couldn't see how. The only time he had visited theme parks before was with his father on business, and he had been too busy studying his father's business practices to notice very much about his environment.

He wasn't even sure what one did for 'fun' in a theme park, although he was certain his tiresome friend would be certain to show him if he was ever found again.

"Tamaki?" he calls, turning to look around, and suddenly realizing that not only is Tamaki missing, everyone else is as well. That certainly isn't normal; Disneyland always has hundreds of commoner families milling about at the gates. "Where--" And then he sees the mouse.

Application for Kyouya Ootori, Ouran High School Host Club )

((Kyouya is from Ouran High School Host Club, pre-series))
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Well. This was certainly not what she was expecting to see when she turned around. It seemed as though someone had replaced the inside of her cottage with...well. She's not exactly sure what this is.

Another thing she wasn't sure of was the giant mouse staring at her. It seemed to her that it wanted something, but was waiting for just the right time to begin. Not one to be made to wait, Granny stared at the creature.
It was a stare that could make a snake flinch. )
((Granny Weatherwax joins us from the Discworld series; she is taken from right after the short story The Sea and Little Fishes which, in true Discworld fashion, is set anywhere between Maskerade and The Wintersmith. Permission received from both Susan and Carrot.

Also, despite the icon, Granny is in fact wearing a pointy black hat))
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Once Mickey gave the okay for D to leave, Leon took his hand in his and began taking him back to D's place, feeling a lot lighter than he had felt in a long, long time. He probably walked a little slower than usual just to drink in the fact that D was there again, with him, but only a little bit slower.

He got to D's place in what seemed like far too short a time. "So," he said. "Would you like me to write Carrot now?" he asked D, not letting go of his hand yet.

((EDIT: Warning for potential smut. About effing time. Jesus, four years.))
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James and Sirius, for today an accountant and a dentist, respectively, put the finishing touches on the Haunted Mansion (they had started the night before, and upon finding that in the morning their changes were still there, they had been quite pleased and finished up). Now that the room where the ceiling rose was magicked so that everyone would fit in it and still have plenty of space to move. On top of that, they had magically rewired the loudspeakers to the room, put up some spooky decorations, and even completed it with fake, scary looking ghosts (they had both been quite disappointed in the morning to discover that some of their ruder decorations, including hot, naked ghosts, were removed).

Then, James began to write the letters, and started some music.

Letters to Crowley, and everyone in the park )
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'...vanish away,/And never be met with again!' )

((Bringing back in Count D, from Petshop of Horrors! He's brought from the end of the series, and he remembers everything, anyway, from his experiences at the park.))


Aug. 6th, 2007 03:34 pm
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Leon wasn't what one would call pleased after learning that there were ducklings, which meant that the ducks might be reproducing naturally. It wasn't that he wanted the people to be turning into ducks, it was just that if the duck population growing could be attributed to reproduction, it meant that he was back at square one.

Of course, that didn't get rid of the evidence of a precident, nor did it mean that D (and Leon) could talk to the ducks suddenly, so there was still that at least. Brightening, Leon realized that Rae could've just been lying because she hated him or something. People often fed the police false information, didn't they? There was no way that after all of his searching and observing them that he had missed an entire family of ducklings, especially seeing as they couldn't really fly.

And then a couple swam by him. He promptly began screaming obscenities at them, causing a couple of ducks to take flight.
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Independence Day had been one of Leon's favourite holidays. Being away from home for so long had elevated it quite a few notches, so that if he was asked now what his favourite holiday was, he wouldn't even need to think about it before he said "the Fourth of July." Every year, he took the day off (and the next day, because he usually either had a killer hangover, or was still drunk by the next day), and it was never any problem because he usually jumped at working Christmas and other family holidays that most of the force wanted it.

This Independence Day (or week, or however long the decorations intended to be up for) had been somewhat dampened already.

He had spent the last two Independence Days before he left America with D (well, the day part, at least. The nights he tended to spend with a good-looking girl in a pub), and this year wasn't going to be any different. Well, it would in the sense that he wasn't looking forward to spending the night in a pub or a bed with a hot broad, and he was kind of pissed off. But he was still going to be with D none-the-less.

"That fucking Crowley," Leon snarled, throwing open the doors to the candy shop a little more forcefully than was necessary. "He's a goddamned asshole, how the hell is he related to Antoinette? Fucking rich bastard."

It was really no different than most of Leon's visits.
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Barnabas spent at least a week considering all the various options open to him, looked at the message board several times - he could read quite well even if his limbs where not designed in the manner to allow him to write - then eventually came to an almost-conclusion and headed down Main Street to the Candy Palace.

He scratched on the open door with his blunt claws instead of knocking, and peered into the interior. "Count D, you there? Wondering if I could have a word..."

((Closed rp for Barnabas and D, and possibly with Leon later on.))
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Leon was no stranger to bad dreams, and usually slept right through them, forgetting them by the time he woke up. Bad dreams were the way of his subconscious getting though whatever bad thoughts he happened to have and then getting rid of them.

Cut for a somewhat gory dream )

Leon didn't scream when he woke up. Instead, he very put on some clothes, went to the bathroom to splash his face, and headed out of the apartment, being careful not to wake up Mr. Fell.

He made his way straight to D's shop, and barged in, no where near as quiet as he had been when he had left his apartment. Even if he had cared about D's beauty rest - which, let's be honest here, he really didn't - a little noise like what he was making wasn't near enough to wake D up.

He laid on the other side of the room, and let the familiar - if not faint - scent of D's incense put him to sleep again.
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A man in a black leather vest and tiny, too-short leather shorts wanders up. His speed is significantly hindered by how he thrusts his hips with every step he takes. He wears boots on his feet, fingerless studded gloves on his hands, and a hat - all black leather as well. His eyes are hidden by sunglases, but he seems to be very happy, judging by the large smile on his face.


((Hard Gay (aka Razor Ramon HG, Haado Gei, etc.) is from Japanese television. That is really all I can say about him. There's no real timeline or plot, but rest assured, he is a fictional character. The actor who plays him is supposedly relatively normal, behavior-wise. Here is a video if you're interested!

Please note: No offense is intended by his presence.))
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The Count knew his detective well, and shortly before he expected the man to arrive he began preparing the tea and setting out the cups. He hesitated, for just a moment, before heading into the back, carefully pulling out the incense he had begun to burn the other day and lighting it once more. It was meant to relax, to calm, and he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

Even if it did not work, he had no doubts that he could pretend it did, and that, at least, might help a little. He opened his eyes again, walking back to the front of the store, pouring out two cups of tea. Perhaps a little early, but he knew what he was doing. He knew how Leon took his tea as well as his own preferences, which was in fact why he had begun letting the man serve himself, but today he stirred the milk and sugar into both their cups.

By the time he was finishing, he heard the door open, and looked up with a perfectly placed smile.


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