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((We're going to get Sam dellamified and Chii wherever she needs to go here, but if anyone else would have a reason to need an angel following the assault on the park, feel free to chime in))

Following Ellie's arrival, Aziraphale stepped out the door of Club 33, somewhat relieved to turn Crowley and his miserable mood over to someone who might stand a chance of doing something about it. With that concern out of the way, he was now aware of subtle subliminal tugs that told him someone (maybe more than one person) out here in the park required the services of an angel.

The direction of the need was not immediately clear, so he began by setting off in the direction of the Cat's Eye Cafe in Tomorrowland. Little Chii would undoubtedly be confused by the power outage and perhaps frightened by the loud noises. (Had anyone thought to warn her what would be happening? Probably not. Drat, he ought to have done it himself, whether he was involved or not. Slipping, old boy, you really are slipping, he told himself.)
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Aziraphale had promised he would visit Chii, and as usual he'd gone and absent-mindedly put it off for far too long. Inexcusable, really, especially after the incident at the prayer meeting. (Really, it was no wonder he had so few friends back home. Human lifespans made the habit of visiting only once every few years or so problematical.)

But finally one morning the thought struck him at a moment when no other distraction was waiting on its heels to derail his attention, and he set off for the Cat's Eye Cafe to see how the little robot was faring. He brought along a book of Bible stories and some other appropriate children's literature he thought she might like; he wasn't sure what Susan had already shown her, and goodness only knew what she'd been picking up from the other park residents. The girl's mind was like a dry sponge, and in his opinion that was only sometimes a good thing.

"Hello?" he called as he walked in the door of the cafe, just a little anxiously. "Chii? Are you here, child?" Things in the park being the way they were, one could never be quite sure of getting the answer one expected.
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Ryou blinks. Wasn't he just strolling through the park? How had he wound up here? He looks around and takes in the view. A brick-lain floor, a large plant front with the face of Mickey Mouse, and what appeared to be a train station on a bridge loom in front of him, while turnstiles and gates sta at his back. Beyond the gate, however, was nothing.

"How odd." Ryou said out loud.

There was not a person to be seen. Ryou was starting to get a creeping feeling up his spine when, from under one edge of the bridge, ran a mouse.

CUT! )

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A man shuffles in the gate, seeming unaware at first of his odd surroundings (or much of anything else.) It's difficult to say whether he's an old man, or if an unkind life has merely given him the appearance of one. Everything about him seems shabby and unkempt, from his untended beard to the well-worn trench coat he wears like a second skin. The dull expression in his blue eyes and the slump of his shoulders suggest that cleaning him up wouldn't really make a great deal of difference, at least to him.

The dried blood soaked into his collar and spattered down the front of his shirt doesn't help matters, either.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

The man looks up for the first time, and stops dead at the sight of the cartoon-come-to-life. "'m John," he says automatically, frowning at Mickey as though trying to puzzle something out.

What the fuck are you supposed to be? )

((John Constantine from the Hellblazer comics, here--the original character inspired by Sting, not the cheap Keanu Reeves movie ripoff! He's arriving shortly after a failed attack by the Vampire King and is still somewhat broken due to losing his lady love, Kit. I also play the other Hellblazer character in the park, so I think I'm all set there. Feel free to come pester him, but be warned he's not in the most sociable of moods right now.))
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Setting the scene... )


Cayce's words of welcome, given after a majority of the guests have arrived. )

((Party time! Talk amongst yourselves, hassle Cayce, get drunk and ride through It's a Small World (not recommended), and otherwise have fun. Feel free to set your post before or after Cayce's little speech.))

((ETA: Here's the limbo thread!))
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A package was sent to Cayce containing a relatively modest and completely generic red bikini and a letter:


You ready to do this? Come over tomorrow around noon. We'll do the tour and have a lake party/barbecue afterward.


Ellie got a letter, but no package.


Ready for the bikini tour? Come over tomorrow around noon. Cayce's suit is fairly modest, but I know better than to put restrictions on you. Barbecue at the lake afterward.


((So very porny now. Be warned.))
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One quiet afternoon found Aziraphale at the bulletin board, putting up a notice written in old-fashioned flowing script.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A non-denominational, interfaith prayer assembly will be held at the Golden Horsehoe in Frontierland, three nights hence at sunset. All are welcome, regardless of faith or lack thereof, who come with respect and peaceable intentions.

If interested, please make a note of it here or via post to Mr. Fell at Club 33. Questions or comments are welcome.


((Sylar is scheduled to wander by and be a nuisance, but anyone else who wants to get involved is welcome))
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Read more... )

((Btw, if your character didn't audition but is still listed as participating somehow, don't worry about it. T-Rex realized he didn't have enough volunteers to fill out everything he wanted to fill, so he just started listing random people he knew or knew of. He'll be by no means forcing anyone to participate, so if you want, feel free to ignore him and he'll work around it. Of course, anyone who's happy with their roles and would like to participate, feel free! Also, if you're not listed and would like to participate, he'll find some way to squeeze you in, believe me.))
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When Fay and Kurogane didn't show up for a day, Chii started to get worried - they'd never just left her before all night by herself - so the next morning, she decided the best thing to do was ask everyone else in the park, as they were always so helpful, after all~! And she felt she should let them know something, too, just in case. Chii, after all, wasn't oblivious to the people leaving thing, not after Mokona and Sakura.

Dear everyone,

Fay-mommy and Kuro-daddy have not come home yet, and I am concerned. If you see them, please let them know I am waiting for them to come back.

In the event they have disappeared like others, then I will keep the Cat's Eye cafe open until either they return, or just for the rest of you so you can have Fay-mommy's goodies, which I also know how to make.

Please be well, and come have baked goods whenever you want.

~ Chii
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Disney Inmates:

Seems like you've been here for a while and no one's yet been enough of a prat to try and take charge. Good on you! Seeing you lot not killing each other and working for the common good is almost enough to make an old anarchist shed a tear.

But its come to my attention that there are a few superbastards who haven't got the message. Which is why I'm offering up my services. Anyone fucks with you and you can't fuck back, please write your Auntie Jenny, and she'll make sure the bullies learn to play nice. Unless you bloody well deserved it, in which case write me anyway, I could use a laugh.

Comments or Concerns? I probably don't care, but go ahead anyway.


Jenny Sparks

Letter to Elle )

Letter to Sylar )

Letter to Una )
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Marguerite had woken in her bed alone to find a note from her husband, Percy Blakeney, informing her that he had forgotten his previous engagement to race his yacht against another and to make excuses to their guest. It was bad enough that he was so distant from her, but Chauvelin's news of Armand? How did this all happen like this? And to leave her like this! How could he! At least she wasn't alone with him here. He may not have spoken to her, or shown any signs of love at all since their marriage but she was not alone. But now? When she needed him most? What was she to do? She had not the slightest idea where to begin---first the Marquis de St. Cyr, next Armand, then The Scarlet Pimpernel---and they'd all be sent to the guillotine because of her.

Lifting her skirts ever so slightly as not to trip, she made her way up the stairs to his study. Enough was enough - the lies, the secrets, it was enough! What happened to the man she fell in love with? What happened to the Percy Blakeney she married, who's loving words touch her heart?

Sink me? Shoot me! )

((Hello! I've talked this over with the player of Sir Percy Blakeney and all is well. She doesn't yet know her beloved hubby is in fact the Scarlet Pimpernel.))
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"'But oh, beamish nephew, beware of the day,/If your Snark be a Boojum! For then/You will softly and suddenly...'" the Cheshire Cat recites, breaking off when it notices it has company. It's sunning itself, draped belly-up over a parapet of the castle, but with an unsettling upside down smile it vanishes and then reappears on the bridge, just to one side of where the transformation took place.

"What?" Lily asks it, even though she's not expecting a real response that makes any sense. How did she get here? The last thing she remembers is going to sleep in the ice cream shop, although she's wearing her school uniform again, not pajamas, and she doesn't suspect herself of sleepwalking... even though she does have the odd feeling of just waking up from a dream.

Read more... )
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It had been over 24 hours now, somewhere between 24 and 36. It hurt Seeley’s eyes to look at the clock. It was supposed to be his weekend with a Parker, but with Bones and Hodgins missing he had to call Rebecca. She was a little ticked, but she heard it in his voice. “I can’t give you specifics but, this case---the bastard’s got Temperance. And Hodg--the bug guy,” he clarified, unsure if he’d mentioned his name to her before. “They’ve got limited air supply and I’ve got to find them bef--”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell Parker something. Go find them,” she said. It brought a small smile to Booth’s face, knowing he didn’t need to explain. “Thanks,” he replied before he hung up.

He’d been sitting on this guy for hours now, the team working in the lab to see if there was anything, anything at all that could help. He’d been up more than 24 hours now; he was the guy, Seely Booth was sure of it. He was so damned self assured about it when they brought him in, he all but confessed...he was so proud of it.

Angela stopped by a few hours ago with coffee for the two of them. They sat for a while after she had explained their findings so far, a comfortable silence falling between the two of them before he told her to go rest at the lab. She left reluctantly, leaving the canister of coffee for him.

It was long cold, and he was at the end of it, his eyes closing for a moment before he woke himself up. His eyes shut again and when he force himself awake he wasn’t in the car---he wasn’t in the lab. It was bright and the light was in his eyes, and he couldn’t see who was talking and instinctively he reached for his gun.

cut to application )

((Agent Seeley Booth is from the Fox TV show, "Bones". I'm bringing him in from the season 2 episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship", where his partner (and possible future love interest?), and his 'friend', Hodgins aka "The Bug Guy", have been kidnapped and buried alive. The lovely girl who plays Bones is all cool with it! :D ))
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[ooc: Backdated to yesterday. I sorry for being late, and not making full cards, on top of that. D: Or different ones. As is, it's not like the Gaia Dollmaker has anything close to Chii's hair, but they have the ears.]

Of course, when Chii woke up and found the valentines and list by her bed she diligently sent off a card to each person, along with candy. Hey, someone else had obviously done all the work for her, and had been so kind to do it, so Chii wasn't going to let that effort go to waste.

In fact she put a notice on the bulletin board that expressed her gratitude to whoever made her cards for her.

Chii's cards )
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mood: restless

I am pleased to announce the opening of Fell's Tea and Sundries in the Cafe Orleans, located near the Pirates of the Carribbean ride in New Orleans Square. All park residents are invited to stop by and refresh themselves any time they like.


E. Fell

It seemed a shame to let the pleasant little cafe sit unused, after all... )
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It had taken Tamaki a few days (and several bandages to add to the ones that he earned while making Christmas dinner), but he managed to make seven poorly made white robes, six with red sashes, a wreath adorned with several candles (this he actually walked around with on his head and hopped and jumped to make sure it wouldn't come tumbling down when worn), and even a cone hat adorned with stars.

Once he was done that, he was pleased to note that it was still Christmasy, and then got to preparing some letters.

Letters to Chii, Shizuka, Pearl, Lilly, and Sara )

He intended to surprise Pippi after he got the other girls' responses (and them dressed), and then he would find her.

Somehow, at least. He realized now that he had not asked where she lived. He frowned to himself, and then wrote one more letter.

Letter to Pippi )

((Once everything get set up, it will be an Open RP.))
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mood: joyful

On Christmas morning (or he thought it was Christmas day; there was no foolproof way to be sure,) Aziraphale rose early. First he took care of the household matters--a long, slender box with Crowley's name on it beneath the tree, and two stockings by the fireplace, one black and one red and green tartan.

Then he went out to the balcony of Club 33 one more time with Cayce's census list in hand... )

((Everybody feel free to make up your own gift or totally ignore the whole thing XD))
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Rukia didn't often go down to the river except when she needed to bathe, but today was an exception. The little shinigami was desperately bored, and she'd ultimately taken to skipping rocks on the water's surface, and watching the ducks scatter when one got too close (she actually tried not to aim for the ducks and for the most part she succeeded, but occasionally, one went astray).

What was frustrating was the way some rocks skipped gracefully across the water, some skipped one or two times and then stopped and some fell into the water with a plunk almost as soon as they left her hand. Rukia was sure there had to be a trick to it. She just wished she knew what...

((Anyone who wants to come talk to her, give her pointers, feed the ducks, etc., is welcome. :D))


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