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Carrot sat at the desk in their Headquarters beneath the pirate ride, taking a few notes. There was about a page of paper that was filled with Carrot's messy handwriting in dark ink. Unfortunately, none of it was about the park. No new developments, no new leads, not in the slightest closer to finding a way out or a way home. Instead, the notes were all sentences in various languages such as Klatchian, Dwarfish, and Uberwald. He was trying to make sure he remembered all of the phrases he'd picked up and the right parts of speech, since he'd been so out of practice so long from Ankh-Morpork. It was important not to forget.

Plus, for one of the first times in his life, Carrot was bored.
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He had been having a good time, smoking pot for the first time, hanging around with Combo and Milky, who for the first time, seemed to be having a decent and proper conversation. This pleases him as Combo’s attitude towards Milky had always made him nervous.

Problem is, the pot seemed to be making him phase in and out of reality, as the next time he looked up, there was Mickey Mouse and nobody else around. He stood up, straightened out his suspenders and had a quick look around. Okaaaaaay.

Under here. )

((Shaun is taken from the film This is England, just before ..well, to avoid spoilers, someone's RATHER violent attack on someone else. More explained in The Profile. This is in massive celebration of me slogging my way through my first university essay. Yes, I have no life. XD ETA: I know Shaun speaks in Yorkshire. I'm happy to translate, but it's pretty self explanatory. I think...))
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Later in the evening after Kira's tabloid went out, a notice appeared on the bulletin board:

Submissions currently being accepted... )

Cayce also sent out letters to John Adams, Leon Orcot, and Captain Carrot:

Dear Mr Adams )

Dear Det. Orcot )

Dear Capt. Ironfoundersson )

((Of course, it will make things easier for Cayce's mun -- and expedite the issuance of the next issue of the paper -- if you send a written statement, but if you want to RP stuff, just let me know.))
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Kon )

Cayce )

Pearl )

John Crichton )

[[ooc: Do not just post in here for the heck of it. I WILL find a way to make you RP with me if you do. >.>]]
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Once Mickey gave the okay for D to leave, Leon took his hand in his and began taking him back to D's place, feeling a lot lighter than he had felt in a long, long time. He probably walked a little slower than usual just to drink in the fact that D was there again, with him, but only a little bit slower.

He got to D's place in what seemed like far too short a time. "So," he said. "Would you like me to write Carrot now?" he asked D, not letting go of his hand yet.

((EDIT: Warning for potential smut. About effing time. Jesus, four years.))
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On the one hand, Susan didn't really care what people got up to in their spare time. Read more... )

Open post

Oct. 23rd, 2007 01:50 pm
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After his ungraceful departure from the Town Meeting (he knew he had overreacted, but at this moment he didn't much care), Leon headed home, grabbed a bottle of whiskey that Aziraphale had been storing, and headed to the lake moat with Una's letter clutched in his fist. He stopped by a bakery and grabbed some pastries, and took to drinking and ripping them up to throw into the lake, his theory being that which ever duck liked them the best was probably D. Unfortunately, all the ducks seemed to like them about equal.

He was fairly drunk by the time he read Una's letter, which he threw into lake as soon as he had. It didn't matter anymore either.

He blinked when he saw a cat, sure for a moment that he was hallucinating, then he grinned and called it over, finding out that it's name was Lucky, and it had some dealings with D in the past. Unfortunately, the cat couldn't seem to be able to tell which duck was D, if any cat was D, but soon he and Lucky had fell into a pretty decent conversation (even if Leon was getting drunker by the minute). D was right, this was way better than dealing with stupid fucking humans who didn't know shit all.
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John awoke at his usual early hour on the morning of the town meeting. He dressed with slightly more than usual care in his suit of clothes from home, broke his fast with a light meal, and headed to the Golden Horseshoe to ensure that things were the way he wanted.

The chairs and small tables were already perfectly arranged, but John dragged a podium he found backstage out to the front of the curtain. Then he bustled about in the kitchen area setting out drinks and whatever small snacks he could find back there.

Before long, interested citizens began filing in and he went up to the podium. There was no microphone because he'd never heard of such a thing, but John Adams never had difficulty making himself heard.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. If you would please pick up any refreshments you'd care for and take your seats, we'll begin in just a few minutes."
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Cayce glared at her notes.

She'd gotten sloppy, she realized; she hadn't been keeping up with the new arrivals nearly as well as she should, and she hadn't updated the park census in forever. Which meant it was time to do this the easy way.

So a large sheet of paper went up on the park bulletin board.

Hi everyone.

As some of you know, I've been keeping track of the population of the park, just so that we know who's here and where we can find them. I need to update my records, so please put your name and where you live on this sheet.

Also, if there is anyone you know of who is missing you haven't seen in a while, mail me privately.

Thanks for your help,
Cayce Pollard
Starcade, Tomorrowland
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Leon still wasn't sure when the town meeting was going to be, but he realized that he and the police force should probably get working on a good argument for why they should be formed - he thought it was obvious but apparently he had been wrong - and more than that, he should've gotten started on a Code of Conduct ages ago, but this seemed as good a time as any to get started on one.

That, and though he checked in with Carrot nearly daily, he hadn't checked in with Una or Barnabas in a while, and he couldn't remember if he had given Barnabas a badge yet.

To the Disneyland Police Force,

There will be a meeting tomorrow at HQ at around midday to discuss various things.

-Chief Leon Orcot
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Dear Sirs:

I have heard some concerns recently regarding your efforts to create a police force for the place in which we find ourselves. As Disneyland's only resident attorney and politician, so far as I yet know, I am proposing to hold a Town Meeting and gauge the reactions of the populace in such an important matter as it does affect us all.

The notice for the meeting will go on the bulletin board soon, but I wished to notify the two of you in advance so that you might have sufficient time to ready your argument for such a force.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My offices are in the Opera House on Main Street near the entrance gate.

I am,
Most sincerely,
Your humble servant,
J. Adams
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I understand you've established a police force or city watch of some kind. While I confess I'm not convinced of the need for such a thing, I am intrigued, and if you feel you could use additional assistance, I would be more than happy to help.

Should you require a CV of some kind, I'll do my best, but suffice it to say that I have considerable experience on both sides of the law.

Una Persson
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Carrot stood outside the gates to the Pirate of the Caribbean ride, surveying the area one last time. He'd already been inside earlier and had done some metalwork to fortify the bars of the prison down there. A lot more would need to be done to turn it into a perfect watch house, but even if there were several people living in and around the area, this seemed like the ideal place to begin.

So he waited outside for Leon to arrive so they could begin.
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Letter to Cayce )

Letter to John and Daniel )

Letter to Carrot )
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Anyone caught doing so will be punished by law. Inquiries are continuing.

If you have seen anything suspicious, please contact

Capt. Carrot Ironfoundersson, Frontierland

PS Don't go out and do it just because we told you not to.

((Posted right after This. Also, Carrot's signature is in an obviously different handwriting))
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Carrot had spent years in the Ankh-Morpork Watch, and when there was a mystery to be solved, he knew that the first thing you ought to do, before looking for clues or jumping on dangerous monorails, should be to ask questions of the people who might know.

So he was ashamed that he'd been here so long and had yet to properly talk to the one man, or mouse, as the case may have been, who seemed to have an idea about what was going on. Carrot had learned ages ago, while exploring the park, that Mickey lived in the yellow house in Toon Town.

He woke early, as he usually did, strolled to Toon Town, and knocked on the door of the house.
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One morning, a sign appears on the bulletin board.

All aboard!

Who wants to investigate the monorail?

Join me, Skaffen-Amtiskaw, at the monorail station in Tomorrowland
at midday tomorrow.

(Refer to the sundial in Fantasyland if you need help identifying "midday".)

It also sent a letter to Ax, in case the young Andalite missed the notice:


I plan to investigate the monorail tomorrow. Midday. Interested?



At the appointed time, the drone could be found several yards in front of the station, humming to itself and making a flower chain.
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Shortly after talking with Control, Chii made a post on the bulletin board:

Dear everyone in the park,

Chii has recently learned that people come from somewhere else before Disneyland. Chii learned a lot about a place callled Great Britain from Control-san, and now Chii wants to learn about other places. Also, Chii wants to know where everyone else came from. So please give Chii your name and where you lived?

Chii especially wants to know where Fay-mommy, Kuro-daddy and Sakura-sister came from. And Chii thanks you ahead of time.

Chii is from Disneyland. Chii lives here.

~ Chii
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((Closed RP: Susan, Carrot, John Adams. Now posted not in Susan's LJ, but in the comm where it should be. *facepalm*))

Absence of seasons notwithstanding, it felt like time for some kind of spring cleaning. Calvin was out for the afternoon (gods willing, not flinging anything off the Sky Buckets or learning new ways to shoot projectiles from Logan), so Susan was was busy at the First Aid station: sweeping and mopping floors, airing out linens, cleaning windows. It didn't really need to be done; the park had a way of taking care of some of those things, but there was only so much idleness a body could take.

She was currently in the small courtyard in front of the First Aid station, rigging up a sort of makeshift clothesline between the two lamp-posts.


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