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Calvin and Hobbes were making creative use of their time.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Hobbes as the skybucket trundled up into the air above Tomorrowland.

Calvin scoffed, struggling to simultaneously get his Donald Duck umbrella open and out the side of the bucket. "Oh, stop being such a scaredy cat! I've seen it work in at least two movies, not to mention all the cartoons!"

"Remember how we couldn't actually find a company called Acme that sold dynamite?"

"Maybe we just got a substandard phone book," suggested Calvin, swinging a leg over the safety rail. "Anyway, what does that have to do with anything? C'mon, grab on. Okay, on the count of three! One..."

((Feel free to have your characters shriek and wave at him frantically, try to swoop in or catch him, or just watch him jump.))
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[Evening, a little after sundown. "Redwing" by Hem comes up on the speakers.]

Hi everyone. Cayce Pollard here for a spur-of-the-moment radio show. I'll be cueing up a few songs, and if you want to hear something, call me up and let me know.

I left my heart in San Francisco / It's at some motherfcking disco )
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["It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas" by the Pet Shop Boys plays.]

Hi everyone. Cayce Pollard here, and happy non-denominational holiday of your choice to one and all! By now you've probably seen the park decorations and even the snow in the evenings, and you know what that means: snowball fight by the statue! James Potter, I'm looking at you.

Thanks to everyone who sent in music requests, especially [cough] Tamaki Suoh who was so very generous. We'll, uh, get to his in the latter half of the show.

You people really are in the holiday spirit, aren't you? )

[Roisin Murphy's "Parallel Lives" plays without comment.]

The Tamaki Suoh Show )

Whew. And that, boys and girls, is everything we've got today. Want to hear something else after all that? Call in!

[Cayce cues up David Bowie's "Life on Mars". As the song cues up and before the god-mike gets switched off, anyone who's paying close attention might hear a sort of thump that sounds like a head hitting a desk, and muffled laughter that sounds very tired and more than a little resigned.]
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Calvin wasn't exactly sure what was going on with the poll on the message board (although he and Hobbes had a spirited debate about whether Hobbes could write himself in as a contestant) but its appearance reminded him that he had his own survey to conduct.

Accordingly, about half an hour later he was knocking on the door of the Toon Town Hall, wearing a backpack (with Hobbes' head poking out of the opening) and holding a clipboard.
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T-Rex never got bored of stomping. He could stomp all the live long day and be perfectly content, and he hardly cared if that meant stomping the same things over and over again. Still, he was sure there were plenty of things outside of Critter Country worth stomping.

And so, at the moment, T-Rex was making his way down Main Street, happily stomping on anything that appeared uninhabited. He was also talking loudly to... well, nobody in particular, really. Maybe the air. Or whoever would listen.

"Today is a good day, I think, for listing all the things that gross me out!

The first thing that grosses me out is old people having sex! Yuck-o-rama! They're all wrinky and shriveled which, to me, is not sexy. I understand and accept that old people have needs and desires like the rest of us and that they must act on these desires, and that's fine, but that doesn't mean I want to hear about it in great detail or that I want to get granny porn in my inbox! And it certainly doesn't mean that Lemon Party* needs to exist.

Man, why does the Internet think I like granny porn, anyway?"

((*if you don't know what "Lemon Party" is, um...suffice to say it's severely NSFW, and if that doesn't satisfy you, search at your own risk. I'm not linking it here.))
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He is strong for Martha, because after all that he has asked of her, after how strong she has been for him –he believes in luck, even now, and he thinks ‘I’ve been lucky’ and knows that it is a curse– how can he not be so in return?

And she’s right, she is good. She’s more than good, she’s brilliant, amazing, –fantastic even– and he wants to tell her, but the words are caught in the back of his throat along with ‘don’t go’ and ‘I need you’ and thank you ‘for saving me.’ He wishes he could have found a way to say them before now, back when it mattered, back when they were just as true as they are now but would have meant so much more because she needed them and because he had to be brave to say them.

But he’s always been a coward, although he does manage ‘thank you’ and can almost think that she understands what he means. And then she’s gone –they always choose to leave him in the end, except for Rose who'd promised him forever and he'd believed her and now he can't go and get her back because she's not here to make him believe in the impossible– with only the mobile left behind, and he’s started the dematerialization cycle, sending the TARDIS off into the Vortex; the vast, encompassing, blanket safety –crawling off to hide and lick his wounds– of the Vortex.

Did type 40’s even come with manuals? )

((This is the Doctor, from BBC's new series of Doctor Who. He's a 900-and-some-odd year old alien with two hearts who travels in time (and space) in a time machine that looks like a 1950's police box. He's also a genius and more than slightly manic. For more info, see his profile.

I've taken the Doctor from the end of "Last of the Time Lords," so spoilers for everything up through Season 3. And this is Daniel-mun again.))
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Masters Calvin and Hobbes,

Please forgive the unexpected Nature of this letter, but I have recently learned of the existence of those creatures called Dinosaurs and require two Cunning guides though this new world of Knowledge. I understand from Miss Sto Helit that you two are Experts on this subject and as such I have come to you.

Would you do me the very great Honor of attending me at the New Orleans train station one of these days after your lessons? I should be the most Gratified and Gratefull of pupils.

Yours most sincerely,
John Adams
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((Backdated to shortly after Pippi Longstocking's arrival.))

She'd heard his voice over the park loudspeakers, but by the time she arrived at the plaza, both Calvin and Pippi were gone, well on their way to whatever misadventures awaited them.

How could one child hide himself so thoroughly in a park that covered, what, a square mile? Two? She was beginning to reconsider her original statements to Setsuna about not yelling at Calvin on finding him.

Annoyed, she set off towards Adventureland. The Indiana Jones Adventure, with its myriad dark corners and hiding places, merited another look, as did the Jungle Cruise and its dense foliage.
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Do you remember a sailor long ago? )

[[Hello, I am Pippi Longstocking. That is who I am. :) This is Pippi from the US dub of the Swedish TV Show/Films made in the late 60's. There's 4 movies and Pippi in the South Seas is the last one, so she's lifted from the end of that. I'll be using the books to help fill out back story and characterization just a bit.]]
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Finally done with all those questions, Pearl walked through the gates of the park. She'd have been more surprised and awed by the sights around her if she weren't so exhausted.

Though it was only mid-day here, she'd left home late at night and due to the stresses of the last few days hadn't slept in going on sixty hours. Her body sagged as her little legs dragged her to where Mr. Mouse told her that Miss Susan lived: the last building on the right hand side of the street before the statue.

Eyes drooping, she knocked softly on the door.
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March 23, 2018
9:27 PM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

It's been a long day. The frantic drama of the case, Mystic Maya's safe return, and Mr. Nick losing for the first time, even if he wanted to, takes it out of an eight year old. Especially one who hasn't really slept for the last two days, unless you count the time Mystic Mia took over her body.

Anyway, it's late, and after a big dinner at their favorite burger place with Mr. Edgeworth and Mr. Scruffy Detective, Pearls is dreadfully tired. She knows how worried Mr. Nick has been for Mystic Maya, though, so she thinks she'll give the two some time alone. She steps out of the room but this doesn't look like the outer office of Wright & Co. Law Offices. It's outside for one thing. And daytime. And a drawing is talking to her...

Um, hello? )

((This is Pearl Fey from the Nintendo DS game, Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice For All. She's taken just after the end of the last case in the game.))
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Now accepting submissions for the park newspaper!

Got any interesting facts about the park? Any news you want to share? Mail tips or articles to Cayce Pollard.

We're also accepting suggestions for a title.

First issue will go out with the full moon, so get your submissions in before then.
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Letters to and fro )
The morning after this exchange of views, lessons with Calvin proceeded as normal. Well, mostly normal, enlivened by Susan's suggestion that there was a rather significant announcement waiting for Calvin at the end of the lessons.

"...and as I believe we're due for a holiday of sorts, we'll resume lessons in two days with a discussion of girls' and boys' roles in 'Cinderella'."  Susan took a deep breath.  "And tonight, Miss Pollard's offered to have you stay over at the Starcade. That sound like something you'll enjoy?"
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Calvin and Hobbes sit near the front entrance end of Main Street, at a small stand they've made out of an upturned cardboard box. They're bickering cheerfully; if you're actually listening, references are being made to explosions and (mysteriously) noodles, but generally the conversation is hovering around Category 2 on the Insult Storm Scale.

The magic-marker lettered sign on the stand reads:


((Come question/chat with/harass Calvin!))
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By now, Susan had a fair sense of exactly what Calvin's promises of good behaviour were worth, but one did hope for the best, after all. And John had mentioned that he had children of his own, so he was probably at least somewhat equipped to deal intelligently with the boy. Still, some part of Susan wondered if any adult, including herself, was properly equipped to deal with Calvin.

As they approached the Blue Bayou, Susan looked around to see if John had arrived ahead of them.
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A couple of days after the Hachiko statue was finished, Cayce went off to see if she could find Sallah.  Read more... )

Her exchange of letters with Setsuna on the subject of people leaving or going missing rankled, and so after some thought, she posted a large sheet of paper on the central bulletin board.


If you don't sign your name, we'll assume something has happened to you.
And if it turns out you're here after all,
we'll ... beat you with wet noodles. Or something.
--Cayce P.

A little later, the following postscript was added.

P.S. Some wiseasses people are wondering what this is for.
Short version: there's a couple of people here that can't be found,
and plus I don't think there's ever been an official list of who's here.
So be a good sport and sign. Please?

Later yet, Cayce scribbled on one more postscript.

P.P.S. And Mr. Fell had a great idea -- if you don't mind, jot down
where you live -- either the specific building or just the area of the park.
--C.P. (Starcade, Tomorrowland)

((Have at it, guys -- graffiti the sign, have written arguments with others on it, leave jokes, whatever ... just make your presence known.))
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((Backdated to the day after the Snowman House of Horror.))

"... and tomorrow, we'll talk about trespassing and theft as plot devices in 'Jack and the Beanstalk'."  Susan closed the book with a brisk snap.

Lessons were over for the morning.  There had been a bit more silent reading than usual today, because Susan was struggling with a dilemma, namely: what on earth should she do for Calvin for Christmas?

"Calvin," she said, "it's custom where you come from, isn't it, to write letters to ... to Santa?  Have you written one, then?"
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It was inevitable that there would be snowmen. Calvin was distracted at first by looking for the perfect place to go tobogganing in the snow (not discouraged by the lack of a toboggan, as the park had an endless supply of cardboard boxes to use instead. They got soggy and were nearly impossible to maneuver, but at least when you tumbled out of them it didn't hurt when they bounced on your head), but after a few nights his artistic tendencies began to assert themselves, and Main Street was graced with one of his more impressive efforts.

Genius is never understood in its own time. )


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