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((set sometime shortly after this)

Fett did a few quick scans of the surrounding areas as the park continued to fall apart piece by piece. Nothing repaired itself, nothing reappeared in its proper place. He hadn't been so sure that the plan would work, in fact.

But even given that, he should have been prepared for every possible outcome.

Nothing wrong with a little mindless destruction for a good cause. )
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It was the day after the meeting.

Cayce waited at the statue for the underground expedition to show up. It was a bit bigger and more unwieldly than she'd originally intended, and keeping everyone in line was going to be worse than herding cats, but ... well, you pays your money and you makes your bets.

She really, really hoped this was going to work.

((Here's how this works: if you are participating in the expedition, post a comment in the Meetup thread below to indicate that you're showing up. The main body of the RP will go in the Expedition thread, in which the team actually goes underground and does their thing.))
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There were times when having a habit of talking to yourself had definite benefits. Sunshine had no sooner started muttering to herself as she started in on the days baking before she realized she'd just referred to her pantry as "the bung hole," and froze in horror.

Last year, the whole thing had struck her as funny, right up until it led to things...happening between her and her closest friend in the park. And while she herself would have been willing to try to laugh the whole thing off, Fett's reaction hadn't exactly been in line with that course of action: it had pretty much been The Thing Of Which We Do Not Speak for months now.

The idea of it happening all over again? No. Sunshine headed immediately back to the storage room that served as her bedroom and went and put on the baggiest, least alluring t-shirt and jeans she possessed, went and hung the "Closed" sign on the restaurant door, and then, mouth firmly shut, set about baking a pan of Bitter Chocolate Death. She had a feeling she'd need it.
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The Doctor was bored. He was also very hungry, and it’d been a fair bit since he’d met anybody new. He decided the best way to fix all three problems at the same time would be to go visit one of the shops in which people had, well set up shop. John had recommended the Blue Bayou to him waaaayyy back when, so he decided to go check it out.

“Hello? Anyone in?” he asked, strolling through the open doors into the dining area.
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((closed to Fett and Cayce. Set very soon after the Sylar Problem went a little boom.))

Since the departure of Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, Boba Fett had not had any reason to communicate with Cayce Pollard. However, keeping an eye on the park and the general status of the occupants therein, Fett was bound to see that Cayce looked somehow injured when he saw her walking recently.

He needed to find out what was wrong in case it was a threat to the park. And since he was unsure how she was injured, he reasoned that it would be best to stop off at the Starcade and speak with her directly. The next day he did just that, knocking on the door with a gloved hand.
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((The morning after Bad Fanon Day. Closed to Sunshine and Fett.))

Boba Fett woke up the next morning in the Gallery. He had not had any nightmares. He did not feel alone or burdened by any part of his life. He was not determined to stay indoors, away from prying eyes.

He did have the worst sore throat he'd possibly ever had in all his life.

Too bad TMI was not a well known phrase where he came from. )
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It was a pretty normal morning. Sunshine got up, got dressed, and set to work in the early post-dawn quiet, shaping dough into the day's bread and considering which of her thousand oddly-named recipes to embark on today. She did seem to be thinking about Con a lot as she creamed the butter and brown sugar for Puritan's Secret Sins - she guessed she must be feeling homesick.

And then she heard the familiar tread of spiked boots and looked over her shoulder to smile at her laconic upstairs neighbor.

((Closed 'cause Fett will be embarrassed enough without an additional audience.))
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On Christmas morning (or he thought it was Christmas day; there was no foolproof way to be sure,) Aziraphale rose early. First he took care of the household matters--a long, slender box with Crowley's name on it beneath the tree, and two stockings by the fireplace, one black and one red and green tartan.

Then he went out to the balcony of Club 33 one more time with Cayce's census list in hand... )

((Everybody feel free to make up your own gift or totally ignore the whole thing XD))
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Boba Fett sent a letter to Cayce Pollard.

They've skipped town )
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Cayce glared at her notes.

She'd gotten sloppy, she realized; she hadn't been keeping up with the new arrivals nearly as well as she should, and she hadn't updated the park census in forever. Which meant it was time to do this the easy way.

So a large sheet of paper went up on the park bulletin board.

Hi everyone.

As some of you know, I've been keeping track of the population of the park, just so that we know who's here and where we can find them. I need to update my records, so please put your name and where you live on this sheet.

Also, if there is anyone you know of who is missing you haven't seen in a while, mail me privately.

Thanks for your help,
Cayce Pollard
Starcade, Tomorrowland
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((backdated to the day following Talk Like A Pirate Day. Closed to Fett and Sunshine, of course))

It wasn't quite dawn when Fett stirred on the floor of the Gallery. The problem was instantly registered (the way any change in his environment was bound to do) - weight and heat at his side, where nothing should be. He moved impossibly fast, reached for his rifle only to find that it wasn't there.

I'm thinking of a word, and it sounds like... bzuh? )
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((backdated to some time before Pirate Day))

Fett had turned in regular progress reports to Cayce, but this was actually the first time he had anything relevant to give her. And it was not pleasant.

Letter )
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Crowley awoke, not in his comfortable bed inside Club 33, but disoriented and hung over on a bench in front of the castle, an empty bottle of rum still clutched in one hand, mouth fuzzy, and head pounding.


He brought up the other hand to guard his bleary, uncovered eyes from the glaring sun. It took him a moment to realize that there was a great deal more frilly sleeve around his wrist than there should be. After a perfectly still moment, Crowley ever so cautiously moved his hand down slightly to discover a mustache and double braided beard.


It wasn't what he meant to say.
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((closed to Fett and Skaffen.))

If he were completely honest, he wasn't actually expecting it to work.

Well, not for long in any case. The drone was equipped with very advanced technology, and it had more intelligence than he'd ever like to give it credit for. But that wasn't the point. It was more of a test run; he had to see if he could manage it at all. If he could, there was a chance that he could update it, make it run longer, and then....

There is no hope. Only facts. )
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Per the wishes of his dual employers, Tony spent the first morning at his new job trying to find the hideout of KGB agent, code name: Boba Fett. In the end, this meant asking a scruffy looking young man with curly blond hair if he knew where Boba Fett lived and the boy directing him toward the Disney Gallery.

'That was quite simple,' he thought to himself as he fetched some instant coffee and walked to New Orleans Square. 'Everything does tend to go much more smoothly when people are honest and helpful, but if everyone were there'd be no need for spies. Although prying into others' affairs is only human, as Control has pointed out.'

Reaching the Gallery, Tony sat on the steps that led up to the second floor and settled in to wait. He'd never believed in hiding. That was confounded cheek. If you were going to spy on someone, you should do it in the open so that they knew they were under surveillance. It was only fair. And if the target asked him to move or he'd fetch a policeman, he would, just like the chap in the telephone kiosk opposite Control's office. Too bad he didn't have a telescupe...
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Well, at the very least Rae would have someone to feed on a daily basis. She didn't generally take on new apprentices without any cooking experience at all, but gods knew she had enough free time these days, and it would be interesting to teach someone from scrambled eggs to souffles. And when it came down to it, she was glad she wouldn't have to be jogging between the kitchen and the hostess station quite as much.

Sunshine put aside a couple cinnamon rolls for Tim from that morning's baking and spent a few hours figuring out what she wanted to teach him first. When he finally arrived, he found her leaning against the doorway of the restaurant, soaking up a bit of sun in between customers.

((First thread between Sunshine and Tim as he gets trained; open RP afterwards for any hungry characters.))
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No amount of practice in writing business letters had prepared Cayce for this particular challenge: namely, how do you address an intergalactic bounty hunter?

It would've helped, she reflected glumly, if she'd actually read any of the books or whatever in which Fett appeared, because surely his correct title was in there somewhere. Just starting off with "Boba Fett" seemed too familiar; "Mr Fett" was just plain dumb. After several false starts, she finally wrote:

Read more... )

Cayce read and re-read this missive a dozen times before finally taking a deep breath and sending it on its way.
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Bored, the demon walked over to the lake to see who was around...

((Crowley really, really wants to do some bastardly things to people. If you'd like him to do something nasty to your character, leave me an OOC note in your reply, otherwise he'll be good. Marginally. No promises, really...))


Feb. 28th, 2007 09:50 pm
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(((right after Fett and Skiffy's most recent swap meet))

After several hours of staring at the ceiling from the makeshift cot on the floor, Fett managed to force himself into some kind of sleep-stupor. Two hours from then it had deepened substantially, in part due to his need for rest after spending too many consectutive hours in a state of high alert.

He should have stayed awake, obviously.

Betcha didn't see that coming. )
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Skaffen-Amtiskaw's project of mapping all the features of Disneyland had taken it into New Orleans Square, where it spent several enjoyable hours examining the Pirates of the Caribbean. Slicing one of the animatronic Jack Sparrows into pieces to examine the workings had been especially diverting, and would have been even more so had not the park's usual methods (the drone still refused to even think the word "magic") put the blasted thing back together again.

It moved on, drifting high above the street, scanning idly as it went. Outside the balcony of the Disney Gallery, it pulled up short -- aha, so this was where the bounty hunter lived. And where he had clearly put up quite a lot in the way of high-tech defences.

The drone drifted closer to the windows, wondering if the man was home. It wasn't looking for a fight, really -- and after the last humiliating incident, it knew better anyway. Mostly, it wanted entertainment, and it was reasonably sure that the bounty hunter could be counted on for exactly that, one way or the other.


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