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Bored, the demon walked over to the lake to see who was around...

((Crowley really, really wants to do some bastardly things to people. If you'd like him to do something nasty to your character, leave me an OOC note in your reply, otherwise he'll be good. Marginally. No promises, really...))

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Artemis was beginning to get used to surprises. )

((Artemis is from the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, and is taken from shortly after The Opal Deception because Arty with hormones is weird.))
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Rukia studied her list with some interest, trying to come up with ideas. She could tell some of the themes would be much easier to swing than others. Turning to Envy, the shinigami held out her hand. "May the best...person...win," she told him.

Envy glanced down at her hand, and then took it loosely, as though it were something disgusting. “Hey now, you shouldn’t give up just yet. There’s a one-in-a-million chance that you might win too.”

With those words, he let go of her hand, made a show of wiping his hand on his skort…thing, and sauntered away. The list was, for the most part, pretty disgusting. Friendship and so on. It was clearly geared more towards her than it was him.

Rukia crossed her arms over her chest and emphatically rolled her eyes. "Why do I even bother?" she told Envy, before throwing her hands in the air and going her own way. She didn't need to deal with this. She just had to concentrate on winning this contest. The first place she headed towards was Fantasyland.
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A couple of days after the Hachiko statue was finished, Cayce went off to see if she could find Sallah.  Read more... )

Her exchange of letters with Setsuna on the subject of people leaving or going missing rankled, and so after some thought, she posted a large sheet of paper on the central bulletin board.


If you don't sign your name, we'll assume something has happened to you.
And if it turns out you're here after all,
we'll ... beat you with wet noodles. Or something.
--Cayce P.

A little later, the following postscript was added.

P.S. Some wiseasses people are wondering what this is for.
Short version: there's a couple of people here that can't be found,
and plus I don't think there's ever been an official list of who's here.
So be a good sport and sign. Please?

Later yet, Cayce scribbled on one more postscript.

P.P.S. And Mr. Fell had a great idea -- if you don't mind, jot down
where you live -- either the specific building or just the area of the park.
--C.P. (Starcade, Tomorrowland)

((Have at it, guys -- graffiti the sign, have written arguments with others on it, leave jokes, whatever ... just make your presence known.))
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Read more... )

((Um, I've plucked Jack right out of the end of the second film, the last shot we see him in. Spoilers and all that, but most people know what I'm talking about. Read more... ) Um, I think that's it. Right? I hope I've done this right, I've never had an application quite like this.))
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Cayce had heard about the Disneyland "snow" that featured during the holiday season at the real-world park; she even had a vague idea of how it was generated.

So the evening snowfalls at this Disneyland weren't much a surprise, at least not at first. The real surprise was when she noticed that the stuff would accumulate.

In the central plaza near the statue of Walt Disney and the Mouse, she bent down and scooped up a handful of snow. It was cold, powdery, and just damp enough to mold into a perfect snowball. It was a little disturbing at first, to stand there with a cold wad of snow while the ambient temperature was still only light-jacket-worthy.

But what the hell. Snowballs!

She knelt down next to a bench and began assembling a small arsenal.

((Feel free to come lob snowballs at Cayce, have snowballs lobbed at you, get in snowball fights with each other, build snowmen, whatever. Note that, per the standard park operations, I'm assuming the snowfall starts not long after sundown. I leave the timing of the disappearance of the stuff up to the discretion of the Mickey Cops. ^_^))
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Crowley first knew there was a problem when he had an erotic dream about chocolate. Not chocolate in conjunction with someone else. Just chocolate. Swimming naked in a river of the stuff. The demon liked chocolate well enough. Just not quite that much.

The second indication was when he woke up fully dressed, as he knew for certain he'd gone to bed nude. The hat was a dead giveaway.

Cautiously he stood and went to the mirror, staring in horror at the apparition that appeared. The form fitting black clothes were all right but the velvet burgundy frock coat was a nightmare, made all the worse by the purple gloves made out of what? Latex? His skin was very pale and dear Adam, was that pink eyeshadow? He was so horribly enthralled by the limp page boy haircut that it took him several moments to notice that his eyes were a deep, dark brown.

"Oh, fuck me!" he said. Or rather, he intended to say. What came out was, "No time to dilly-dally!"

Shit. Not again. He needed to find Aziraphale before he forgot himself entirely. To this end, Crowley hurried out the club and practically ran to the main square in front of the castle. Everyone would gather there, right?

"Good morning, starshine!" he called, distraught. "The earth says hello!"

((Sing away, darlings. Go crazy. Have fun.))

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Copies of the following letter are delivered to all the residents of the park (except, of course, the Mouse and Cat):
My friends,

I am beginning the work of which I have spoken before regarding excavation.  If you wish to assist, the site is in a grassy area not far from the Treehouse in Adventureland.



Sallah surveyed the patch of land thoughtfully.  His initial impulse had been to mark it off into a grid, but he quickly realised that would be pointless in a non-archaeological dig.

There was a large pile of tools nearby -- shovels, picks, rakes, hammers, buckets, a wheelbarrow -- scavenged from the set of the Indiana Jones Adventure and the Jungle Cruise.  Also some pieces of lumber, in case they needed to shore up the sides of the hole.  There was also a lot of rope; this would be placed around the waist of anyone who was down at the bottom of the pit in case they needed to be dragged out quickly.

He'd also moved one of the refreshment carts near the excavation area.  It wouldn't do to have people get hungry or dehydrated, after all.

The plan, as he saw it, was to start digging at the center and then work outwards; the part in the middle of the area would thus be the deepest at any given time, and the walls of the hole would slope downwards.

Sallah took a deep breath, picked up a pick, and went to work.

((Note on play: When your character shows up, RP it by starting a new thread. Sallah will ask him or her what they'd like to do, and he'll set them to work appropriately. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves while you dig.  At some point, I expect the Mickey Cops to either shut down the operation or tell us what we find in the pit. ^_^))

((Oh, and Sallah really doesn't mean to be ... well, sexist. You can take the man out of Egypt 1938, but you can't take Egypt 1938 out of the man, and as much as he likes and admires women like Marion Ravenwood, he still believes that the really hard manual labour is a man's job. However, if any of the females want to convince him, by all means feel free.))
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"Some ride there, wasn't it?" Han says, grinning. His grin slowly fades, however, when he realizes he's not on the Falcon. A moment later the memory comes back; he was just getting off when everything started to feel hazy and faint. And now he was...

Somewhere he was absolutely sure he'd never been before. Uh-oh.

Read more... )

((Han is taken from after the original triology, but before any of the novels. Because I've never read the novels. ._. Sorry, SW buffs.

I'm also v. v. sorry if this sucks, because I only got around to re-watching "A New Hope" and "Empire Stikes Back" last night. I'll try and re-watch "Return of the Jedi" soon. But enough excuses. Onward and forward and upward and... a bunch of other -wards.))
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(The notecard has a slightly uneven edge along the top, as if the letterhead portion has been carefully removed.)

Dear Mr Fell and Miss Alice,

I wanted to see if I might join you for tea this afternoon.  I should also very much like to take the opportunity offered by Mr fell to peruse your library.

Susan Sto Helit
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((FYI, the Katou/Setsuna fight happens after this to avoid inevitable absentees. And just because you didn't reply to the happy letter thread doesn't mean you can't come or still reply to it. XD; ))

Katou smiled as he gathered some chips and pop and the like from Disneyland and piled them into the Matterhorn ride. He had checked out the room that Sirius had decided upon earlier and all in all was quite pleased.

Upon deciding he had enough snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, he opened up a bottle of rootbeer, jumped into the ride, and headed up to the room to finish getting things ready and to wait for people to show up.
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((XDD I hope this is okay. XDD;; Once again, if anyone can't read any words, feel free to ask me what they say. XD;

FYI, the poker mentioned = Strip poker for anyone who doesn't know.

EDIT: And it's been decided to do it at Sirius', so you don't need to offer a location. XD;))

Letter to everyone )
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Now, Katou was usually very good at telling dreams from reality. Especially dreams that could never happen. But that dream had felt entirely too real despite the fact that it was entirely impossible. The only thing it had in common was Kira, and usually Kira was a lot less... well, purple, in his dreams. And they usually had sex pretty much right off the bat.

He tried to remember the dream. He remembered kissing and almost getting married to Alice and killing himself, getting it on with some hot chick (...well, she would be hot if she wasn't so skinny and if her nose wasn't so ugly and if he was into girls - WHICH HE WAS, THANKYOUVERYMUCH), and having a baby with Uriel (What? Katou never went to his health class, but he was fairly sure that that was impossible. He was also sure that having a baby in nine minutes was impossible and getting anyone pregnant by waving your penis at them was VERY impossible), trying to molest some guy with some angel who's name was also Uriel, and killing the cat and mouse (which he actually wouldn't have really minded), along with quite a few other things which he found quite impossible to describe.

Finally, deciding that he should probably do something to forget his dream (because usually he forgot them minutes after waking up. Why was this one different?!), he got dressed, lit a cigarette, and headed out.

Clearly, this meant one thing. He needed to take stronger drugs before he went to bed.
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[[ Warnings: Cross-dressing; language, like always with these two; conversation about swords and wands, even though there really is a sword and a wand; I hope it's not too long and doesn't bore anyone. I figured getting through the set up and having it done already would help promote people actually jumping in, once the end result was presented. ]]

Watch Setsuna don a maid's uniform and Kira try to show off his manliness to get the girl.... Beware of sword and wand talk. )

[[ To summarize for those of you who don't want to read, or to give those that did a better idea of what we have, Setsuna is wearing this dress with these panties. And this pretty boy looks something like this dressed up in a dress. Yes, he very much looks like a girl.

The rest of this is open for anyone and everyone to come along and tease the heck out of him. While Setsuna might get terribly upset over these things, I find it terribly entertaining, and he gets over stuff quickly anyway -- this won't matter to him the next day.

You are more than welcome to mistake him for a girl, poke fun at him, do as you please (and if someone mistakes him for a prostitute I would so totally love you for it). Just remember HE won't take well to it, and Kira...it depends. More than likely Kira's too busy dealing with his own problem, or possibly will help you make Setsuna's day a living Hell.

So, please feel free to jump in anywhere at any time. Currently they are at Main Street and headed out. I have no idea where they're going... Kira-mun? Guess you can take it from there and lead Setsuna around and see who shows up. ]]


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