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Dizzy Land

A world of laughter. A world of tears. A world of hope. A world of fears.

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Name:A world of laughter. A world of tears. A world of hope. A world of fears.
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Welcome to Dizzy Land!

If you're wondering what you're looking at, it's an online livejournal-based roleplaying game open to any and all fictional characters (from literature, TV, film, or any other pop culture medium).

For administrative announcements and out of character discussion, there's an adjunct community, dizzy_backstage.

If you're interested in playing, hurrah! Everything you need to know should be covered in the links below. If we've forgotten something or you've got further questions, (since we the mods are only human, or at least that's our cover story) contact us at dizzy_backstage, and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as anthropomorphically possible.

The Game
The Rules
The Setting
The Active Character List
The Ducked and Monorailed Character List
The Contact Info
The FAQ (How to Apply and Play)
The OOC Community

It's a lovely sunny day. It's always a lovely sunny day, and the pansies, on the small hill below the town hall ahead, glow with the color of plants that are easily and often replaced, before they can start to look other than perfect. They're planted in the shape of a smiling face with round dark ears.

Behind, through the low, shingled front gates, there is nothing. Not mist, or darkness. Just...nothing.

The original of the smiling face comes bustling up, wearing huge, yellow shoes and red shorts with two large white buttons. He's beaming. "Ha-hi there! I'm Mickey. Gosh, it's great to meet you!" He holds out one spotless white glove, to be shaken. "Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!"

"He's mad, you know," comes a voice from a nearby tree. "So am I, of course." It belongs to a large cat, which has seemingly materialized to peer down interestedly at the new arrival, with a wide grin showing rather a lot of sharp teeth.

"That's the Cheshire Cat," explains Mickey cheerfully. "Funny fella, but," he switches to a bad stage whisper, "kinda strange sometimes."

"We're all mad here," the Cat goes on, conversationally. "I'm mad. He's mad. You must be mad, or you wouldn't have come here."

Mickey seems to have heard all this before, because he disregards it as he rummages through his pockets. "Ball of string...old fashioned roller skate...very small broomstick...aha! Notebook!" He pulls it out triumphantly, the aforementioned items falling out around his feet, and looks up expectantly. "Now. While you're our guest here, you'll have to belong to one of the wonderful Lands. So I've got some questions for you. Ready?"

The Application

(Layout from "Holiday in Vegas" by grrliz at thefulcrum, and adapted by caycep and late_born_myth. Or by their muns, actually, but you probably could've figured that out.)
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