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((Open RP. Picks up after this conversation, post-mayhem and post-opening-of-the-door. Feel free to intercept Cayce at any point.))

After she talked to Ellie, Cayce realized she really needed to pull herself together before dealing with anyone else. She ducked into a bathroom, where she found there was just enough water pressure to wash her face and make herself as presentable as she could. Then she set out across the park, generally in the direction of Tomorrowland and the theatre (and not thinking about who she wouldn't find there anymore, because that would just get her started again), and taking a fairly circuitous route to try and meet as many people as possible on the way.


ETA: Cayce makes an announcement.

Date: 2009-01-31 05:07 pm (UTC)
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Daniel, looking a bit scuffed and carrying, for the first time in what he assumed were months, his zat'n'ktel holstered at his side.

When he caught sight of Cayce, he shouted her name and ran towards her.

Date: 2009-02-03 09:06 pm (UTC)
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Daniel clasped her arm

"I haven't heard anything from anyone," he said. "Except heard the Master calling for you about making an announcement, which I suppose means there's something to announce. What's going on, besides the fact that we seem to have either broken the park or really pissed someone off?"

Date: 2009-02-04 08:58 pm (UTC)
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Daniel cocked his head at her.

"How do we know it leads home?" he asked, and then his expression softened at the look in her eyes. John and Aeryn.

"They came by before to say goodbye, in case it worked," he told her quietly, squeezing her shoulder with an empathetic smile.

Date: 2009-02-06 08:02 pm (UTC)
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Daniel grinned.

"I bet you would've, too," he agreed, giving her a one-armed hug. "Want some company on your walk to the TARDIS?"

Date: 2009-02-11 08:10 pm (UTC)
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Daniel nodded.

"I was on my way to Mickey's house," he explained as he started walking. "I wanted to see if he was still there."

Date: 2009-02-20 06:40 pm (UTC)
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Daniel nodded.

"And what he is, exactly," Daniel agreed. "I mean if he's really his own being or just a manifestation of the control here or who or whatever is really managing the park. I could never figure out if the single-mindedness in the reality of this place was real or just a control. I'd look for the Cat too, if I knew where to." He shrugged. "If Jack were here he'd be telling me this was the wrong time to be looking for the deeper philosophical meaning in all this, but I'd like to know... something. Before we leave."

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"A lot, lot bigger," Daniel agreed from behind her. Just then he spotted the Doctor, on the opposite side of the console with his head in his hands. The Doctor looked up at the sound of their voices; his eyes were red, and he looked exhausted.

"Hey, Doc," Daniel said, lifting a hand.

Date: 2009-03-11 04:42 pm (UTC)
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"Hey, Doc," the Doctor repeated. It'd become something of a joke between them lately; John had a tendency to call them both by that nickname so now they sometimes called each other by it, with humorous results.

He looked at Cayce with a bit of a smile.

"I could've made some sort of announcement myself, I suppose, but I thought, well, it ought to be you, after everything."

Date: 2009-03-11 07:36 pm (UTC)
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He blinked, as though surprised to hear such a question.

"Me? 'Course I am." And then, with a slight tilt of his head and a smile of concession, he added; "It's just been a very long day. She seems to like you, by the way."

Date: 2009-03-11 07:47 pm (UTC)
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A shrug upward, indicating the space around them.

"The TARDIS. She always likes it when I bring sensible people on board." Another shrug, and an innocent expression. "No idea why." There was a slight smile threatening at one corner of his mouth.

"You alright?"

Date: 2009-03-12 05:08 pm (UTC)
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"He said they went into the vault," Daniel added. "And he really seemed more concerned about their safety than the fact that we've broken the park. For what that's worth."

He shoved his hands into his pockets, looking thoughtful and also bit worried. "You don't think it's... like a real representation of the figurative Disney Vault? It would certainly make sense with the 'archive' comment." He glanced at the Doctor. "I asked him about the people who've disappeared, if they'd been archived, but he wouldn't answer."

Date: 2009-03-12 05:17 pm (UTC)
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The Doctor closed his eyes and reached out along -it was a sign of how tired he was that he needed the visual cue to reach- his connection to Psyche, letting Cayce and Daniel's warning trickle through.

"I'm telling her," he murmured, without looking up. "John's good with that pop culture stuff, maybe he'll have an idea."

Date: 2009-03-12 07:41 pm (UTC)
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"So far, yeah," he answered, a little distantly. "Nothing much to report."

He opened his eyes and gave her a smile.

"They'll be alright. Everything's ready when you are, just hit that button there to activate the speakers."

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