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Una left Sam reluctantly. Her first instinct was to go in search of the expedition and see what she could do to help, but that was a non-starter, not in her current state of mind. It would have meant dealing with them, in front of others, and after what she'd said, earlier, and then what she learned from Sam ... no. So she decided instead to check the rest of the inhabitants, to make sure no one was too frightened or disoriented, and to spread the word about what was happening as best she knew, and to counsel patience. It kept her mind off her own troubles.

She went home to the Miss Daisy then, and methodically began packing up her things. There were a number of things she'd borrowed from the Doctor's wardrobe; those she folded neatly and put into a small stack. When she was done, she took that stack and let herself into the TARDIS.

It was, of course, empty. She returned the clothes to the wardrobe, and, after a moment's indecision, left the little bottle of Mitsouko in the bedroom he'd given her, the time she'd stayed over. She'd remembered how Logan's Christmas present had been left behind, and she felt weirdly uneasy at the notion that her own might as well. Why leaving it with the Doctor seemed like the better option, she couldn't have explained, but went with the idea anyway. She wandered the halls aimlessly for a while, and before long her path took her back to the console room.

She sat down on the jump seat and took the gun from the holster on her hip. She'd emptied the magazine during all the rabble-rousing, and it wasn't loaded, but it gave her something to play with while she looked up at the Time Rotor and said:

"I don't know how well you understand me, but if you can ... thank you. For ... accepting me, I suppose. And for taking care of him. Even if he is a bloody idiot. Though I expect you know that better than anyone, don't you?" She smiled thinly. "Some bad things have happened; things I hoped wouldn't happen, and I ..." She swallowed. "I don't know. I have to ... say something. Do something. I'm making this all up as I go along, now, and it's all ..."

Words failed her. Even talking to the TARDIS, which she felt was only a few degrees away from talking to oneself. She leaned forward, elbows on knees, gun still in her hands, and bowed her head.

((Posted rather well in advance of actually needing it to keep the mun's brain tidy; it's there for when the characters and players are ready.))
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